8 February 2014

Do I really know about me & my blog?

Yesterday I signed up on a random website and there was a section that seemed the hardest part of sign up. Yes. Section of "Tell us about yourself" is the one. Wait, what I'm going to say? This is the moment where I realized I know absolutely nothing about me. 
I collected my words,

I'm Areeba, a girl who loves pizza. I have crazy hair and I have a blog.
No just no, this sounds boring!

I'm a food loving girl with a twin sister. I'm a blogger, student and Twitter addict.
Again a no, doesn't sound pretty boring.

My name is Areeba, you can call me Aree. I'm pizza loving girl. I'm a blogger & student. 

I gave up. I wrote "I'm a blogger" and ended that battle. But then I thought, hey no! I can do this pretty fine. Although it's damn true that I find myself  having 0% "about myself" idea but gotta write something.

"I'm Areeba. A-ree-baah, that's how you could pronounce it. I'm a student & a lifestyle blogger. I've a twin sister and I have crazy hair. I love food, pizza pizza my everyday dream meal. I can talk for hours, I thought of mentioning it as my super quality."

The question is, how hard this question is for me (or us) I hate answering this question when someone would ask me this question. When I was 13 and signed up for another random website, I started typing something like this, I think I have pretty good memory
"I'm Areeba, I like eating zinger burger. I have a twin sister who's my best friend. My zodiac sign is leo. I love strawberries. I want to visit so many countries. I love food. I have no cool nickname."

So the struggle of keeping things real about you without sounding confusing is a tough job. I seriously mean saying this. Like really. 

Things are changed. I'm a big kid now with a blog. When I first wrote my about me page on blog, I was so upset. What someone would want to read in an about me page? Like where I'm from? Or what do I like? What do I do? So many questions. I made one, then changed it after a week or so. To be honest, I've changed it 50+ times and the current version of "About Me" is my most favourite. Go on because you're always welcome to check it.

The story doesn't end here. I saw a blogging community site and signed up. They asked another HARD question, "Tell us about your blog", I was near tears. 
How will I do this?

I have a lifestyle blog and I write about everything I like.... etc.

My blog is about everything happening in my life. I'd categorize it as a lifestyle blog.

And then something good happened, a blast in my mind. And I got myself typing this,
"I Have A Messy Bun is an anything-lifestyle-everything-awesome blog, that's how I categorize it. I blog for myself, little pleasures, dose of sarcasm and sometimes I make everyone laugh."
Sounds good to me. I'm keeping it.

I will copy and paste it in every blank where it is needed. But I hope I'll get some more creativity someday and I'll be able to add-subtract some words in this statement. Just wait and let the good stuff happen. I don't wonder on this because I personally know many ladies who struggle hard like me to get the right stuff about them while typing about me & my blog thing. It's a awkwardly-normal thing, I guess. And I was going to ask, if I could use my About me in a job interview without getting peeps staring weirdly at me? Ahem ahem, I'm done with it.

How do you do this About me & my blog stuff? Well this is totally crazy.

Today I'm introducing a sweet blogger Mary from Secret Obsession Blog on my blog. Stop and see what she's doing here.

Hiya! I'm Mary and I am a senior college student from the suburbs of the Philippines. I am a twenty year old gal who loves to surf the internet (guilty pleasure!), read, write and stuff. I've been blogging at Secret Obsession for a little over 9 months now and I can't deny that I've been obsessed with it ever since! Hence, the blog name *wink wink. It is where I share pieces of me and my life, as well as my thoughts and anything that strikes my fancy. I hope you do stop by my piece of the internet and say hi! :)

My real name is actually Mary Jeanette. Mary was taken from, of course, Mary - Jesus' mother, while Jeanette means 'gift'. I'm a Pisces girl born on the 11th of March! 

How and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging one day when I saw an online diary/personal blog in Tumblr. I didn't know one can blog in there because I thought it was just for reblogging and posting photos. But when I saw and read that blog, I told myself 'Hey I want to do that too!'. And so it happened - I found a new hobby in blogging! I did it because I too wanted to document my life and share my thoughts like they did.

What's the most wonderful thing about blogging? 
The best thing about blogging is not just being able to express yourself to the world, but finding people with the same interests and gaining friends from all over the world in the process.  And may I add learning about life and places without moving miles!

