31 January 2014

Blogging turning crazy here

You read it right! There's a positive thing about this craziness, I'm sitting right here on my bed and enjoying watching things getting crazy! The story of my life changed from waking up, eating stuff, watching drama and sleep away. Now it's about checking my emails before going to pee, taking great shots with a tiny camera and warn people to stay nice or I'll blog about them. And the most important needs to be mentioned, enjoy my blogging with tons of amazing ladies I call bloggy friends. I tweet tweet tweet all the time. Now I'm teaching myself how to have more fun in bloggyland. More fun. 

And then a story starts right here.
I found an email from Rubi in my inbox saying something about HerCampus (a fun community for young ladies, find its banner on my sidebar) And it turned out that I'm invited to start a photo challenge with a couple of sweet ladies. YAAY WITH CAPS LOCK ON! I love photo challenges, playing with hastags and getting hearts on Instagram. It's where it starts getting crazy! 

If you're giving damn to V-day, come over and hit the photo challenge. Use hashtag #HCUCRVDAY on Instagram and you can get free "hearts" from me, look I'm bribing y'all here! And guess what! There's a real prize in the end! A 20$ gift card can be yours in the end of the month with a little photo and hashtag.

The topics are my most fav-o part! Still some of these topics needs to be explained. Here we go;
» Feb 1: If you had your own television show, what song would play during the opening credits?!
» Feb 7: Cant reach the remote? Snap a photo of it! Photograph the first world problems that you struggle with every day...
» Feb 9: MCM Black History Month Edition is just like every other Man Crush Monday except you must crush on someone who identifies as African American, it is Black History Month ya'll.
» Feb 10: Google this, trust me you'll be laughing in seconds!
» Feb 11: Pick an object you wouldn't mind spending the rest of your life with.
» Feb 18: If I am what I eat, then I'm a dinosaur chicken nugget. Rawr. Photograph the one food you wouldn't mind being made of.
» Feb 26: Same as February 9th, but this time it's Woman Crush Wednesday!

"I Have A Messy Bun is an anything-lifestyle-everything-awesome blog, that's how I categorize it. I blog for myself, little pleasures, dose of sarcasm and sometimes I make everyone laugh.
Sartorial Spice is a blog that combines fashion, lifestyle, and beauty with its own touch of personal stories and opinions with a nice little kick to it!
When Life Gives You Rubi is a site for the high school student that doesn't know what to pack for college, the college grad that doesn't know what to she's going to do with the rest of her life, and the single girl who is spending another Friday night in bed with Netflix.

Every week Her Campus UCR & I will be posting a round up of our favorite photo submissions for that week, so the more creative you are the better chance you have of getting a shout out on our pages!

Go my readers! Join me & others in this challenge. Don't feel bad if you think you suck at photo challenges, it's just a bloggy game. Bloggy cops won't come after you if you miss a day but just stick around! Hit me up if you've got any question!

For me, I'm truly going to enjoy this challenge! Because:
I love taking silly shots.
I've never taken a brushing my teeth selfie.
Photo challenges are awesome.

I'll keep waiting for Messy Bun readers to join in and let me enjoy your creative shots. Let your blogging be crazy and give it a moment to enjoy your blogging!

PS: Noor is starting a Twitter chat #socialbloggers on Saturdays starting from this week. If you're a Twitter addict like me, go on and we all can chat for a whole wicked hour on Twitter with loads of other bloggers. Check the details and GET IN!

PPS: It's time to #backthatazzup with Whitney!

28 January 2014

Grab A Friend #36

Grab a Friend

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Q: If you could invent (something unusual) right now , what would it be?

I would invent a "makeup machine" that puts on a full face of makeup in seconds instead of the regular 30 minutes or so.

Maybe I would invent some kind of tiny machine to do ALL types of house cleaning for me. That would be awesome. Just set a cleaning schedule for it and then press the button "GO." A girl can dream...

