31 January 2014

Blogging turning crazy here

You read it right! There's a positive thing about this craziness, I'm sitting right here on my bed and enjoying watching things getting crazy! The story of my life changed from waking up, eating stuff, watching drama and sleep away. Now it's about checking my emails before going to pee, taking great shots with a tiny camera and warn people to stay nice or I'll blog about them. And the most important needs to be mentioned, enjoy my blogging with tons of amazing ladies I call bloggy friends. I tweet tweet tweet all the time. Now I'm teaching myself how to have more fun in bloggyland. More fun. 

And then a story starts right here.
I found an email from Rubi in my inbox saying something about HerCampus (a fun community for young ladies, find its banner on my sidebar) And it turned out that I'm invited to start a photo challenge with a couple of sweet ladies. YAAY WITH CAPS LOCK ON! I love photo challenges, playing with hastags and getting hearts on Instagram. It's where it starts getting crazy! 

If you're giving damn to V-day, come over and hit the photo challenge. Use hashtag #HCUCRVDAY on Instagram and you can get free "hearts" from me, look I'm bribing y'all here! And guess what! There's a real prize in the end! A 20$ gift card can be yours in the end of the month with a little photo and hashtag.

The topics are my most fav-o part! Still some of these topics needs to be explained. Here we go;
» Feb 1: If you had your own television show, what song would play during the opening credits?!
» Feb 7: Cant reach the remote? Snap a photo of it! Photograph the first world problems that you struggle with every day...
» Feb 9: MCM Black History Month Edition is just like every other Man Crush Monday except you must crush on someone who identifies as African American, it is Black History Month ya'll.
» Feb 10: Google this, trust me you'll be laughing in seconds!
» Feb 11: Pick an object you wouldn't mind spending the rest of your life with.
» Feb 18: If I am what I eat, then I'm a dinosaur chicken nugget. Rawr. Photograph the one food you wouldn't mind being made of.
» Feb 26: Same as February 9th, but this time it's Woman Crush Wednesday!

"I Have A Messy Bun is an anything-lifestyle-everything-awesome blog, that's how I categorize it. I blog for myself, little pleasures, dose of sarcasm and sometimes I make everyone laugh.
Sartorial Spice is a blog that combines fashion, lifestyle, and beauty with its own touch of personal stories and opinions with a nice little kick to it!
When Life Gives You Rubi is a site for the high school student that doesn't know what to pack for college, the college grad that doesn't know what to she's going to do with the rest of her life, and the single girl who is spending another Friday night in bed with Netflix.

Every week Her Campus UCR & I will be posting a round up of our favorite photo submissions for that week, so the more creative you are the better chance you have of getting a shout out on our pages!

Go my readers! Join me & others in this challenge. Don't feel bad if you think you suck at photo challenges, it's just a bloggy game. Bloggy cops won't come after you if you miss a day but just stick around! Hit me up if you've got any question!

For me, I'm truly going to enjoy this challenge! Because:
I love taking silly shots.
I've never taken a brushing my teeth selfie.
Photo challenges are awesome.

I'll keep waiting for Messy Bun readers to join in and let me enjoy your creative shots. Let your blogging be crazy and give it a moment to enjoy your blogging!

PS: Noor is starting a Twitter chat #socialbloggers on Saturdays starting from this week. If you're a Twitter addict like me, go on and we all can chat for a whole wicked hour on Twitter with loads of other bloggers. Check the details and GET IN!

PPS: It's time to #backthatazzup with Whitney!

30 January 2014

Let me take you to a traditional Pakistani wedding

Since I've an addiction to Twitter & I'd announce everything there (Sometimes see: Instagram) I bragged how much I love going to weddings. Yes, weddings. So many readers asked if I could do a post on a local wedding here in Pakistan. And I just said yes. So if you haven't been to a Pakistani traditional wedding, you just got a free ticket because of this post.

Note: This post contains a lot stuff that might make you want to visit one traditional wedding of Pakistan!

