24 January 2014

Pinterest is a bad guy

 You got it right, I'm considering Pinterest as a bad kiddo. No matter that I spent 2 hours in a row on Pinterest, pinning the stuff that I shouldn't and should be cleaning a mess that's called laundry. But it's not how I plan my Friday will go. Get back to the bad guy. If you're asking yourself WHY AREEBA WHY? Then you can sit calmly because I have a story to tell. Actually it's a sad one.

The sad story of my life. 
I've never had birthday parties. Not the real ones. The one with decorations, sparkles, princess themes or the one with a pinata. This is the reality of my big days. So while carrying this big day reality, I refused to search birthday decor ideas on Pinterest. I know I'll land on a theme for 5-years-old-princess-birthday and it'll make my heart wanna turn 5 again and enjoy the tiara costume & castle cake with dozens of balloons. Pinterest is a bad guy this way, making me want to celebrate a themed birthday party but I think I've grown up for my favourite themes. 

No I'm not being awkward. I'd seriously want to be a kiddo again. The sparkles, the cupcakes, the goodie bags, the tiny additions in outfits, I'm just a girl. At this point, I can celebrate a birthday party but it won't be as much fun as it could be back in years. Because there'd be no games but some grown up stuff to do. 

On my birthday, the things are done like: Put on some new clothes, add some bling-bling, collect wishes & gift from everyone and have fun birthday time where cake would be spilled on the birthday girl's face before letting her eat it, there'd be music totally irrelevant to the occasion, nobody would let the birthday girl reach her gifts without bribing and the balloons would blast. Win-Win if someone would put some confetti inside them. That's how my so-called birthday party is done. Add truth & dare as the last birthday item if I have peeps staying for night.

Yes I'm blaming all this shiz-cray stuff running in my mind on Pinterest. Why you look so fun, man? Maybe it's because I spend almost all of my free time on you and then I don't regret being unproductive this way! The decos are attractive. The food looks yummy. But I'll be careful, I have a love/hate relationship with you Mr. bad guy.

Story ends here.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you think Pinterest is a bad dude?

If it's finally Friday, I'm doing #backthatazzup thing with Whiteny


  1. You're NOT alone . Trust me , Pinterest-ing is all about finding easy DIYs for me !

  2. I Totally agree with you! Pinterest makes me sad sometimes but then I remember the things that make me happy. I'll send you a birthday package this year:)

  3. pinterst is the best. and Ive been looking at it for vday ideas for the boyfriend.


  4. What a fun post! I still enjoy Pinterest, but that's maybe because I've figured out how not to spend hours a day perusing it. But it is great for bday ideas!

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  5. Ahh pinterest isn't so bad! :) Hope you have a great weekend!


  6. When I was a kid, I had ONE big birthday party and that was it. It was my 9th b'day and I got to have two of my friends sleep over. They came over and we went to the sand dunes and jumped off a cool hillside into the sand, then we went to my favourite lake for a swim and then a weenie roast. It was amazing and I'll never forget it. But, that was it. Rob couldn't believe it when I told him that I only had one BIG party. He always had themed birthday parties with games, presents, cake and lots of friends. I am deprived like you. But, oh dear, sweet Areeba once you are in control of your own birthday parties.. there is no stopping you. You can have any theme that you desire.. I'm dead serious. You'll get that princess party.. you will.. Just make it happen one day.
    I'm guilt for pinning a zillion b'day party pins because Alina's b'day is coming up and I wanted to have a themed party for her. Sooooo I bet I filled your Pinterest Feed with all things Sesame Street birthday party crap! Sorry !

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with pinterest. You can spend hours on there looking at things. There are some things that I plan and then after the fact I look at pinterest and think why didn't I think of that. Oh well.

  8. Pinterest makes me feel like an ugly, no talented slob! haaha

  9. If we lived closer, I would happily throw you a birthday bash in whatever theme you wanted!

  10. I like Pinterest, but sometimes I have to cut myself off or I would spend all day on there!!

  11. My first big, themed birthday was when I was 16. I would still have another one if I could. You're never too old for themed parties! :)

  12. Hey girl, just stopping by from Whitney's Link up!! I love your pick- great choice!! ;) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  13. Haha, Pinterest ideas often keep me awake at night and finding out the next day, 'nope, I can't do this DIY that good'. I've never had that kind of birthday parties either, but you're never too old to have one! :D


  14. Ive always been jealous of Pinterest things looking so perfect.. ahhh.

  15. You're not alone...I've been pinning for like two years and I just want all the houses, all the clothes, all the animals, all the vacations, JUST ALL.


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