8 December 2013

6 types of aunts you might have

That's us. Me & my aunt. I'm glad she comes under "coolest aunt ever" category. I judge people and simply categorize them, I'm sorry not sorry. I've been famous for being sarcastic at the family gatherings & surveying  my relatives (that's true) That's why I'm usually the most targeted lady by some of my not-so-close aunt relatives. So by following my sentence "I'm gonna blog about it", I'm really dedicating this post to those aunts. I'm hoping that I share some of these types with y'all! Everyone has annoying folks.

Comparing you with her kids
That's where the sad story starts. No matter her kids are seniors or juniors, she always calls your mum to ask your result, then compare how more/less number you got than her kids. Seriously, it's annoying how someone is keeping an eye on your grade. After grades and trophies, she counts the number of hobbies, quality of our friends, length of hair! MUST . STOP . NOW!

Giving free tips
That's a sweet & sour. Who minds free tips? But some tips are not-so-cool! If you're a make-up allergic, you wouldn't love to listen foundation applying tips. She keeps telling you about baking & frying tips for your future kitchen while you really don't like getting into kitchen. She'd give you marriage life tips while your dangling in your sweet sixteen.

Social Media hater aunt
She's anti-Facebook, anti-Twitter, anti-everything that has a relation to social media. Her most hated apps are Snapchat & Instagram. She's the one who stops you to Instagram food. She recently discovered that there's website called Tumblr and asked your mum to keep your kids away from that wicked site. Do you wonder if she secretly has a Facebook account named as Princess Fairy something? If you hate something THAT LEVEL, you might secretly love it inside, duh!

Never liking what we wear
It's much like Mean Girls. It's you can't sit with us thing, fashionistas might hate it most! On every wedding, birthday party & funeral, she's the one to point out that your white bottom doesn't go with this shirt you're wearing. She must have wanted to join fashion designing in her early days but ended up marrying a business man and she's just a busy-in-gossiping housewife!

Always unhappy about the menu
This types annoys your mum a lot. This aunt always finds the fault in menu. It's like she's in Mc Donald's and not happy about getting the toy that she doesn't like in her Happy Meal. She's not a Master Chef but wants everyone to be.

Is more sarcastic than you
While you're in the spotlight for being sarcastic, she is your aunt then! She's your favourite type of aunt, she hoots on you & everyone in funny + sarcastic way. She's probably not the best dressed (seen in some worse dressed outfits too) but she doesn't need it. She sometimes becomes unbearable but you still love to spend time with her.
That's all I found from my ladies. Some other types can be hug-you-tight aunt, always complaining aunt, the stuck-in-old-times aunt. I'll be the coolest aunt of the time, I hope. I have two sweet aunts from my maternal family, only one thing sucks is that nobody believes that they're even my aunts. There's just a few years difference in us. Which is cool + not cool at the same time!

Do you have annoying aunt? Or you're lucky to have no one like this?


  1. Hahahaha.. This is so true and ALL these types of aunts exists!
    Great post!

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  2. I have ALL of them . Thank you!

  3. Luckily I don't have any Aunts like this! hahaha

  4. Its funny because I have them all and I love them all so much!

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  5. Haha, this is so spot on Areeba! Great post.

  6. i have the aunt who's very frank but she's cooler than my mom in most level cos she's the youngest haha

  7. This is so funny! I can totally realte to the:
    Always hates what you wear aunt
    Always unhappy with the menu aunt
    Thanks for making me laugh x
    Rebecca x | The Beauty and Life Edit

  8. Hahahaha I laughed all through this, because I can relate to all! Great post!

  9. I have a few aunts myself. My mom is one of five girls. I could think of many ways to categorize them but it wouldn't be as kind as your list! I love my aunties, but they can be real beeps sometimes.
    I like that you have such a strong bond with your one auntie. She seems pretty cool by how you've described her!

  10. this post made me chuckle haha! you must have a lot of aunts ;) I don't have that many and the ones I do have don't live close, so I can't really add much! I have the same phone as you btw - Nokia bricks ftw ;D
    lily x

  11. Haha, I have a very generally chatty aunt that sometimes can be annoying, adorable, and odd at the same time, she even chats with herself. :))

    xo Em


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