Wait, just listen to the basics. There are mainly 3 days of wedding. But count it a whole week long because the guests would go to the bride/groom's home to sing/dance/have fun or have some tea (Pakistanis love tea, like seriously) before the 3 final days of ceremony. All these celebration contains lots of flowers, songs, bling-bling jewellery, sweets & henna!

First Day : Mehndi (Henna & singing stuff on this day. Yellow is theme colour)
Second Day : Nikha (The main wedding day & red colour rocks on this day)
Third Day : Valima (Wedding reception)

Day 1: Mehndi
My favourite part is of course the Mehndi. YOU GET HENNA!

It was cold out there. Just so cold. And I was wandering here &  there in short sleeves. Never compromise on fashion and specially when it's cultured. I wonder why my passion for fashion hasn't taken me to the higher level of fashion blogging!

That's how he entered. Did I mention I was from Groom's side? With his sisters & mother. And two cuties. And again, yellow is the themed colour with LOADS of flowers.

There's a little rule to remember. You can go sit with groom & have a snap with him but you gotta make him eat the sweetmeat. He ate like kgs of sweetmeat that day but I don't think he cared, happiness!

Yes that's me completing the pretty little rule.

Dipped in colours. I never loved my hair this much. 

Henna + Candles = Perfect picture!

So, you gotta mingle, sing, dance, eat and have fun on Mehndi's occasion. 

Second Day: Wedding

Red is the themed colour and I was lucky enough to find something totally red! I followed the themes religiously, I don't dress up this seriously every wedding!

He's wearing money. Yes, moolah! 

These necklaces are made of real Pakistani currency! He must have felt rich for sure! 

And finally, the other star of the night arrived.

And they finally met.
Kidding, she's his cousin.

And I managed to give this awkward shot.

But I had no time to take food photo session because I was hungry and hunger makes me a bad blogger sometimes.

When we were back to home (Groom's home of course) 7 married ladies made the bride eat the sweetmeat one by one. Too much sweet.

And he stepped in to make it even more sweet.

Then she had to return the favour. Just so sweet!

And one thing, if the groom wants to get in his room, he gotta bribe his sisters standing and blocking his way to room. Pay! I love this part MOST! Probably most funny & easy way to get rich and make money.

Third Day: Valima

Leave everything, I loved her dress most on Valima's day!

As selfie was 2013's most famous word and I'm a blogger, I took a selfie this way. I know I'm pretty creative!

We're good at posing.

Until Noor cracks a joke and captures this kinda face. Thanks for this sistah!

Just look at my feet. Classy!

Because it was just SO cold. 

I had a blast! Yes, seriously. It was a typical traditional Pakistani wedding and it was so fun to being there! To be honest, I don't believe myself for doing justice with the subject. If I write a post describing each & everything, it would take 100s of more pictures and thousands of more words.
My activity in short: I played with henna, colours, traditions & sang a lot because nobody minded my worse voice.

Hey! I hope you enjoyed this little trip to this event! But if you've gotten any question related to these kinda wedding, just ask away!

Linking up with Nicole

28 January 2014

Grab A Friend #36

Grab a Friend

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I would invent a "makeup machine" that puts on a full face of makeup in seconds instead of the regular 30 minutes or so.

Maybe I would invent some kind of tiny machine to do ALL types of house cleaning for me. That would be awesome. Just set a cleaning schedule for it and then press the button "GO." A girl can dream...

I would invent a portable coffee maker...as a college student and coffee lover, it would be a lifesaver!

Noor :
I'd invent a robot who could do all kind of nail stuff, from pedicure menicure and nail art. Because I suck at nail stuff.

I would invent a car that can turn an aeroplane when I'm in mood of flying, turn into a submarine when I wanna hangout with fishes (don't count sharks in) and turn into a boat when I wanna have a trip to the sea!

Rhea :
An office chair teleporter - one click and I'm at work, another click I'm back home. No more dealing with traffic to and from work!
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