23 January 2014

Mix-And-Match game of accessories!

Heya peeps! While I'm having some good times on couch, Rhea is taking over my blog today. This chic has a pretty-pretty blog. If you're a jewellery obsessed, grab something to eat & sit here to read what Rhea has to show you! And don't miss me much, I'll be back tomorrow. If you still want some more, go there and win some stuff!

Hello fellow fans and readers of I Have A Messy Bun! My name is Rhea and I blog over at RheaEtcetera.com, a lifestyle blog about what I like in fashion, food, places to visit, et cetera (hence the name) :). I am so excited to be a guest here on Areeba’s blog! For this post, I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite things…and that is accessories.

I love wearing accessories, whether bold or understated – and when I say bold, I don’t mean all random accessories put together at once. I just mean maybe a bit more noticeable. I think accessories complete the outfit. When I dress up, I try to at least have something on. I play around with how I mix and match my accessories (I think that’s one of the best things about dressing up – mix and matching clothes and accessories… the possibilities are endless!).

Here are a few ways of how I mix-and-match my accessories.
The Trendy Stacked Wrist

I think this was such a huge trend in 2013 and I bet it will still be trendy this year. Essentially, just match about three different items in one wrist and voila, you are in trend! When I wear this, I don’t wear anything else on the other wrist or any bold necklaces. I think the stacked wrist itself is bold enough already that it may look too overpowering with other bold/heavy accessories. 
 Stacked Wrist-Inspired Short Necklace

One day I was just thinking of what necklace to wear with my white shirt and I randomly thought – Hey, I could stack necklaces, too if I can stack bracelets on my wrist! I don’t claim to be “revolutionary” on this discovery – I bet other ladies have done this a long time ago and I was none the wiser. Nevertheless, pairing these pink and blue beaded necklaces together is one of my favorite look (and it doesn’t feel chunky on the neck!)

My sort-of “Rock-and-Roll” Necklace

Ok… I know it sounds funny calling this set as rock-and-roll, but every time I do this, for some reason it reminds me of black outfits, leather jackets, leather pants, leather boots. And head banging. Lol. I think that long necklaces such as these are a bit understated and by pairing it up with another long necklace, it creates a more noticeable look. I try to match two necklaces that makes sense together and would look like they were actually meant to be together.

On Their Own

These are some of my favorite necklaces that I wear on their own. They're pretty chunky and bold already that it would be too overpowering to mix them with others. Other “accessory rules” I live by: If I am wearing a chunky necklace, wear understated earrings. If I am wearing bold earrings (dangling, etc), wear an understated and simple necklace, if not at all.

What about you? Do you have any favorite ways of styling up your accessories? Please do share! :)

Again, thank you Areeba for this opportunity to share a piece of me with your readers. Thank you fellow bloggy friends for your time!

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  1. Some awesome pieces! I love the 'rock and roll' one =){

    Corinne x

  2. oOo such pretty jewelry - gimme gimme gimme :) Happy Thursday ladies!-Iva

  3. Really pretty accessories !!

  4. Gorgeous accessories!
    I love the last two necklaces.


  5. Never thought of stacking necklaces before! Awesome idea!


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