12 February 2014

I will make you feel boring

Happy blogger writes types a happy post. And a blogger getting no chance to sleep with a lot of shit mess to be done aka laundry, assignment & hair treatment will make you feel bore. Oh I think I'm starting to talk about ME. Look at those dark circles. Looks nice on me. I have a target to make you bore, aar I totally unintentionally typed that. The troubles are that we're having a white wash in our house that I totally hate! Everybody's asking me if we're having snow. No guys, it's not snow. It's white wash's scars that are on my plants. Simple story. It's like 22° here. 
Don't get fool by this shot. Please just don't.

Monday's night, or I should say early morning (3 am to be exact) I was awaken for some random reasons. 1) I was hungry. 2) I didn't want to sleep because someone pissed me off and I had no idea how to piss that person back. My tabba told me its in need of charging the battery. I pushed my blanket off and stood up to plug it in. When I touched the switchboard, BOOM! I had an electric shock. It pushed me backwards and I cried LOUD. Everybody was out of their room to see what has happened to me except of having a zombie dream again (bad habit: So many horror movies) I was crying on the other side of my bed because I'm just a 5 years old kiddo and that shock was really hard. It even burned a little skin of my index finger. OUUCCHHH.

There's a trouble in my head which is boring to the peeps around me. Let's bore you too. I've caught a bad habit. If I'm listening to a very sad song, I'll start crying. The real tears. Don't know what's wrong with this or it is totally alright. I have no actual pain or real-trouble-stuff around me (accept the fact I've no pizza & V Day is near) but this happens. Maroon 5's song She will be loved tops the list, then comes Taylor Swift with her sad songs. Keep worrying, she always sings after a terrible break up. I don't miss her breaking news about a new man after every while but that doesn't stop me listening to Back to December by her. And then Clarity by Zedd. Duh, I've spent way too much tears on these songs. Where am I going? 

If all this random crap bored you, YAY I'm achieving the title.  

And in the last, sometimes I really hate some peeps for no reason. If this lines bores you again because of the old useless attitude, I'm still having fun with this hate. Fact: Sometimes you need to hate someone to live happily. Totally Areeba-Fact. Don't get it too serious.

Finally, time to leave typing and focus on the real life mess. I have messy hair & a messy room & a messy kitchen and and and..... This story never ends.

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  1. Areeba! You are so funny! Even when you have a good moan, you're funny and so your blog isn't boring! : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. Not bored, but amused. haha, you're stories are always nice to read.

    xoxo Anne ~ http://lifeasarollingstone.blogspot.com

  3. Even your boring posts are too funny that I cannot stop laughing. I hope you are feeling well because the shock can give you pain, I had once but my brother saw what happened and went back to sleep LOL, it was early morning so can't blame him :)

  4. That picture of your plants is too funny. :P I too have zombie dreams, so that's fun. And I'm not bored, so you didn't quite achieve your title!

  5. Areeba you seem like you're in a bit of a funk lately! What's going on lil' sis? Anything I can help you out with!? I only noticed recently. I mean this in the nicest possible way- but your posts have taken on a negative vibe. Are you down these days?

  6. Oh no, your poor finger! I cry at everything, seriously! I can be find and then I see something that is sad or happy and get overwhelmed and just cry. Everyone says I'm a bit of a mess, ha. I probably am!

    I hope you are okay though, if something is making you sad then you can always e-mail me if you want to take about it in private <3

    Corinne x

  7. haha. oh the mood swings. I cry every time I watch sad movies or hear sad songs or read sad books too. crying is healthy once in a while

  8. I can't believe that shock burned you! That's crazy!!!

  9. Oh my gosh, that electric shock sounds scary! I hope your finger is ok, be careful!!

  10. Haha I definitely had to click on this post when I saw the title in Nicole's link-up. Hope your week gets better! :)

  11. I love the design of your blog, so pretty!


  12. You are seriously just the cutest. And an electric shock sounds scary! :)
    xo TJ


  13. I think a lot of people in blogland and are bit down and out or stressed. Maybe we are bored or just stressed. I think I'm a little of both.

  14. Haha, awesome post!
    How'd you get shocked?!


  15. Oh my gosh, I always cry during sad songs too! It makes no sense because I have nothing to cry about either lol. Taylor Swift's song "All Too Well" literally cannot be listened to in public!

  16. I have been getting all teary at random songs/movies/commercials too...it's so bad haha. My sister and I watched Frozen the other day and I basically cried the whole way through. And I'm so sorry about your finger! That sounds horrible!


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