I would invent a portable coffee maker...as a college student and coffee lover, it would be a lifesaver!

Noor :
I'd invent a robot who could do all kind of nail stuff, from pedicure menicure and nail art. Because I suck at nail stuff.

I would invent a car that can turn an aeroplane when I'm in mood of flying, turn into a submarine when I wanna hangout with fishes (don't count sharks in) and turn into a boat when I wanna have a trip to the sea!

Rhea :
An office chair teleporter - one click and I'm at work, another click I'm back home. No more dealing with traffic to and from work!
Your turn to answer! You can either leave a comment or tweet us . You choose #DoItDoIt

26 January 2014

That million dollah mugshot smile

When I woke up a random day to see this mugshot. And I was like "No, seriously? Not again."

If you still don't know what's up with this 19 years old singer, the story is just simple as a sponge cake. Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach, on Thursday morning (Jan. 23). The cops stopped him for drag racing in a residential neighborhood just after he left a nightclub. Then Biebz was given a field sobriety test and he failed.  Then Biebz was charged with DUI, driving with an expired license and resisting an officer without violence and posted bail at $2,500.

This mugshot came out. This picture was vomitted all over my Facebook homepage & Twitter. Voila! The hair are incredibly shaped and he seemed to pretend that it's some kinda teen magazine photoshoot. And the final thing is that: Justin is the new Miley. While he has joined the twerk force. With a twerk song.

This might turn a confessional post today as I used to fangirl this teen singer (DON'T . ROLL .YOUR . EYES . OVER . ME) But it's seriously an old tale and a buried past. There were days where I bought a deluxe version of his CD, made my family listen to his song (I'm referring to Baby & Love me) And they all hated me. Thanks guys.

So it's all embarrassing my folks still remember my good times with Bieber. Two days ago when he was taking over the news channels, my aunt pointed out, "Look who's on TV, Areeba! It's him." 

Can we please forget that teenage mistake and move on? Like pretty please, with a cherry on top? I was never that girl who replaced her last name with "Bieber", it's less embarrassing. I never bought his faced t-shirt (I'm planning to buy one for Ryan Gosling. Period.)  

The Baby song might be a bomb that Canada threw at USA after Rebbeca Black's Friday-Friday song. I unintentionally learned all the lyrics of his one album (My world to be exact) I already disowned my memory for this. 

And of course I regret doing one thing, which I seriously regret, is to comment on my friend's Facebook post of Justin Bieber's parody: "What the hell, JB is the best", I regret it just too much, Just like really too much!

And after this million dollar mugshot smile, I found this. SHUT UP & KILL ME NOW.
 Oh boy! How/ just how when/ it happened? 

Before the end, I'll say you're already welcome to judge my 2011 version, it'd be super alright!  
The end.
I just wanted to show off my creativity that I did on Lisa's blog. Yes, another blog design.

Check out Lisa's blog!

24 January 2014

Pinterest is a bad guy

 You got it right, I'm considering Pinterest as a bad kiddo. No matter that I spent 2 hours in a row on Pinterest, pinning the stuff that I shouldn't and should be cleaning a mess that's called laundry. But it's not how I plan my Friday will go. Get back to the bad guy. If you're asking yourself WHY AREEBA WHY? Then you can sit calmly because I have a story to tell. Actually it's a sad one.

The sad story of my life. 
I've never had birthday parties. Not the real ones. The one with decorations, sparkles, princess themes or the one with a pinata. This is the reality of my big days. So while carrying this big day reality, I refused to search birthday decor ideas on Pinterest. I know I'll land on a theme for 5-years-old-princess-birthday and it'll make my heart wanna turn 5 again and enjoy the tiara costume & castle cake with dozens of balloons. Pinterest is a bad guy this way, making me want to celebrate a themed birthday party but I think I've grown up for my favourite themes. 

