6 December 2013

You pissed me off

Happily confessing today! I'm the one who can be pissed off in just seconds. Every time I'm done losing an argue, I'm simply yelling here and there and declaring that I'm pissed off! What? It takes no more 5 seconds! While I was making my bestie to review me (Yes, I do everything in bloggy way) and she came up with this conclusion that I must stop being pissed off on little things. Sorry, nothing is considered "little thing" when it comes to piss off someone! There are HUGE destructions in house once I am in my keep-away-from-pissedoff-lady mode. The sign of this, P!nk can be seen on my playlist (ahem, Blow me one last kiss in particular) There's a playlist entitled "Play it when you're pissed" in my music player. I'm serious about it. Gaaah!
Talking about my passion, READING! I hate when peeps pick up the book I'm already reading, search it for no reason then close the book and I lose the page I was currently reading. Yes, they don't even put the bookmark back. THIS . IS . GROSS! That's a legit thing to get pissed! Y'all book junkies, agree?

Mothers are expert to piss you off! Lemma explain you how exactly it works. 
You're in public.
You're surrounded by her relatives.
She opens about how stupid you used to be in 3rd grade.
You have no reason not to be pissed off!
She's done!
You too!

Physics - Cray Cray Subject!
This subject pisses me off! Why do this exist? I'm pissed if I'm given a Physics test on weekends and ruin the plans. Honestly, I see all kind of electric current/ charge / voltage as the same thing but actually they're pretty different. If I end up writing them in the same category, I'd be walk away with F grade. 

I'm the the lady of principle. Not really. 
But when it comes to my internet timing, I'm seriously a woman of principle. Like, if I need to spend 4 hours on internet today, I MEAN TO SPEND 4 HOURS! But if there's someone/something stopping me from having my special-time on web, you'll see wild side of Areeba (banging doors, biting pillows)
This act is the perfect key to piss me off at home! You can see Areeba's wild side there. 

The relatives are the best peeps to get me pissed off! They come over our house with not-so-etiquette kids and shamelessly ask for a fancy dinner! And when they kick my personal space, what do I do? Get pissed off! That's the worst condition ever! You can't express, your mum taught you to be a good girl!

Other reasons can be something like this,
When a black stray cat stares at me, if someone questions about my hair or that my messy bun sucks, ask if I'm Noor or Areeba, tell me something bad about Harry Potter film (Never insult Dumbledore in front of me), edit my playlist, didn't compliment on my handmade tea.

Gaaaaaaah, I'm finished with it!

What are your reasons to get pissed?
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  1. I get pissed off when people feel the need to repeat themselves 500 times over, when they KNOW I heard them the first time.
    Another thing that pisses me off, is when blatantly lie to my face and I KNOW they are lying. It makes me dislike them, and if they're my friend, it makes them lose A LOT of friendship benefits... Like if I can't trust you, how can we be friends?!

    You feel me?! LOL

  2. Ask me , it's really , really easy to piss you off . Like , teal is mine , hah!!!! You won it again , great post.

  3. If someone says a single bad word against Harry Potter, I get defensive and sorry, but we ain't friends no more :P

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  4. I completely agree about the whole book situation why do people even do that?! Hahah!
    I'm much like you, easily irritated and I need a playlist too now hahahah! Xxx

  5. Haha, I get really easily frustrated too.. oh don't take my internet time or personal space - those two are my 'me time'. I get pissed off tonnes at work, mainly because people come to me with silly problems they expect me to solve, or awkward customers!

    Corinne x

  6. There's nothing wrong with being pissed off. Everybody has things that tick them off that not everyone understands! LOL...some times it's just like that. I love this post!!

  7. I get pissed off when people don't pick up after themselves.

  8. All I took away from that was; Biting pillows! Heehee. I bet you're cute when you're mad.. biting your pillow with smoke billowing out of your ears.

  9. Hahaha all I can think about now is you going crazy at a pillow and ripping it to shreds!

  10. Physics is HORRIBLE. it makes me angry and I haven't had to take a physics class for 6 years!

    Why do black stray cats make you mad?

  11. I love you Areeba. Your blog is seriously perfect, haha.
    We'd get along great. Pull each others hair out over a disagreement, then within the next 5 minutes we'd be having a cup of your wonderful tea.

    I absolutely hate it when people question my hair. Especially elders, "So...how long did it take you to make your hair all messy this morning?". -_- If I didn't respect elders....I just don't understand how they don't realize how absolutely rude this is!
    Don't even get me started with books! In 6th grade the class was reading "Bridge to Terabithia". The kid next to me was all "pssssst...Micaela, wanna know *insert spoiler alert here*". I tried acting surprised while reading on by myself at home, but it's not the same.

    The thing I hate most. The sound of chewing.

    <3 Harlynn (Micaela)

  12. Haha the part when a black cat stared at you is hilarious!
    Though, I have to admit... whenever my mom starts talking about me to people (from relatives to acquaintances) I get soooo..... embarrassed/angry!

  13. I used to hate it when my one particular cousin would come over and she would "ruin" my room after I had just cleaned.it! Guess what! Had to clean it again, "because she was company!" Whatever, you should totally know how to clean up after yourself! Totally feel the same way about Harry Potter! Don't tell me you don't like the movies when clearly you have never sat down and really watched one! And finally, nobody touches my books! Fighting words to me!:-)

  14. Bahahaha so so so true! And I TOTALLY agree about the book thing...I HATE when people lose my spot! Seriously I was saving that spot for a reason. And then you have to take like an hour to find the spot again. And I can't deal with it when people insult Harry Potter. In my head I'm just like WELL SORRY YOU SUCK AS A PERSON, WHO DOESN'T LIKE HARRY.


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