30 January 2014

Let me take you to a traditional Pakistani wedding

Since I've an addiction to Twitter & I'd announce everything there (Sometimes see: Instagram) I bragged how much I love going to weddings. Yes, weddings. So many readers asked if I could do a post on a local wedding here in Pakistan. And I just said yes. So if you haven't been to a Pakistani traditional wedding, you just got a free ticket because of this post.

Note: This post contains a lot stuff that might make you want to visit one traditional wedding of Pakistan!

Wait, just listen to the basics. There are mainly 3 days of wedding. But count it a whole week long because the guests would go to the bride/groom's home to sing/dance/have fun or have some tea (Pakistanis love tea, like seriously) before the 3 final days of ceremony. All these celebration contains lots of flowers, songs, bling-bling jewellery, sweets & henna!

First Day : Mehndi (Henna & singing stuff on this day. Yellow is theme colour)
Second Day : Nikha (The main wedding day & red colour rocks on this day)
Third Day : Valima (Wedding reception)

Day 1: Mehndi
My favourite part is of course the Mehndi. YOU GET HENNA!

It was cold out there. Just so cold. And I was wandering here &  there in short sleeves. Never compromise on fashion and specially when it's cultured. I wonder why my passion for fashion hasn't taken me to the higher level of fashion blogging!

That's how he entered. Did I mention I was from Groom's side? With his sisters & mother. And two cuties. And again, yellow is the themed colour with LOADS of flowers.

There's a little rule to remember. You can go sit with groom & have a snap with him but you gotta make him eat the sweetmeat. He ate like kgs of sweetmeat that day but I don't think he cared, happiness!

Yes that's me completing the pretty little rule.

Dipped in colours. I never loved my hair this much. 

Henna + Candles = Perfect picture!

So, you gotta mingle, sing, dance, eat and have fun on Mehndi's occasion. 

Second Day: Wedding

Red is the themed colour and I was lucky enough to find something totally red! I followed the themes religiously, I don't dress up this seriously every wedding!

He's wearing money. Yes, moolah! 

These necklaces are made of real Pakistani currency! He must have felt rich for sure! 

And finally, the other star of the night arrived.

And they finally met.
Kidding, she's his cousin.

And I managed to give this awkward shot.

But I had no time to take food photo session because I was hungry and hunger makes me a bad blogger sometimes.

When we were back to home (Groom's home of course) 7 married ladies made the bride eat the sweetmeat one by one. Too much sweet.

And he stepped in to make it even more sweet.

Then she had to return the favour. Just so sweet!

And one thing, if the groom wants to get in his room, he gotta bribe his sisters standing and blocking his way to room. Pay! I love this part MOST! Probably most funny & easy way to get rich and make money.

Third Day: Valima

Leave everything, I loved her dress most on Valima's day!

As selfie was 2013's most famous word and I'm a blogger, I took a selfie this way. I know I'm pretty creative!

We're good at posing.

Until Noor cracks a joke and captures this kinda face. Thanks for this sistah!

Just look at my feet. Classy!

Because it was just SO cold. 

I had a blast! Yes, seriously. It was a typical traditional Pakistani wedding and it was so fun to being there! To be honest, I don't believe myself for doing justice with the subject. If I write a post describing each & everything, it would take 100s of more pictures and thousands of more words.
My activity in short: I played with henna, colours, traditions & sang a lot because nobody minded my worse voice.

Hey! I hope you enjoyed this little trip to this event! But if you've gotten any question related to these kinda wedding, just ask away!

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  1. Looks amazing and so special! :O :)

  2. Whooa this is SO cool! I've only ever been to one Indian wedding- just for the ceremony, not the whole multiple day process, and I fell asleep. I want to come with you to the next wedding!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  3. Very Beautiful, love all the colors and the Bride looked lovely! What exactly is in sweet meat?


