8 January 2014

If only I was a singer

I grew up with Disney characters and it's impossible not to sing all day long when you're 6 years old Disney obsessed. Long story short, I love singing and I could've chosen singing as my career if only I knew how to sing for real and have become besties with Taylor Swift or at least dated Jonas Brothers! But sadly this didn't happen. 

My singing services are so humble. You can invite me to sing in your wedding, I can sing in your birthday party, I won't charge a penny. Just a warning that IMMA BATHROOM SINGER! But lezzbehonest, does this matter?

Whenever I listen She Will Be Loved, I can imagine myself singing with Adam Levine in She Will Be Loved 2 in such a pretty voice that I feel wonderful while daydreaming it. I could have become a singer if only I had a chance. I was never interested in any field such as Doctor or engineer kinda thing. In fact I hate doctors and I hope hope hope that I won't end up marrying one. This seriously worries me sometimes. 

Anyone remember funny Miley Stewart in Hannah Montana? The character that almost made my mom kick me outta our house. So basically if you're not Miley Cyrus hater and willingly reading my post further, I was obsessed to Hannah Montana. I spent like thousand bucks on this Hannah Miley Montana thing. I should have claimed my obsession! The Disney guys could've given me a singing role in that show! Like another secret pop star friend or cousin of Miley! I even thought about getting a hair wig and secret pop star career seriously but you can see that I canceled my plan. Nature wanted me to be a blogger so here I'm. Hi.

There's a wedding in our neighborhood and my humble singing services are available for free. At least I'm this kind of cool kid. 
For everyone who think that they can't sing good, keep worrying but it's beyond fun to sing in shower, in front of mirror and while you're home alone. I must confess, I suck at remembering lyrics! Secretly we all do. But this doesn't matter at all! We can become best friends if we can sing bad together! No matter if I ain't making moolah because of my singing and world doesn't know about this talented and passionate bathroom singer (sobbing) but I'm fine with it.

Whoopi! Can you sing?
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  1. Hahhhahaha it's not about how well you do it, it's how LOUD you belt it out! Get it gurlll!

    Happy New Year hun! Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back for my latest!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. Love this! I use to watch Hannah Montana with my sisters and it was great stuff back in the day! Great giveaway ps. Super cute bag!

  3. I gotta tell you my favorite pastime activity was singing in my room reenacting music videos, gosh I felt really cool.

  4. I most definitely can not sing, but wish I could!! Haha.


  5. that bag is CUTE


  6. What's your favourite song to sing?! I do like to sing.. but haven't in quite some time. Time to get back at it the guitar fumbling and singing!!

  7. LOLOLOLOL AT THIS WHOLE POST OMG. I totally feel ya, when I was little I would wander around singing Disney princess songs pretending I was one of them but alas, I had to grow up and face the reality that I can't actually sing.

  8. Haha AMAZING I love that song the maroon 5 one, i definitely sing it better in my head for sure! xx


  9. I used to sing Mariah Carey songs in my room with a fake micophone! I normally sing better in my head or in the shower. Good thing no one has heard me yet! And that lets you know that I can NOT sing!

  10. I am the most horrible singer ever, but you wouldn't think I know that with how much I sing. I'm always singing. I wish I could sing well. It's so depressing. I'm like you and always think that if I could sing, I could just go audition for The Voice and become BFFs with Adam Levine or casually invite Taylor Swift to my tea party, where we'll take insta-selfies and look at cat videos. A girl can dream.

  11. You know what , I can't sing and it's for sure . But if I get a partner like Adam Levine , why the hell I wouldn't?

  12. Hmm, depends on the song. I get the right song and I'm alright, but give me the wrong song and you'll run a mile! Happy New Year! : D

  13. Hahahaha I feel the same about Maroon 5 song! I sing but my neighbors don't like so much

    Dear Scarlett O.

  14. I turn up the radio to max and try to match my pitch with the singers. It helps me think I can sing, but if there was no volume-you'd probably think there was a goat in the car with me, lol. I wish I could sing too, but at least we have the talent of writing well! Cute bag!

  15. Confession: I used to be a huge Hannah fan. I think there was a time when I actually daydreamed about having 2 lives and trying to keep them secret LOL. So even though I'm a terrible singer and can't remember the lyrics half the time, I'm still proud of it. :D
    Bathroom singer all the way. Go go!

  16. How do we REALLY know you gave up your secret identity singing career? I can't sing for anything, by I do write music with this girl: https://www.facebook.com/MackenzieBenishMusic


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