14 December 2013

9 Things I'm afraid to post on my blog

I've been blogging for a year now. Waking up in the morning, brainstorming to choose one topic to blog about and find the things that my readers can enjoy/relate. It's fun but it's hard. I've been sticking to "real" me and writing the true stuff that I actually have experienced. There are moments when I peek over other blogs and say to myself "If they can post this, why can't I?" 

Yes. I'm afraid to post about some things. Although my motto is "I'm gonna blog about everything & anything" but on the other hands, I write some posts and then delete the whole stuff. Wondering if peeps would judge. But when I read Kym's post, I was overwhelmed! 

In my mind, I have loads of posts to publish. But all of them are like drafts that I ain't keen to hit publish. All I want is to post the things that I was afraid to publish on my blog. I just patted my shoulder and told myself, 
"C'mon Areeba, you're the boss of your own blog."

I've a different feeling about my blog. It's craziness or anything like this, if I don't post for 3 days, I curse myself and feel guilty. All I can see is that my blog is running successfully even after 5 years. And you all my readers, are the same lovely and appreciating. So today, you can read what's inside my head.

I have bad habits (that are actually BAD) I unintentionally hurt peeps around me. This sucks. I don't even notice and everything's done. My besties know that if I knew it's gonna hurt them, I wouldn't have done/say that.

I trust easily and when it's broken, I go nuts. I'd destroy each and everything in front of me (From glassware to lamps) and I would remember all the past incidents. I think a lot on this.

Last month, me & my twin sister got into serious fight and it seemed like we won't ever talk like sisters again.  It remained for a week and it no one from us seemed to surrender. Both of us made mistakes and nobody was rose to accept that first. I typed a whole post about it & deleted it. On the 9th day, it all sorted out. It was painful not to talk with your sister, gaaaaaah!

I become seriously upset when my mum scolds me. I'm not a little girl anymore but when she's mad on me, it feel like it's world's end. I would do anything to make her normal again. 

None of my plans go according to my plans. Every time, there's a mistake, a flaw. I feel like a mastermind but when it fails, the reality shows up ad I HATE IT!

 I have extreme sensitivity issues. I feel & think a LOT! Sometimes it's not great to feel everything, sometimes you gotta ignore it!

I'm careless. And it's on serious notes. All the time, I'm just like NOBODY CARES NOBODY CARES. 

I lose my mouth filter very often. I open my dirty dictionary and without looking further, I'd attack the person in front of me with my words. Sometimes it's fun sarcasm and sometimes it makes me vulnerable! 

In the middle of some nights, I'd stay awake and think what's wrong with everyone! And the hell is wrong with me. What I'm doing? My decisions are unbearable! But I know I'll be okay in the morning.

Thanks to Kym for this post's idea! I'm seriously saying, don't judge too hard. I'm pretty cool for this *wink*

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How did you start blogging and why?
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For your blog : Where do you find inspiration from?
My life here abroad, my head (lol), internet... Everywhere. My blog is one of those lifestyle blogs that don't have a specific theme, so I get inspiration from many things, hahaha. If I find something sounds like it can entertain my readers, I will jot down some words about it and soon after, a new blog post is written.

What are your plans for 2014?
Blog more, travel more, study more, give more, and find a nice a internship (wish me luck!)

Tell us something about German Christmas markets!
They're everywhere! Like literally all over Germany! You can find a lot of German traditional food here, like Lebkuchen (ginger bread), Gl├╝hwein (mulled wine -- they say it's really good), Feuerzangenbowle (a sugarloaf soaked in rum is set on fire and it drips into the mulled). They all start at the end of November and end right before the Christmas Eve. I love to visit it at night because they lights are just so pretty! There's also usually Medieval German Christmas Markets, which I personally haven't gone to, my friend said it was pretty cool!

Which movie you can watch again & again?
Ahh this is hard. But I think it's Rain Man. It's an old movie, and I love the story, and I think Dustin Hoffman nailed his character there.

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  1. Awwh Areeba , this is SO touching . Thank you sister , thank you so much!

  2. Your handwriting is so neat, and also it was great to hear your complete honesty miss :) Not very often you get it on a blog xxx


  3. I think, as bloggers, we have to be really careful with what we post. We don't want to make ourselves or our loved ones too vulnerable, but at the same time we want to be honest. It's hard to find a balance! And I'm too distracted by your amazing handwriting.

  4. Amazing post Areeba!
    I'm scared to post about a lot as well, but I just remember my own morals and respect.

  5. Three days space for blogging has been my pace, but was at the mercy of using local wi fi. I finally have secure internet so I would choose to say yes, blog more next year! Write more and publish at least one e-book!!!!

  6. That must have taken a lot of courage to post. All I can tell you is that I can relate with a lot of the things in your post. Especially the hyper sensitivity and the mouth filter sigh. But you grow each day, believe me. Be proud of how far you have come :)

  7. this is really an inspiring and great post
    i currently going through that phase where I feel as if i have no one :(

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com

  8. I know exactally how you feel about blogging! I have so many blog ideas in my head! Literally that can keep me busy for hours! But often wonder how personal to get, you know?! Love your handwritting! & you and your sister could easily pull off a fashion blog! Love your outfits!

  9. I read that post from Kym as well and was blown away by her honesty. Good for you for fessing up to some deeper issues and not being afraid to take control of you blog. Judging by the comments, clearly other readers (including myself) can relate and it definitely builds a more personal connection. It can be hard to find a balance of sharing and still protecting your privacy eh!

  10. This is so great, and it's awesome that you've decided to open up and share these things! I can really relate to several of the things you've shared, and it's always a huge comfort to know that others are in the same boat.

  11. Love this post (again). And I really like Kym's blog (I'm a new follower of her blog).
    No worries on your mouth filter. I used to watch mine so closely I probably got a headache from it. Now I'm not so careful. -_-

  12. The real stuff is really hard to blog about. My mom is being mistreated by her sisters right now and I really wanted to vent about it on my blog but then I decided that my blog isn't about bitching. It's about other things and not so much the negative..! Besides nobody likes to read about those kinds of things. Good for you for keeping your twin fight off the blogs!

  13. I definitely understand holding back! I feel like some of my posts are filtered, and there are just a lot of things I won't write about because I don't feel like I can express myself in the right way if that makes sense.

  14. I enjoyed reading this and really appreciate your honesty.... it's not something you find in many bloggers, but it means you're someone I can relate to! :)

    xo Always, Abby

  15. Girl, I totally understand , sometimes its hard to be *honest* especially online to people you don't know, but we arent here to judge you! We respect the honesty! xo I am a new follower!


  16. I just discovered your blog and I love this post. I totally admire your bravery and I'm with you on the sensitivity issues. Much love!


  17. This was very brave!! I came to this point a little while ago. There were things I wanted to post, but I didn't want some people (who I know read my blog) to read it!! I eventually got over it. I'm human. I'm not perfect and if I feel like sharing that in my blog...that's what I'm going to do!!

    Great post!

  18. Great post as well as great blog


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