31 December 2013

2013 is no more!

Wowza, we're finally in 2014! Everybody in this bloggyland has been posting recaps of their year and I'm sitting here in comforter like, "Cool! Really cool!" NO NO THERE'S NO RECAP FOR 2013 FROM THIS BLOGGER! 2013 was a yucky year for me, definitely! Natalie's post made me realized that I ain't the only one who had a sucky year! 
I've had family issues, did the BIG BOOM FINALS which is my most least favourite part, I lost more than I could and traveling didn't come out in my favour. Yes I complain a lot! But that's all, I really think 2013 wasn't awesomoz! It's not like that I just keep tackling attacks of problems, there were some good times too! But NO (insert a grumpy cat face here) recap for that!
I don't mind if it's my intuition but I can hear good times coming in 2014. Okay, you're allowed to roll your eyes and say "This girl says old dialogs", but oh-ho!

But whatcha think I did to celebrate coming year? Nothing actually. I stayed home in my most comfy dress & layers of sweaters and watched fireworks on tv. You know, peeps in Dubai and Australia do the best fireworks on NYE! I might have wished New Year to many peeps on Twitter but in real life, I didn't even wish more than 2 persons. Oh sometimes I act like a bad neighbor! Is there anyone who still sends chain messages on New Year? I hate it, no I'm not gonna die because of it! 
Chain message in Areeba's style:
Stop reading this post if you're afraid of death. But if you're not stopping & reading further, leave a comment on this post or a girl (murdered in 1950) will come and get you! Just to wish you a happy new year, tee-hee!

I don't have "real" resolution for 2014. All I want to do is blogging blogging & blogging! I'm a jobless & pet-less and I believe I will be at least for whole 2014, so it's better sticking to my virtual full time job on my couch aka blaaahhhging! 

My dream kind of 2014 shouldn't include Candy Crush addiction, bad hair days, less pageviews & Pinterest failures. Eh, is this too much (not) to have? Like pwease? 
So wish me a happy New Year! 2014 is going to be my year. And it should be a revolutionary kind of year. God, are you listening? I need attention! 

You are invited to party with me in a bloggy style! Use code "DING14" to get 30% off on all ads. Happy New Year to you all.

How did your NYE went? Fun yay or fun nay?

30 December 2013

Awkward moments in blogging

When I first started blogging I was like "Duh, it's just awesomeness!" Step by step, it made me realize that yeah, it's awesomeness but.. yeah there's a butt! There were times in blogging when I was froze, " Wait, what? "
Some real awkward moments collided with me during blogging! I once received one reader's feedback on me. That was awkwardly sweet, telling me that I look really beautiful and.... Dude deep details are more awkward! So it's a humble advice to send appropriate feedback! This happens that sometimes I feel super overwhelmed by the post/blog in front of me but it's a good thing to keep your fingers in your control while typing! 

Getting awkward offers in email box is a global issue of bloggyland. I don't know what the sender was thinking when he sent me an offer to review their washing powder on my blog. Don't say "Whhaaaa? But Areeba you never talk about laundry! " Exactly, I never posted things like "How to do your laundry in a bad mood", but Lord knows better! I don't own a momma's granny's blog.

Now comes the questions that made me say "Yes? What? Ehhh?" 
Once a lady asked me that were did I buy myself this much followers. I'm glad that I was on Keep calm and bear mode those days. 
The other one was something much more:
Do you ever sleep? 
 Yes I do sleep! It's my favourite thing to do! I sometimes schedule my tweets or wake up early in the morning to post. But this doesn't mean I don't sleep at all.
While this post is about awkward moments of blogging, how can I miss Google Search Terms? So 2013 provided me some of real awkward search terms. 

How to sing bad
I must confess, I AM BAD AT SINGING BUSINESS! But I don't preach about it. it comes naturally! 

Tips for worse cherrleading
I might have posted something on my own worse cheerleading experience but I never gave away tips,  swears! 

