23 February 2014

I hate injections & clinic & the patient

A totally unrelated picture. 
So guys, I didn't die or something. I had typhoid so I said bye bye to internet (except of Twitter, sometimes) and concentrate on being ill. I'm good. I must share how things went bad when I was feeling bad.
But I was tired of lying on bed, eating the same tasteless (aka healthy) stuff. Me & healthy stuff aren't friends. And one evening, I went to see the doctor. Clinics make me feel sick even when I'm totally fine so it wasn't any win win to go there. The doctor was good, he gave me two chocolates.
Reason 1: He thought I was 6 years old.
Reason 2: He thought I needed food because of my worst dressing condition. 
Reason 3: I was complaining again & again so he thought it would shut my mouth.

And then, the bad news came out. I had typhoid this means he was going to inject some medicine in me. If you know me, I HATE INJECTIONS! I really hate injections. When I was a little girl, my mom would try to terrify me with all of the doctor-aunts & doctor-uncles that I had because they had "injections" and poor me always believed that they carry injections in their bags or pockets. That's how I started to hate doctors. But not all of them are bad. I once told my mum that I hate doctors, she was so calm and told me that they don't love me back too #Reality

I was being injected by a nurse. I was shouting like peeps do in horror movies. Okay I don't care how did I look at that moment but all I cared was about me and my hand. It hurts, you know. So after shouting, he gave me a frightened look and he left. And then I left clinic like a boss.

Now you know I hate injections & clinic. Coming to the patient, I really hated myself. And if you could see me as a patient, you'd have hated me too. I didn't comb my hair, didn't change and all I did was lying down and telling everyone how bad I'm feeling. God bless my family for bearing with me because I talk a lot when I'm ill. When I was a little better, I felt good spending my time on some of the ebooks I collected. Some of them were so sad that I cried a lot under my blanket. I read "The fault in our stars" again. I love one sentence that Hazel said: "Congratulations, you're a woman. Now die. I kept repeating this one. I don't know whether to laugh on this or just keep silent. John Green is awesomeness! 

I'm completely good now. Noor is good now. Girls coming back to blogging! If I haven't replied to your email or didn't tweet you back, you can cuss my typhoid! 

I hope all of my readers are fine! :)
Today I'm glad to show off one of my really good blog friend Rae. She's so sweet and brave! Her blog is Be A Warrior Queen & she runs an Etsy shop that has so many cool t-shirts & jewellery!

Hi! My name is Raewyn and I blog over at Be a Warrior Queen! My blog is one part lifestyle-be-positive and one part changing the world with the Warrior Queen movement. My goal is to empower us ladies to be confident and love ourselves! I've always been described as quirky and I love it! I mean with a name like mine, how can you be boring? Not me, never!


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better now =)

  2. Oh babe hope you're ok now, I missed you!!!xxx


  3. Dont worry about screaming during the shot. I maybe might have cried while getting my ears pierced. No big deal lol

  4. Yea I'm glad your feeling better. I was wondering where you were. I normally see something from you on twitter.

  5. i'm glad you're better. What's thyhoid? I know that's not spelled right. and who likes injections and doctors now a days. I never have from day one.

  6. Oh nooooo! Glad you and Noor are feeling better.

  7. haha I'm a nurse and I give people shots all the time. especially in the emergency room. Haha can't imagine you screaming in the clinic. Anyway, glad you're better now. :)

  8. Oh I do hope you're feeling better!
    I'm surprisingly not that scared of injections, hey, you lived through it right!? :)

  9. Yes, I heard that you and your sissy were sick. Glad to hear you're feeling better!! :)

  10. Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Needles are my absolute worst!!!!!!!! Urgh!! xxx


  11. Happy to hear that you're feeling better! I missed your hilarious sense of humor :-) xxx, Icela


  12. Good that you feel better now! I can imagine how boring it is to stay at a hospital... I'm actually neutral about injections, but I hate ti when they take my blood! One time I had an amateur nurse trying to take some blood she tried THREE freaking times and I was like, "Are you trying to kill me?"

  13. You poor things! I'm glad the two of you are starting to feel better. When I went traveling I actually got a vaccination for typhoid and before my trip to Haiti I took the oral vaccine. It's good longer than the shot and it didn't involve a needle, so it was a no-brainer for me.

  14. So glad your feeling better! I'm lucky I've never been that ill before... fingers crossed.

    ~ K


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