27 December 2013

Let me confess

It's the end of December and I am done with eveything related to New Year. Yes I've made a New Year Resolution that I'm never gonna follow! I have collected lots of energy to bear 2k wishes that some peeps will be sending to spam my inbox and Facebook messages section. They don't know but Lord has reserved special place for them in hell.  
While I'm being honest and it's the end of week, I think I should confess a few things that I've done in 2013 & my confessions might make me laugh in 2015, 2016 or my grand kids would laugh upon it. Wowza, I'm good at future planning!  

Yes I used to hide my dirty laundry in my cupboard. Yup my socks and the one blue shirt (that mum though is officially missing) was inside it. I'll make sure that 2014 will be a good year for my laundry. 

I seriously tried to learn how to do that wicked Gangnam Style move but I failed. 

I don't like teal colour, I like turquoise colour. Teal is damn easy to pronounce and I don't have to worry about that whether I've written the spelling right. Another confession,  I suck at some spellings. That why I never participated in spelling bee, not my field! 

I did it intentionally. Sorry not sorry!

I'm not allowed to read till late night but I was reading a book "The house by the shore" and I had completed it on 3 am in our washing area. Although its end wasn't worth my dedication! I'm currently reading a novel which is really sad and I can be found crying under my blanked in the middle of night. Tee hee, I've my table to read in dark rooms under my blanket. That's why I love technology THIS MUCH! 

I slept in my Maths class intentionally!  Algebra is the one to blame!

I wore dirty shoes to school more than once.

I think I should stop before I confess something confidential! 

Whoop! Are you gonna confess something?


  1. I always end up staying up late when I'm reading! Especially when I'm toward the end of a book. It's a horrible habit really.

  2. this is such a cute idea Areeba, you're always coming up with good ideas! I'm really bad for staying up too - it's impossible to just go to sleep when there's something loads more interesting to do!
    lily x

  3. I hate seeing your dirty shoes in assemblies. When will you grow up?

  4. I read all night too! Once I start a good book I just can't stop!

  5. I always love a good book recommendation. What can I confess.....hmmm....sometimes I pretend I have to use the bathroom to get out of a conversation. Is that a confession?

  6. Hahahaha intentionally slept in class! That's awesome omg. I'm trying to think of something I can confess to for 2013...well I borrowed a strapless bra from my friend on HALLOWEEN and haven't given it back yet because I keep forgetting to wash it. UGH.

  7. Hehe.. 2014 will be a better year for your laundry. Too funny! Dirty shoes to school!!? You are an angel as far as I can tell from these confessions.. ;)


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