No I'm not being awkward. I'd seriously want to be a kiddo again. The sparkles, the cupcakes, the goodie bags, the tiny additions in outfits, I'm just a girl. At this point, I can celebrate a birthday party but it won't be as much fun as it could be back in years. Because there'd be no games but some grown up stuff to do. 

On my birthday, the things are done like: Put on some new clothes, add some bling-bling, collect wishes & gift from everyone and have fun birthday time where cake would be spilled on the birthday girl's face before letting her eat it, there'd be music totally irrelevant to the occasion, nobody would let the birthday girl reach her gifts without bribing and the balloons would blast. Win-Win if someone would put some confetti inside them. That's how my so-called birthday party is done. Add truth & dare as the last birthday item if I have peeps staying for night.

Yes I'm blaming all this shiz-cray stuff running in my mind on Pinterest. Why you look so fun, man? Maybe it's because I spend almost all of my free time on you and then I don't regret being unproductive this way! The decos are attractive. The food looks yummy. But I'll be careful, I have a love/hate relationship with you Mr. bad guy.

Story ends here.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you think Pinterest is a bad dude?

If it's finally Friday, I'm doing #backthatazzup thing with Whiteny

23 January 2014

Mix-And-Match game of accessories!

Heya peeps! While I'm having some good times on couch, Rhea is taking over my blog today. This chic has a pretty-pretty blog. If you're a jewellery obsessed, grab something to eat & sit here to read what Rhea has to show you! And don't miss me much, I'll be back tomorrow. If you still want some more, go there and win some stuff!

Hello fellow fans and readers of I Have A Messy Bun! My name is Rhea and I blog over at RheaEtcetera.com, a lifestyle blog about what I like in fashion, food, places to visit, et cetera (hence the name) :). I am so excited to be a guest here on Areeba’s blog! For this post, I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite things…and that is accessories.

I love wearing accessories, whether bold or understated – and when I say bold, I don’t mean all random accessories put together at once. I just mean maybe a bit more noticeable. I think accessories complete the outfit. When I dress up, I try to at least have something on. I play around with how I mix and match my accessories (I think that’s one of the best things about dressing up – mix and matching clothes and accessories… the possibilities are endless!).

Here are a few ways of how I mix-and-match my accessories.
The Trendy Stacked Wrist

I think this was such a huge trend in 2013 and I bet it will still be trendy this year. Essentially, just match about three different items in one wrist and voila, you are in trend! When I wear this, I don’t wear anything else on the other wrist or any bold necklaces. I think the stacked wrist itself is bold enough already that it may look too overpowering with other bold/heavy accessories. 
 Stacked Wrist-Inspired Short Necklace

One day I was just thinking of what necklace to wear with my white shirt and I randomly thought – Hey, I could stack necklaces, too if I can stack bracelets on my wrist! I don’t claim to be “revolutionary” on this discovery – I bet other ladies have done this a long time ago and I was none the wiser. Nevertheless, pairing these pink and blue beaded necklaces together is one of my favorite look (and it doesn’t feel chunky on the neck!)

My sort-of “Rock-and-Roll” Necklace

Ok… I know it sounds funny calling this set as rock-and-roll, but every time I do this, for some reason it reminds me of black outfits, leather jackets, leather pants, leather boots. And head banging. Lol. I think that long necklaces such as these are a bit understated and by pairing it up with another long necklace, it creates a more noticeable look. I try to match two necklaces that makes sense together and would look like they were actually meant to be together.

On Their Own

These are some of my favorite necklaces that I wear on their own. They're pretty chunky and bold already that it would be too overpowering to mix them with others. Other “accessory rules” I live by: If I am wearing a chunky necklace, wear understated earrings. If I am wearing bold earrings (dangling, etc), wear an understated and simple necklace, if not at all.

What about you? Do you have any favorite ways of styling up your accessories? Please do share! :)

Again, thank you Areeba for this opportunity to share a piece of me with your readers. Thank you fellow bloggy friends for your time!

