24 December 2013

A sad tale

This blogger didn't die or something but this post is gonna be a saddest one! Typing straight from my tablet, as my dear laptop is in coma!  Yes, it has lost its hard disk or Windows and  here I'm sitting with a crying face because I haven't blogged for years. So this was soopah doopah kind of lie, it's been 9 days that I last wrote a post and hit publish button. If you remember, today was supposed to be another Grab a friend but no laptop means no support!  You can't act like a real blogger on your tablet,  mark my words!

I think I should warn you,  this post is gonna be a real sad one. Don't read further if you can't take a real sad read. 
So it's holidays and I made 2k plans for blogging, I told myself that I'd post 7 times a week!  But when I got home and started
 to write a post, it stopped working. My laptop stopped working and I froze. You can say that my wonderful 6th sense told me that there's something "really Fishy" is going on. And from that day, laptop is in coma. 

I remember those days when I asked for a pink laptop and ended up getting a huge black oje. I think me and my twin did THIS MUCH tantrum on it because we thought that it wasn't girly. Oh those days. Now I would say that screw the colour,  just gimme a laptop to use. Is this a sign that I finally grew up?

Let's get back to old days where Noor and I would fight on its name. Noor declared that its name is lappy but I knew I wanted a laptop named kiko. This was too much! 
Anyway, if you want to see its last moments picture before I sent it to tech doctor, you can check my Instagram!  This wicked tablet won't let me upload new photos. All can take is from "from your blog" section!  This shit cray!

Let me confess the reality, I'm spending on my couch and my comforter.  Or some art jouranlling, I can't believe how many posts ideas are dwelling in my mind where I know that I can't blog about it. Honestly, this situation pretty sucks!

Last night my aunt told me that she's hopeful that my laptop will be back to me and all the bloggy stuff will be active again. Wahoo, I really love her! It's pretty awkward that in just a week, if I was sad or something,  everyone just patted my shoulder and told me that "it" will be back soon. Funny how they think that I can be sad over only one thing if I'm a crazy blogger! Is this an sign that they're my blog's fan?   Zoo wee mama!

That's all from my sad tale.  Happy holidays to everyone! I hope you didn't get over emotional after reading this, whoop!  

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