22 January 2014

Those 20 minutes {+A Blogger's kind of giveaways}

Spending almost 19 hours without sleeping on Monday, I need someone to pat me on shoulder and tell me that I did a great job. But the reality is, it wasn't great, it was sucky! So you can go on & tell me that I did a sucky job in a wonderful way. This Friday is going to be my lifesaver because there'd be Saturday ahead!

 So when I got time to get on my couch for 20 minutes & think about I-Me-&-Life on the busy-bizzy Tuesday, I did it right! 
Note: That was a really poor kind of me-time. Really very poor. Just me, my couch and my head.

Me. I've been looking here & there for a coin that I lost recently. I think I had kept that coin for more than 1 year and it's feeling like my pet-coin (yeah that's a real word) is gone. Maybe a coin fairy stole my little coin. Shucks, I should have Instagrammed it. My tiny pretty coin.

The other tale, I've been doing a shameless promotion of my blog in public.

I told my friends on this Monday that they should go & read my blog. They must be tagging me under crazy-blog-lady on my back. I'm just behaving like that, it's an omen. Maybe. For being a blogging superstar.

We got some guests on weekend. On weekend morning actually. It wasn't fun to get up with a dirty face and welcome the guests but I'm proud of my natural beauty this way. Hey Dove guys, hook me up, I use your product to keep my natural beauty safe in mornings. And the guests included my cousin that I used to be a bestie with. We used to eat together, sing together, dance together, bath (yes) together and play a game of cleaning the house. The simple rule of that game was that you had to make yourself look dirty and poor pretend like you gotta clean the house. 

I told myself that I need a superpower to transfer some people outta Earth planet. MAybe send them to aliens and the aliens can teach them some manners. Or teach them how to stop being an attention seeker Or asking the questions that should be illegal to ask in public places. 

And I made a day-dream in my head where I got a job that has 3 days off and I gotta do nothing except of signing some rubbish stuff and the office guys are paying me THIS MUCH moolah for being a worker in their office. And I finally found a book of secrets that says everything about how not to look your worse at every party. My life seems pretty completed.

And maybe the last 5 minutes I was dreaming about Pizza's cheese, my new celebrity crush, my blog's future and something about how not to suck at money saving. The end.

Have you ever gotten this kinda me-time?

You can thank me later for putting this much gifs in this post. But for now, enter 2 most fun giveaways running now! Such blogger's-kind-of-giveaways!

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  1. Do any of your friends have blogs? I think it would be cool to be in high school with a blog. Wish I would of thought about it years ago. And it seems like we both have been thinking about and dating pizza. I wish I had some right now.

  2. Awesome giveaway Areeba!


  3. Nothing wrong with promoting yourself! You have a great blog and you SHOULD be proud of it! :D

  4. Ohhhh, visitors first thing in the morning.. Your house sounds like my in laws house. They are constantly getting unannounced company. It's fine, but we're just not used to it. We don't totally welcome unannounced guests all that much. We like to be prepared before people come over. lol...! I feel your pain.

    Promote away baby... That's what being a blogger is all about! (Well, sorta.. you know what I mean.. ;) )

  5. I was so glad to see you were co-hosting the giveaway with me! Your me-time reflections sounded very sleep-deprived haha. But I totally get what you mean there. HCXO



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