Go check Rhea out!
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22 January 2014

Those 20 minutes {+A Blogger's kind of giveaways}

Spending almost 19 hours without sleeping on Monday, I need someone to pat me on shoulder and tell me that I did a great job. But the reality is, it wasn't great, it was sucky! So you can go on & tell me that I did a sucky job in a wonderful way. This Friday is going to be my lifesaver because there'd be Saturday ahead!

 So when I got time to get on my couch for 20 minutes & think about I-Me-&-Life on the busy-bizzy Tuesday, I did it right! 
Note: That was a really poor kind of me-time. Really very poor. Just me, my couch and my head.

Me. I've been looking here & there for a coin that I lost recently. I think I had kept that coin for more than 1 year and it's feeling like my pet-coin (yeah that's a real word) is gone. Maybe a coin fairy stole my little coin. Shucks, I should have Instagrammed it. My tiny pretty coin.

The other tale, I've been doing a shameless promotion of my blog in public.

I told my friends on this Monday that they should go & read my blog. They must be tagging me under crazy-blog-lady on my back. I'm just behaving like that, it's an omen. Maybe. For being a blogging superstar.

We got some guests on weekend. On weekend morning actually. It wasn't fun to get up with a dirty face and welcome the guests but I'm proud of my natural beauty this way. Hey Dove guys, hook me up, I use your product to keep my natural beauty safe in mornings. And the guests included my cousin that I used to be a bestie with. We used to eat together, sing together, dance together, bath (yes) together and play a game of cleaning the house. The simple rule of that game was that you had to make yourself look dirty and poor pretend like you gotta clean the house. 

I told myself that I need a superpower to transfer some people outta Earth planet. MAybe send them to aliens and the aliens can teach them some manners. Or teach them how to stop being an attention seeker Or asking the questions that should be illegal to ask in public places. 

And I made a day-dream in my head where I got a job that has 3 days off and I gotta do nothing except of signing some rubbish stuff and the office guys are paying me THIS MUCH moolah for being a worker in their office. And I finally found a book of secrets that says everything about how not to look your worse at every party. My life seems pretty completed.

And maybe the last 5 minutes I was dreaming about Pizza's cheese, my new celebrity crush, my blog's future and something about how not to suck at money saving. The end.

Have you ever gotten this kinda me-time?

You can thank me later for putting this much gifs in this post. But for now, enter 2 most fun giveaways running now! Such blogger's-kind-of-giveaways!

Firstly burst of ad spaces & designing shiz credits & little key to Starbucks!
Me // Rhea // Mary // Noor
Natalie // Hima // Zia // Karen
Marla // Kristin

Rafflecopter giveaway

As it's Keep Calm Blog On's First Blogiversary, she has gathered TWENTY of her favorite blogging ladies (yes, I'm in) to host the giveaway. The winner of this giveaway will get ad space on the sidebar of all 20 blogs for the month of February! This means that winner could reach a potential of 30,000 followers (including our blog and social media followers).  Why you're waiting to enter? GO GO GO!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

21 January 2014

Grab A Friend #35

Grab a Friend

Welcome to the weekly blog hop , Grab A Friend 
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Q: if you could hang out with any celebrity , who and why he/she would be? 

Jennifer Lawrence! She seems like she is a cool, laid back kinda gal. Like someone that would be fun to get a beer with!

Karly Kim:
Ellen DeGeneres, because I love everything about her.

Noor :
Taylor Swift ! I would write songs with her so we can win a Grammy (just saying , but she seems SO sweet)

Lorde! Don't wonder, she's a piece of awesomeness. She has crazy hair and she seems the best to take selfies with. Aaaaaaand I love her endlessly.

Your turn to answer! You can either leave a comment or tweet us . You choose #DoItDoIt

Grab a friend is BACK after a month . Darn , it was long . So we're taking co-hosts again , just fill this form to get on the list again . Let's be friends , people!