Twins are messy
What? Gotta ask my mom for this!

Where is disney's fan girl
Right here! But I think if Walt Disney would be the better person to search this on Google! 

I used to blog like a secret agent, NOBODY FROM FAMILY, SCHOOL SHOULD READ MY BLOG but those are over. I finally posted a link of my blog on my Facebook. The story after I exposed my blog to my family and friends is quite awesome but I won't show off about it today. Oh back to it, when I opened about my blog, one of the peeps asked :

What do you blog about? 
Me : About........... Me. 
That person: Who'd read that? 
Me : Eh? 

I was a newbie to that kinda question, but now whenever someone asks me what do I blog about. I answer that in a professional voice. I have a lifestyle blog and I blog about anything lifestyle and everything awesomeness! 
Yes I can't answer much better. If you can, tell me something better. I like to boast about my blog in public. 

That's all from my experience.
Have you ever faced anything awkward in blogging?

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27 December 2013

Let me confess

It's the end of December and I am done with eveything related to New Year. Yes I've made a New Year Resolution that I'm never gonna follow! I have collected lots of energy to bear 2k wishes that some peeps will be sending to spam my inbox and Facebook messages section. They don't know but Lord has reserved special place for them in hell.  
While I'm being honest and it's the end of week, I think I should confess a few things that I've done in 2013 & my confessions might make me laugh in 2015, 2016 or my grand kids would laugh upon it. Wowza, I'm good at future planning!  

Yes I used to hide my dirty laundry in my cupboard. Yup my socks and the one blue shirt (that mum though is officially missing) was inside it. I'll make sure that 2014 will be a good year for my laundry. 

I seriously tried to learn how to do that wicked Gangnam Style move but I failed. 

I don't like teal colour, I like turquoise colour. Teal is damn easy to pronounce and I don't have to worry about that whether I've written the spelling right. Another confession,  I suck at some spellings. That why I never participated in spelling bee, not my field! 

I did it intentionally. Sorry not sorry!

I'm not allowed to read till late night but I was reading a book "The house by the shore" and I had completed it on 3 am in our washing area. Although its end wasn't worth my dedication! I'm currently reading a novel which is really sad and I can be found crying under my blanked in the middle of night. Tee hee, I've my table to read in dark rooms under my blanket. That's why I love technology THIS MUCH! 

I slept in my Maths class intentionally!  Algebra is the one to blame!

I wore dirty shoes to school more than once.

I think I should stop before I confess something confidential! 

Whoop! Are you gonna confess something?

24 December 2013

A sad tale

This blogger didn't die or something but this post is gonna be a saddest one! Typing straight from my tablet, as my dear laptop is in coma!  Yes, it has lost its hard disk or Windows and  here I'm sitting with a crying face because I haven't blogged for years. So this was soopah doopah kind of lie, it's been 9 days that I last wrote a post and hit publish button. If you remember, today was supposed to be another Grab a friend but no laptop means no support!  You can't act like a real blogger on your tablet,  mark my words!

I think I should warn you,  this post is gonna be a real sad one. Don't read further if you can't take a real sad read. 
So it's holidays and I made 2k plans for blogging, I told myself that I'd post 7 times a week!  But when I got home and started
 to write a post, it stopped working. My laptop stopped working and I froze. You can say that my wonderful 6th sense told me that there's something "really Fishy" is going on. And from that day, laptop is in coma. 

I remember those days when I asked for a pink laptop and ended up getting a huge black oje. I think me and my twin did THIS MUCH tantrum on it because we thought that it wasn't girly. Oh those days. Now I would say that screw the colour,  just gimme a laptop to use. Is this a sign that I finally grew up?

Let's get back to old days where Noor and I would fight on its name. Noor declared that its name is lappy but I knew I wanted a laptop named kiko. This was too much! 
Anyway, if you want to see its last moments picture before I sent it to tech doctor, you can check my Instagram!  This wicked tablet won't let me upload new photos. All can take is from "from your blog" section!  This shit cray!

