4 December 2013

I'm gonna blog about it

Hi guys, I'm Areeba and I am a serious blogger! All of my family members/neighbours/friends/our area's stray cats/teachers know that I'm "I'm gonna blog about it" kind of blogger. No doubt it's the most dangerous category of blogger, you lost your mouth's filter. Whenever someone try to piss me off, I just declare, "Be nice to me or I'll blog about you!" Oh c'mon, I know most of my mean sweeties stalk my blog and I'm proudly saying THANK YOU for being the reason of my higher pageviews!

So this I'm gonna blog about this thing is getting really popular among my folks. Last week I just broke a glass and my mum pointed out that now I must write a post about this to let the world know how ruthless I behave with my mum's kitchen items. Honestly, this made me feel like I'm some kinda thug whose hitting her newly bough glass collection!

funny selfie
Selfie, our way!
When I had a serious discussion upon selfies with my aunt (Yes, aunt! She's just like my other sister) I told her that I'll blog about her but she asked to write a post for her. Long story short, I just love her so much that I can write our fun tales on & on. The only term is to compensate me with noodles! #deal

Once upon a time, we went shopping, bought 1 dress, 1 shirt in 11 hours & I ended up sleeping in mall's ladies resting area and set this record. All the way back to home, my nanna kept asking me whether I was going to blog about this or not? She found it funny to buy THIS MUCH stuff in just 11 hours (Okay, laugh here) I could do a zombie walk that time, so sleepy!

I'm a bad kiddo. You can find me in always-complaining-girl mode. I have a problem that I complain a lot. So approx 2 weeks ago, I was telling my mum that I Googled my name and my name's meanings are pretty awesome & I'm glad you didn't name me after some scandalous celebrity or an old and boring name that I make fun of now. She said that she's glad that I didn't complain about my name and now I should say, "I'm gonna blog about it." Yes I did and published this darling post!

I am not a big fan of parties where some cranky relatives are hosting. When I'm pushed to get dress up for there and keep listening to "Behave yourself there" sentence, I get piss off! I remember that day when I was going to THAT party and there was no way to escape, I told myself that I'm gonna blog about it! Keep your proud on me, I did it! Oh when I was sent there, it ruined my 6 hours but I kept behaving myself. At least those relatives were serving yummy food!

flip flops
Whenever I'm out of ideas, I look around with a deep look and observe what's wrong with everyone. This works 100%. After that, I make a list what can I do to improve this world with Areeba's style. So that's where my I'm gonna blog about this posts are produced! The best I'm gonna blog about this post was Bad thoughts are winners. I was talking my uncle on Skype and when we were done, I made this post in my mind about bad thoughts and told him that I'm gonna blog about this! He must be proud!

If you're not freaked out by the amount of "I'm gonna blog about this" sentence and read the whole post, I'm proud of you! Most of my readers are of my niche (aka anything-lifestyle-everything-awesomeness) so almost all of us must have experienced this. Don't worry, it's beyond awkwardness and I simply love it!

Do you have I'm gonna blog about this moment? 

So my bloggyland's lovelies, me and some other super cool ladies just teamed up to give one LUCKY blogger to give a full blog candy! A whole new blog design, 16 months ad spaces on soopah doopah blogs and YOUR OWN DOMAIN! 

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  1. That's a lovely picture of you at the top Areeba. : )

  2. I love this!
    Gotta remember to stay away from this kitchen thug. Haha. c;
    "I'm gonna blog about this" moments are the story of my life. XD

  3. Haha loved this! So funny! I have friends that say stuff like this too. Over the weekend, my friend was like "Are you gonna take lots of pictures of us so that you can put them up on your blog?" And of course I did!

  4. Hahahaha this is brilliant! I've totally used the "I'm gonna blog about it" threat too!! It totally works

  5. Ha, this is so cute =)

    Can I ask about your blog designs? How did you learn how to do it? I'm wanting to get into it but I'm not sure if it will be too hard for me.

    Corinne x

  6. Best post Ever! Love it! Its so funny though! My "wonderful" mother n law knows I have a blog & she will start off with, I know you have an "online blog," please don't put this conversation on it! Love it!:-)

  7. You're amazing! Literally so perfect hahah! I do this ALL the time not that I follow through as much as you but it's a good quote to live by ;) xxx


  8. This was a good one Areeba. It's so true.. I have many, "I'm gonna blog about this" moments..! All day, every day. I always make Notes on my iPhone so that I can look back to my list of ideas when I am really stumped about what to write about...! I love that your mom told you to blog about how destructive you are with her glassware. And you did! Such an obedient daughter.

  9. Hahaha amazing. My blog is not as popular as yours in my family so people don't really fear me ;)

  10. Almost everyday is my "I'm gonnna blog about it" day, haha.


  11. Well, I used to blog about everything in my blog but some people find this as a way to hurt me more. I don't know why I got a lot of haters through blogging. Now I just blog about personal stuffs too but not really in detail like I used too. if I can't write it on my blog, I always have twitter with me. haha. Nice post btw :))


  12. You broke another glass? Areeba , bababababababa!!! This post won my heart , y u do dis to moi?

  13. My boyfriend has those moments for me. Ex: "Are you gonna blog about this?!" haha :P

  14. I need to start threatening about blogging about the things that go on around my house! Haha, loved this post! :)
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  15. haha oh i definitely have those moments!! happen all the time:)

  16. Hahaha I totally love this! So many of my friends say "please don't put this on the blog" before I even have time to threaten it ;) http://ifsandsandbutts.com

  17. It's my first time on your blog. I found your link from your sister's site. This post just had me nodding. There I was, reading your post and I'm thinking "yup, that's totally how it is". I can't even begin to tell you how much "I'm gonna blog about this" moment I've had. It's crazy!

  18. Haha, I have those moments too!

  19. Sometimes I have real 'aha!' Moments with blogging! But I definitely need more of them :P

  20. I love the color! if been following your blog for more than year and I love it! I just decided to start my own blog and I’ll love if yoy can follow me back! and if you have any advise let me know!! thank you!


  21. I don't always blog whatever I feel--but sometimes I'll write a "blog post" just for me for the fun of it!


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