30 December 2013

Awkward moments in blogging

When I first started blogging I was like "Duh, it's just awesomeness!" Step by step, it made me realize that yeah, it's awesomeness but.. yeah there's a butt! There were times in blogging when I was froze, " Wait, what? "
Some real awkward moments collided with me during blogging! I once received one reader's feedback on me. That was awkwardly sweet, telling me that I look really beautiful and.... Dude deep details are more awkward! So it's a humble advice to send appropriate feedback! This happens that sometimes I feel super overwhelmed by the post/blog in front of me but it's a good thing to keep your fingers in your control while typing! 

Getting awkward offers in email box is a global issue of bloggyland. I don't know what the sender was thinking when he sent me an offer to review their washing powder on my blog. Don't say "Whhaaaa? But Areeba you never talk about laundry! " Exactly, I never posted things like "How to do your laundry in a bad mood", but Lord knows better! I don't own a momma's granny's blog.

Now comes the questions that made me say "Yes? What? Ehhh?" 
Once a lady asked me that were did I buy myself this much followers. I'm glad that I was on Keep calm and bear mode those days. 
The other one was something much more:
Do you ever sleep? 
 Yes I do sleep! It's my favourite thing to do! I sometimes schedule my tweets or wake up early in the morning to post. But this doesn't mean I don't sleep at all.
While this post is about awkward moments of blogging, how can I miss Google Search Terms? So 2013 provided me some of real awkward search terms. 

How to sing bad
I must confess, I AM BAD AT SINGING BUSINESS! But I don't preach about it. it comes naturally! 

Tips for worse cherrleading
I might have posted something on my own worse cheerleading experience but I never gave away tips,  swears! 

Twins are messy
What? Gotta ask my mom for this!

Where is disney's fan girl
Right here! But I think if Walt Disney would be the better person to search this on Google! 

I used to blog like a secret agent, NOBODY FROM FAMILY, SCHOOL SHOULD READ MY BLOG but those are over. I finally posted a link of my blog on my Facebook. The story after I exposed my blog to my family and friends is quite awesome but I won't show off about it today. Oh back to it, when I opened about my blog, one of the peeps asked :

What do you blog about? 
Me : About........... Me. 
That person: Who'd read that? 
Me : Eh? 

I was a newbie to that kinda question, but now whenever someone asks me what do I blog about. I answer that in a professional voice. I have a lifestyle blog and I blog about anything lifestyle and everything awesomeness! 
Yes I can't answer much better. If you can, tell me something better. I like to boast about my blog in public. 

That's all from my experience.
Have you ever faced anything awkward in blogging?

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  1. haha i think we do all have these moments! haha!

  2. haha...this is cute
    how to do your laundry in a bad mood lol

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com

  3. LOL , I am seriously thinking why would anyone ask such stupid questions. Boo!

  4. I love you reading your blog, girl :) I still answer the blog questions with ummmm I blog about life, duh.

  5. You said "momma's granny's blog"......*done* lol I love your silly pictures and the search terms people found you by. I should take a peek at my search term discoveries. And now that I know you're a twin (um, how did I not know that? blind...............) I feel like things make more sense...LOL I have twin sisters! ♥ Looking forward to reading about your loved ones' reactions to your blog because I'm still not brave enough to share my link....

  6. getting random emails to review stuff can definitely be awkward!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


  7. Great topic thanks

  8. There are definitely awkward comments and moments... :P Those are some funny google searches!

  9. hi!
    i like you blog!
    you follow earch others?
    let me knows!


  10. Haven't experienced anything crazy yet. But I can't wait to! lol

  11. I don't know how some ladies can successfully write a post that is about sponsoring toilet paper either! I have only read one and it was entertaining.. But I usually skip over the sponsoring products posts.
    I never know how to accurately describe what I blog about or why I blog ... But I figure, if 'they' don't get it.. screw em!

  12. You are both so so so beautiful!! And I haven't experienced anything like that haha. But I can't imagine actually sharing my blog with friends/family...

  13. I made the mistake of emailing a blogger I liked the blog and all, & Sid it in all capital letters, and got labeled "crazy lady! Lol...so I never accidentally leave the caps on. :-) lesson learned.

  14. Trying to explain a blog to someone who doesn't blog or read blog is like trying to describe yellow to the blind.


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