  4. I was wondering the same thing..what is sweet meat? I've seen weddings like this on TV. Beautiful!

  5. This is so interesting! I've never seen anything like it... thank you for sharing! I love learning about different traditions like this! :)

  6. The bride is so beautiful, awwww :)

  7. Beautifully done chica <3 Glad I didn't end up looking an ugly mess in those photos .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  8. What a gorgeous post! Thanks for sharing-- I love reading about different wedding traditions. :)

  9. This is so great! I think these kinds of weddings are so beautiful.

  10. This looks like so much fun! I didn't know you lived in Pakistan!

    xx Cathy from http://helllo-cathy.blogspot.com/

  11. What an amazing wedding!! And to be part of the celebration...wow. You looked beautiful as always. Loved how you got to do the henna tattoo. Thank you for sharing!

    xoxo, K.Lee

  12. this is so interesting! thanks for sharing this. FIlipino weddings are so Americanized now adays. So it's typical. The dresses looks amazing here. :)

  13. I had no idea that Pakistani weddings were like this! so cool!

  14. This was really interesting for me! So many traditions.. I love you stuff the groom like a piggy with sweet meat on the first day. So, the bride and groom were cousins? Is this a typical thing in a marriage, or just special in their case? I loved her attire on the second day, at her wedding. But the third day's dress was pretty neat too. Wow, so many outfits!! I get why you like weddings so much.... !! ;)

  15. I've never been to a traditional Pakistani wedding, it looks so beautiful, I love how colourful everything is!! Thank you for sharing!
    You look great in yellow and I love your hair!

  16. So beautiful! The brides henna, amazing! I love all the colors in everything, dresses, decorations, the candles, so beautiful!

  17. I love your Salwars and both of you'll look so pretty. The Heena and the flower jewellery has to be my favourite. The selfie Hahahahaha that was so cool. I have t been to a Pakistani wedding but I know that our Asian weddings goes on for a week, all the preparations and the relatives coming over to stay and all, it's fun

  18. SOOO COOL! I had no idea! love this post and your outfits! gorgeous!
    xx come visit my blog!!!


  19. Lovely post! You all so pretty and the bride is beautiful. I love the henba.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  20. Always wanted to attend an Indian Wedding I've heard so many things and seen so many pictures! I love the traditions and the process! Great post!

  21. Much of this seems very similar to Hindu wedding traditions in Malaysia! I love all of the clothes!

  22. I love your post and seeing the beautiful clothes and colors. I mostly loved seeing the wedding culture of Pakistan

  23. Ahh looks like there isn't much of a difference between a traditional Pakistani and Indian wedding. I love mehendis.. one of the best part of the wedding. The second best being earning cash hehe. It's an extra "unsaid" tradition here to block the gate when the bride and groom return to his home the next day. The groom won't be allowed till he pays his sisters. That's repeated again on the night of reception, as you mentioned. Blocking their rooms. It is so much fun. xx

  24. How interesting. I agree with you that the bride's dress on day #3 was GORGEOUS! I've definitely learned a lot today from your post.

  25. Your weddings are so much more beautiful in color! I love all the color! The bride & you were very beautiful!

  26. Your weddings are so much more beautiful in color! I love all the color! The bride & you were very beautiful!

  27. The clothes everyone was wearing is gorgeous! Especially the brides, definitely beats our tradition of wearing white

  28. You're right, I SO want to go to a Pakistani wedding now. What gorgeous people. I love to see traditions from other countries. I've tried henna once, but I think I didn't leave it on long enough so it just looked like dirt on me. What do the sweetmeats taste like? They look sort of like balls of brown sugar, but I'm sure it's more than that. Seems to be a big part of the party. #SITSSharefest

  29. LOVEEEEEEED this post!! Thank you so much for sharing! Each day looks so fun and everything is so beautiful! The bride is GORGEOUS, and her makeup was amazing. And I loved her third day dress too :] Really, this was such a great post...thank you!

  30. This wedding was absolutely GORGEOUS! I love all of the colors! You looked fabulous! As did the bride. So pretty!

  31. That is so cool that it was a multi-day celebration!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  32. Oh my gosh!! You all look amazing and I love the colors and the lesson :) Thank you so much for sharing your culture with us!

  33. this is gorgeous. no, beyond gorgeous. I've never been to a wedding outside of the US. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    and thanks for linking up with Treat Yo' Self Thursday last week!

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