12 January 2014

Never wear bling-bling sneakers to beach

If you live in a place where temparature is so low that you're cussing this season, you might don't want to read my beach experience. Oh man! It's freezing here too but.... yeah there's butt. Last week, it was still so cold that I sent "Baby it's damn cold outside" as my tweet & started to enjoy my Sunday, suddenly sun finally came outta his veil. Someone told me that we're going to enjoy today. WE'RE GOING TO BEACH! Wait, what? It was so fun to imagine. We're going beach. We're going to beach in January. Yes we know how to do it right! Until we all ended up wearing sneakers to there.

Long story short. We were supposed to be in flip flops but as it was "Winter-wonderland around" and all of us kept wearing ponchos and cardigans on our way, nobody thought what's a little wrong with footwear. Keeping it classy here, I wore sequined sneakers. Whoop.

Moment of silence here.

So that's how to do beach thing. Firstly let the sand know you're here. Yes I still do this & I'm 5 years old. If you still do this, HIGH FIVE! I might be the only one from my family who still does this. Be yourself. Rightly said here.

In the poncho. In the beach. You shouldn't wonder now that why I'm not an official fashion blogger now. Although water was as chilling as it should be in January's first week, but I couldn't stop myself being in the water. And yes, I'm smiling with all of my teeth.
I was supposed to take this shot for Instagram but...
This post is a proof. 

Somebody's trying to be Ariel the mermaid. And my poor shoes. With pink socks. 

January's trip to beach is a day to remember. It surely is. I never imagined going there in middle of oh-so-damn-cold weather. One lesson learned, NEVER WEAR SNEAKERS TO BEACH. Please. They're pretty ruined. Else we were pretty awesome to visit beach with this cold scene around.

Wait, will you go to beach in this winter time? 

PS: I'm super happy-dappy-happy today. Someone's back to my life. Someone. MY LAPTOP! Be ready for a giveaway & Grab A Friend! Whoop!


  1. It's so cold I cant even think about anything beyond my bedroom! Haha.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Pretty Gloss ♥ beauty, makeup & a bit of life..
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  2. Oh how wonderful! I love the beach in January! But I am a baby. I never go in the water even in the summer! Maybe I will go in it in September. Our water comes from Alaska and it is too coold always!

  3. Haha, that's awesome. If I was to go to the beach I'd have to write my name in snow instead of sand. XD
    I may take a trip though as this is an interesting idea...


  4. I have actually done that before! Haha, was a pretty interesting experience. It doesn't even look cold in your pictures with all that sun! Sounds like adventure (:

  5. You always make me smile Areeba! : D Hope you have a great week!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  6. I don't think I'll be going to the beach this winter, but last year I did with my friends, and we wore bikinis and everything!

    But then again, we live in Southern California, so that might have helped us a bit. Needless to say, it was still cold for California standards at the beach haha.

  7. We have 70 plus weather normally so everyday is a beach day. Best thing about living in SoCal, especially this coming week it's going to be 80.

  8. I don't think I will go to the beach in the Winter but I sure do miss it. Your poor sneakers. So sorry about that.

  9. RIP to your shoes! I'm sure you can clean them up? Maybe? Hopefully. I'm sure the experience was worth it! I wish I could go to the beach even though it's kind of chilly. Still looks like a fun time though!

  10. Bahaha! Noted, Aree! I will never wear sneakers at the beach because 1) I never wear sneakers. :D Im glad you enjoyed your day at the beach in spite of the cold weather!

    P.S.Welcome back lalalalaLAPPY! :)) Im so glad for the both of you! <3

  11. I like that picture of you and who I am assuming is Noor at the end of your post. You look like little girls playing in the water!

  12. Omg I do the same thing! No matter how cold it is I HAVE to put my feet in the water! And you're sooo pretty, I think you could totally be a fashion blogger ;]

  13. I don't think I will be going to the beach this winter. The weather has been -49 F with the windchill. Just walking to my car there was danger of frostbite.

  14. It is summer here so this is heaven to me!!
    YAY Laptop is back!!!

  15. Love the beach but Hate the cold! Even in Florida it does get a bit chilly!


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