1 December 2013

Holidays this way!

Is it already December? This means holidays are near! Here's my holiday routine,

I'd wake up early in the morning to feel the charm of cold mornings. I'll pour some coffee in my mason jar {coming in mail} and put a mason jar cozie. I'll be strolling outta my house in jammies and funny looking socks. There'd be no one to mention that I've paired funny looking socks with a flip flop #fashionfail.

Holidays will be the days where I'd burn scented candles to relax and bake some cake. I'll complete all assignments/school work and celebrate everyday like a real holiday. I'd secretly buy Lush products, I wouldn't want anyone else to use them. My hair will smell fruity after dumping a bottle of Garnier on my hair. Sounds so much like holidays!
Garnier Fructis
All this stuff said above:
Zooey Deschanel new girl GIF

The reality is
I'm never going to wake up early. Heck, it's holiday! I'll be sleeping 'till afternoon. There's no chance of morning walks. No coffee as it's not appropriate for me to drink it in lunch time.

So the real way to enjoy my holidays, I'll be in my jammies all day long. Blogging about anything-everything-awesomeness and shooting sarcasm on weird tv show chracters and film stars. Coutning my pageviews and followers and tweeting the most random stuff that I won't believe I just tweeted!

Last year, I remember going out for finding dirty stones and after a week, my mother threw all of my treasure stones out of our house. I'm surely not going to do this. My eyes were sore finding damn stones! That's why I'm making a good holidays guide {for me and all of us like me who never follow a right holiday guide} that I'm going to follow for real. Sorry school, this doesn't include completing my school work. But I swear I'll complete it on last day of holidays. Here we go!

Give love to nails
Nail Art
I suck at nail art thing. There's no good times for me while doing this. I end up doing a mess. I've seen millions of tutorials over web but nothing works for me. Dear God, it's a complain! Dear Areeba, never lose hope if you've never done this right. Try it again & again.
So I'm going to try it again and again until my nail paints end or my nail art looks good! If you suck at this point too, don't cry over it. We can do this. BRAVO!

Do Pinterst fails projects
Who says you're not perfect? Who says only Martha Stewart can do it right? (I'm pissed from her shit talk about bloggers) So go for some DIY! Okay okay, start with some most easy one. 
Simple DIY project options for old bulbs.
Old times, last year my cupboard was full of about 13 Pinterest projects and many other were resting in dustbin. Hoping that I won't create this much mess again but something really good!

Fan Girl more
That's the best way to spend your time! Fan girl! It's been a while since I go on a real fan girl ride. If you are a die hard fan girl sometimes (mostly when you've got no work to do) Go for super dooper fan girling this holiday time! If I'm doing this point, I know I won't say "I'm bored, I'm bored" on & on!

Repeat old episodes
Ahh repeat all old shows you used to love on repeat! Not just tv shows, go for watching your favourite movies. Repeat again & again and if you don't remember one dialouge, repeat it. I'm going to watch Harry Potter! No matter I've already seen this movie hundred times!
Harry Potter GIF

Give time to to you
ME -TIME ALERT! Take loads of selfies & put your feet in lukewarm tub and forget this world. If you've got a song that you love and can listen 80+ time, put it on repeat! Mine would be Story Of Life and She will be loved. This would be the first thing to do. Close your eyes and enjoy this me-time. Ugh, after this point, I'm craving to have holidays NOW!

Shop shop shop!
Etsy Collage
So I said shop, it means shop online. It's really hard to move your ass from the couch and put on slippers to go outside of home. Buy and get cheers in mail! Don't go to Etsy is the best place to buy when you have free time! I've already spent hours on Etsy on Black Friday and I really don't regret it.

So here I complete my very own holiday guide! If you follow it religiously, you can have fun!

What are your holiday plans? Or you'll stay home in jammies and loads of food?


  1. The holidays are the best time to fangirl cause you can pretty much fangirl all day! :D

  2. I just want to be done with school and our final exams, then I'll enjoy some hot cocoa and blog away :)
    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  3. I don't like waking up early either! Muahahah! Even when its not a holiday xD
    Followed you! Hope you can follow back ;)

    Lots of lovin'

  4. Dirty stones?! Hahaha you're mad woman. Pinterest I have never got ever. What even is it, like the point... Anyway never mind haha! Xxx


  5. i love Winters and Holidays :) would you like to follow each other dear :) xx

  6. Ooooh I want to be part of your holidays! Sleeping IN! It's been so long since I last slept in properly. Well, it's been since March 07, 2013. The day before Alina was born. I bet you're going to have a great holiday. Hey! I did a DIY I posted about today.. Maybe you'll have to make one of those......! (Maybe for a certain twin sister of yours...?)

  7. Omg so hilarious. I NEVER wake up unless I absolutely have to...who even does that? Sleeping in is always best! Sleep + me time + shopping = the best holiday of all time!

  8. You are so pretty! I have to admit, I'm terrible with nail art... I can manage to make a simple polka dot on my right hand, but when it's the left, I just can't stop shaking! (p.s. I'm a lefty)

  9. Oh, to have the nail art talent! I see so many cool pictures, but none seem to turn out for me. Why is that? Hope you have a great day!

  10. I can't remember sleeping in - that's why I drink lots of coffee! : )

  11. Oh you're picture of you is stunning!

  12. Sounds like a great plan, even for just a long holiday weekend!
    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise


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