10 January 2014

How I exposed my blog

I'm a blogger. I have a mum who never reads my blog but she's the best promoter of my blog and I can consider her my "Promotion Manager" all time. But things weren't same back in old times. Yes it's about my bloggy past. Like many of us bloggers, I NEVER LET ANYONE KNOW THAT I BLOG! Now I laugh on things I've done for keeping my blog a secret. There were days when I never told the world that I even have an Instagram account, I had blog link in my bio. That cray cray shit. My uncle asked this Twitter-addicted-chic if I use Twitter but I said NO like a grumpy cat. 

When I first told my mom about my "successful running blog" because of my mail (Yeah the perk of being a blogger, getting freebies in mail. CLOTHS & JEWELRY) She felt proud. She's a passionate lady when it comes to promote her kids. But I knew I'd have hard times keeping her away from free promotion of my blog. Once she almost announced in a party that her daughter has a blog but Karma came around and some of my good deeds saved me! From that day, I have a firm believe in Karma. 

But eventually I posted my blog link on my Facebook and from that day, my pageviews are doubled. And the stats tell me that peeps around me stalk read my blog. There were 2 reasons that I never thought of exposing my bloggy space; 
1) I thought I'd share my 'secrets' on blog.
But hey! I don't remember posting anything like "I have a great crush on xyz person" OR "My top 10 weaknesses." Yes I thought this doesn't make much sense, I thought of exposingblog seriously. 
2) I'd bitch about every person I find mean. 
Now at this point, I realize I don't have time to cuss anyone on my blog. I like to blog about me. I'm my own favorite thing to blog about. 

So this what that made me copying my blog link and pasting it as my Facebook status. And that was STATUS OF THE 2013 for me! 

I've lovely followers + readers. They know how to light up my day. Thanks a lot guys. But I actually figured out that peeps around me IRL "really" read my blog and talk about my posts on my back. One of them even thought that I bitched about him but no dude, I never did that to you! 
Now whenever my mom says that her daughter is a blogger OR my favorite aunt sends her sister my blog link to read "Her niece's creativity", I feel peace that I chose the right thing to get addicted. And the second truth is YES, it was sweet + sour experience. I saw some weird moments too but WHO CARES when peeps love you more than someone else's hate. 

This is the 1st chapter of my bloggy story. It's my story, what's yours?

So Im introducing a lovely sponsor of mine!

Hey friends, my name is Alex and I blog over at Radiating Sunshine. I started Radiating Sunshine to document my adventures through college and to inspire others to choose {positivity}. I believe that a smile can go a long way and I am determined to live my life as positively as possible. Now, although my life is ordinary it can be crazy at times when I have to balance the wild life as a college student. But, I love the life I live, so hop on over to my blog where you'll find recipes, crafts, college ramblings, and much more. 

Radiating Sunshine: http://www.alexmhons.blogspot.com
Radiating Sunshine's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/
Radiating Sunshine Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexmhons 

Firstly let the bloggyland know your name's meaning and birthday. You might end up getting a birthday twin! 
Alex means man's defender and my birthday is March 23rd! 

 When and why did you start blogging?
 I started blogging my Freshmen year of college to document my experiences. My blog has grown from a basic lifestyle blog to a blog about my life viewed with a positive lens. 

 What's the most wonderful thing about blogging?  
I love getting to meet other bloggers. It has been such an incredible experience getting to meet so many different people and be able to share my view on how one should strive to live as positively as possible! 

 What's your biggest goal for 2014?
 My biggest goal for 2014? Mhmm… definitely to save money! #collegestudentproblems

 Describe yourself in one word. 
 Describe myself in one word… compassionate. 

 Give a tip to all bloggers. 
A tip to all bloggers it to be yourself. Its okay if you're life isn't picture perfect. So, before you try to make yourself into someone you're not, remember that we will love you for who you are.


