13 December 2013

Playing dress-up dress-up

Yup, that's me posing for a fashion post. This happens! 

I remember wasting my tween-age on dress up games websites and then patting my own self for doing such wonderful job as stylist. I could have won an award for dressing those dolls in such pretty way. 
When my postman handed me a parcel and I found this dress in it, I fell in love again. Once when I first saw on the website and secondly when I first touched it. It gives me a holiday mode.

Whenever I am asked to be ready for a party/occasion, I would put on a scarf, a casual shirt, a matching comfy bottom and anything that fits my feet. My mum wonders why I haven't got kicked out any party since all these years. Shh, I still look fabulous! 
As a girl can be on Pink-Freak mode any time she wants, I did the same. Pink + White, it's a universal choice for girls. 

I can't stop stop thanking to God. I've a twin and she takes awesome photographs of this chic and doesn't mind when I steal jewellery from her jewellery box. Yup, the jewellery in this outfit was stolen from Noor's treasure jewellery box! 

Do it in Areeba's style!

The total outfit is 
 A pretty white dress, thanks to SammyDress guys for this! Super fast shipping + best fitting. If you're wandering here & there on web for a fashionable kick, check them out. Swears, it's awesome!

One pink pashmina + pair of tights. 

Stolen jewellery from my sistah.

Bling bling flip flops.


In the middle of December, the weather changed it's mood and suddenly the wintery weather vanished for 7 hours. GO HOME DECEMBER! So hiiii from my bling-bling flip flops.

Here's a selfie! Whoop! No messy bun this time!

I'm stuck with this song! Blehhh!
Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus on Grooveshark

How's your casual holiday style? Any pink freaks out there?

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Drums roll, it's time to meet a lovely blogger!

Kayla Koroush | La Belle Barrel Thief
My blog is very new launching in April of 2013. So far I'm calling it a travel + lifestyle + wine blog as it records my travels to wineries in California as well as any daily wine related activities. I really want to share the great stories wineries have and kind of de-mystify the world of wine for everyone.

How did you start blogging and why?
I love wine, wine tasting and the wine industry. When I wanted to learn more It was expensive and hard to find the information and experience I wanted. So I turned to wine blogs to get my feet wet. Once I realized most of them were very technical I decided I wanted to read a blog that was fun, lighthearted and all about wineries. Visiting a California Winery is a wonderful fun and luxurious experience that not everyone can have. So I started my own wine travel blog that would convey those things I was looking for. I feel like through my blog, people can have a taste of what I get all year round.

For your blog : Where do you find inspiration from?
Visiting wineries helps inspire me. In my work and in life. I fee like people who work in wine have a real passion for the beautiful things in life like food, drink, art, architecture and family.  I'm also inspired by other bloggers. They're all so creative and I love learning from them.

What are your plans for 2014?
My life is in limbo until 2016 when my husband graduates law school at UOP  McGeorge. I plan on doing an overnight stay in Napa or Sonoma and reporting back on it. Maybe even joining a new wine club!

Which movie you can watch again & again?
There's a few, Romeo and Juilet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. (I know all the words) and lately I love re-watching Moonrise Kingdom

If you are granted 3 wishes from genie, what would you ask? Sorry you can't ask "unlimited wishes" at all!
1.) Good health for me and my family and descendants.
2.) To be the Samantha Brown of the wine world, being on TV and showing the people of the world all the stories of the wine industry
3.) To have perfect hair all the time. Curls are to much to handle.

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  1. Visiting from Style Elixir! Very cute blog, and everyone loves a pashmina scarf!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  2. You look so cute . Said Noor once! Bah , my bracelet looks SO good on you #TEAMwink

  3. Absolutely adorable!
    I love love love that dress!


  4. Cute leggings, I love the scarf too!

  5. Looking lovely! I love how you have made the dress your own by styling it to your style. It looks great =)

    Corinne x

  6. You look lovely in this outfit Areeba.

  7. Loving the outfit! :)
    My casual style currently consists of H&M Joggings and my boyfriend's sweater. Because I've got finals right now and there's no reason for looking good during finals :D

    I can't get that song out of my head either and it seriously bothers me!!
    xo Grace

  8. Love the dress and super cute poses :)
    x atelier zozo

  9. Ah! It was nice to meet you today!! :) Are you going to join in the tea exchange? You look amazing in this dress!! I really want to get something from Sammydress!

  10. Areeba, you look so cute in this outfit. That pink pashmina and pink tight is adorable. Your blog is also cute just like you!

    Amy | East Essence

  11. Your dress is so pretty Areeba, you look lovely.

  12. You are just naturally stunning, lovely hair too! That dress really suits you just like the pashmina pairing with it, BEAUTIFUL xx


  13. So so so gorgeous!! I love this outfit, so pretty! And that's hilarious about patting yourself for doing such a wonderful styling job...I did the same things! We had lots of coloring books of big fancy dresses when I was little and I was always as creative as possible when I colored them in. So proud of myself for my skills!

  14. I love that you are Pink, and Noor is Blue. My mom used to do that with my sister and I. Even though she's nearly six years older than me, a lot of the time we would get the same Christmas present but I would get the girlier colours and Kyli would get blue. I always secretly wanted her stuff more..
    I like that you two have 'twin' posts today. It's cute.

  15. I really like the dress hun :) ash and I were in London, uk, uk on Few days, we came out of Self ridges and generally couldn't move. Awful!

  16. I was a little worried about fit , but fit beautifully, I am 5"3 and 125lbs and ordered a size 6 (it is a little snug around the waist, but it's a corset so that is expected).
    Rebecca Minkoff Bag


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