What's your biggest goal of 2014
That is to graduate, find a job immediately after that and earn and save money for whatever the future leads me to. :)

Describe yourself in one word. 
Nice. Lol. (Oh that's two words! Haha)

One tip that you wanna give to all bloggers out there in bloggyland? 
I know that this is a bit too mainstream but to be the best blogger you can be, you have to be the best of yourself. Each of us is different and that difference is what attracts people to us. :)

Check her out!

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  1. I am sailing the same boat as you. I find it so hard to write the "About Me" section. My mind goes blank and I don't know how to begin. I have changed it a lot if times as well, I remember taking it off completely because I was not happy with it, but brought it back last month.

    I read it somewhere that the About Me should tell a bit of your personality, what your blog is about so the readers get a sneek peek of what they can expect.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  2. I struggle with this also. I find that there's a thing line between truly recognizing who you are and writing about it and self-promotion. I mean, we're awesome so who cares? But yeah-it's a challenge! My about me currently featured about 3 sentences. Thanks to this post, I aim on changing that!

  3. I believe I am now a "reply blogger".
    Thanks for the heads up. It has been fixed! :)

  4. I like your blog!Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

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  6. I know what you mean!!! I struggle to write my About Me section & that's why it's really lame right now! I keep procrastinating about doing it over because I'm not sure exactly how to define myself.

    P.S. Sorry...a weird link ended up in my first comment for some reason, so that's why I had to delete it and comment a 2nd time.

  7. Yep! I hear ya loud and clear! Same problem! Never know exactally what to put down! Oh well, work in progress!

  8. I totally understand what you're saying...esp. when people say "tell me about yourself" I never know what to say :( I need to sit down one day and write a list about myself :D

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com

  9. It just bugs me , A LOT. Maybe I really don't know loads about me.

  10. Ha I always feel like with those questions, you can either sound super bratty and braggy or you can sound so boring… Its definitely a difficult one!

  11. I am obsessed with the song by the Passenger. And for my about me I always just mention who I am, what I do on a daily basis and where I get the inspiration for my posts. My topics change all the time but they way I get my ideas never does :)

  12. I HATE ABOUT MES!!! The worst thing. I also hate when people ask me what my best or worst quality is...like why would you want me to think about that haha. And I love Mary! HI MARY!

  13. I like what you came up with - it's super hard to talk about or describe yourself isn't it :P

  14. Too true. It is so hard to write about yourself for one. Then it's hard to keep it rather short. I'm really good at writing A LOT.. as I'm sure you've experienced from most of my comments on your posts in the past.
    I think you did a pretty good job.

  15. I think it's so funny that it's so hard to write an "about me" - I've struggled with this so much, and am still not happy with what I've come up with! But I loooooove what you ended up with, super cool!
    Give me some tips girl!

  16. Honey, I think we all struggle with the 'about me' section. Unless you're a 'I love me, it's all about me!' type, it's not going to be terribly easy.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  17. When it comes to interviews and I guess, face-to-face interactions, I can easily just blurb a few sentences about myself but when it comes to writing it down, I start to struggle. I have no idea why!

  18. Anytime someone asks me to tell about myself I have no idea. Its usually the same thing over and over. All of the stuff that they could probably figure out just by looking at me. I don't think there is anything real interesting about me to tell.

  19. I hate having to write about myself. It's hard not to oversell or undersell your self.

  20. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I'm so bad at talking about myself and am the WORST in interviews. I feel like I don't even know myself sometimes!

  21. I can talk about myself :P But I agree that when you're limited to a couple sentences, it feels very difficult to wisely choose just a couple words that will truly describe you, or your blog--in general, we're much more complicated than a couple sentences can accurately communicate!

  22. I agree it can be hard to talk about ourselves. Sometimes it is helpful to have a person who knows you well describe you.

    Stopping by from SITS

  23. I know exactly what you mean! I always have trouble coming up with what to say about both myself and my blog.

  24. I get this too, it was worse before but I think I'm getting better....slowly! Your about me page is great by the way!
    Fatima @ that delete button

  25. I get this too, it was worse before but I think I'm getting better....slowly! Your about me page is great by the way!
    Fatima @ that delete button

  26. You are too cute girl! Love all your little descriptions about yourself and the blog. And I'm right there with you, I had writing or talking about myself!
    xo TJ


  27. It's so hard to tell others about ourselves sometimes. I always struggle with those about me pages too.


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