  1. Thanks Areeba!! Love the post :)

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  2. nice :D you made me laugh at " I'd bitch about every person I find mean." :)

  3. This is what 2014 is about for me!! Expanding my blog audience. Great reading your story about how you did it.

  4. That's great that you can post your blog to people in real life. I am sure lots of people would read mine if they knew, only my housemates and one other knows about it, I'm a bit scared to be honest that I'll be laughed at. It is a bit weird, to take photos of yourself 'modelling' and putting them on the internet! I think if I was a bit more proud of my photos I wouldn't mind as much, I think as my blog grows and my photo skillzzzzz get better, I'll let more and more people into my 'secret'.

    Corinne x

  5. I was the same way about blogging at the start. Then after I realized I didn't have passive aggressive posts or really anything to hide...I didn't really care. I just kind of started a facebook page to promote it, and went on from there. My sisters a blogger and knows I blog, my mom now reads my blog, etc etc. Lovely post. c:


  6. Oh my gosh- this is SO true! I think we're in similar situations because we're both still in high school, and there's just so much drama that goes on all the time! My mom knows that I blog, but she doesn't read it. She doesn't really approve of it because she thinks it's a waste of time :( But I know that a lot of my friends read my blog religiously, and it makes me really happy when people bring it up in real life! :)

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  7. Only one person in my life knows about my blog. I could see myself telling my family but not people I work with or have to interact with daily. But then again I don't even want my family to know.

  8. Yes I was a closet blogger too. Actually I just came out of the "Facebook Closet" a couple of weeks ago. I am now out there for all to see and I don't mind one bit! It's fun and I'm enjoying the fact that I don't have to be secretive anymore! It's liberating.

  9. Totally agree with you and Alex... Blogging is about being yourself and not trying to be someone else :)

  10. Im 32 and I keep my blog a secret to a lot of people...they need to find this before I will tell them I have a blog. A lot of people who cant be happy for you and talks smack behind your back....so i feel you on this post:). Keep Writing!

    xoxo, K.Lee

  11. I don't share my blog with IRL people. After five years, when I started dating my husband, his roommates found it somehow. Eeek!! It was okay because I didn't write anything embarrassing. As time has gone on, more IRL people have found it on their own (I hadn't mentioned it to them). Some people have either told me they read it or asked me questions in relation to something I wrote (that I haven't told them about). I have a FB blog page, but I haven't even liked it from my personal page, because I'm trying to hide it as much as possible. I don't have anything to hide and I'm really proud of my blog.. but I just want to try to keep things separate. However, more and more, I've been talking about my blog with strangers and more IRL people.

  12. I'm so worried that a future employer will find my blog, so I never curse or put anything inappropriate on it.

  13. I keep my Facebook account separate. I like to have SOME privacy out of respect for other people in my life.

  14. Nope. My family don't know about it. My cousin sister accidently found out and I made her promise to keep it to herself. My best-friend knows about it and a couple of classmates/friends. But it doesn't seem like they care much about it, so cool! I linked my FB page to my personal a/c last June. But again, it seems pretty unaffected.
    I know I have to tell my parents, but I have no idea how I should do it. The part about freebies, I'm coming up with random excuses to cover them up. I'm still planning how to tell them. Perhaps, the reason I haven't told my family is because I'm scared how they might react. Also, I'm not really fond of the fact that they might be snooping through my posts (not that I have anything embarrassing or rude!). It's just weird and little intimidating.

  15. I did something similar to you when exposing my blog. I told my boyfriend about it, and of course, he's just proud of everything I do (I guess I would consider him my Promotion Manager haha), and then he posted about it on his Facebook, so all of our mutual friends found out. Then I made a Facebook page, and invited all of my friends to like it, so now everyone knows.

  16. I wonder if I'll ever be able to get past feeling awkward and telling people about my blog haha. I doubt it lol. But I admire your courage!

  17. Hey! Great post! My family knows I have a blog, and they could care less about it! That may seem kind of harsh, but with a husband and a 19 year old as mechanics, they really don't understand the whole blog concept!


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