Let me confess the reality, I'm spending on my couch and my comforter.  Or some art jouranlling, I can't believe how many posts ideas are dwelling in my mind where I know that I can't blog about it. Honestly, this situation pretty sucks!

Last night my aunt told me that she's hopeful that my laptop will be back to me and all the bloggy stuff will be active again. Wahoo, I really love her! It's pretty awkward that in just a week, if I was sad or something,  everyone just patted my shoulder and told me that "it" will be back soon. Funny how they think that I can be sad over only one thing if I'm a crazy blogger! Is this an sign that they're my blog's fan?   Zoo wee mama!

That's all from my sad tale.  Happy holidays to everyone! I hope you didn't get over emotional after reading this, whoop!  

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15 December 2013

Here the 2014 comes

It's the mid of December and I wonder where did the time go? 2013 passed damn quick, except the exams days. Those days were TOO LONG! Anyway, 2013 has been the most weird/amazing/wonderful/annoying year of my life. Yeah, a complete pack of everything! As I believe that New Year resolution never works for me, I'm thinking not to waste (much) time on it and live 2014 like I did in 2013.

All I want from 2014 is less hard exams and loads of blogging time! That's like my wishlist!
Okay I lied in tweet. That's not all I want from new year. I want some more. Much more. I wasted my time on new year resolution as I did in past year. No I don't want the shiny & sparkly stuff. New Year, new coming days mean something else today. Can you hear me getting deep into it. Don't worry, it won't last long.

I'm a crazy lady when it comes to blogging! I want to do this link up this coming year. All you gotta do is to catch your husband/fiance/boyfriend/best guy friend/dad/brother/grandpa and make them answer some fun questions. I WANNA DO IT! So 2014's one day might be soooopah annoying for all the lads in my house and fun filled for my blog. I wanna swear myself but somebody said swearing is a bad thing, gaaaaah!

Kick DIY
Do-It-Yourself. While Pinterest gave me complex and I'm ready to kick it, I'll be looking forward to do some DIY projects, I don't promise to share them all on my blog. I did around 6 in past months and they were superior kind of failures that I kept into my cupboard. So Martha Stewart, watch out!

Spend more time with what I love
Today, I had loads of time to blog/tweet/interact. But I didn't! Taking a step back from Internet was calming and I spent hours on reading awkwardly emotional stories. I did what I love. It might had been unproductive but I had fun doing nothing, laying on couch and reading that stuff. I would love to see myself doing what I really love in 2014. Like if I don't want to attend a party where they're giving away YUMMY food, I wouldn't. It would take time & control.

Throw the dirty dictionary
Yesterday's post really hit me, I need to throw the dirty dictionary away. Say bye-bye to B word, C word, F word. Okay Areeba, it's really hard to fit the mouth filter again but it's not impossible.

Instagram/Snapchat more
I'm such a lazy person when it comes to Instgram stuff. Bleh, I gotta work hard on it. No sparkly moment should be free of instagram's filters. Rise & Valencia are my most fav-o! And Snapchat a lot. I might be known as sending weird selfies but I'm kinda proud. As long as I remember, I sent the world's best Snapchat to Natalie. Ohhh okay, it was the most weird too!

Write with my pen
My 6 journals want my attention. Any new tips for a journal freak? I'm honestly want to do good things with my journal army and as being the captain, I should look here & there for better/best ideas. 

That's all I want from 2014 at the moment. I'm that kid who changes plans at the last moment. Whoop!

What are you looking forward in 2014?

14 December 2013

9 Things I'm afraid to post on my blog

I've been blogging for a year now. Waking up in the morning, brainstorming to choose one topic to blog about and find the things that my readers can enjoy/relate. It's fun but it's hard. I've been sticking to "real" me and writing the true stuff that I actually have experienced. There are moments when I peek over other blogs and say to myself "If they can post this, why can't I?" 

Yes. I'm afraid to post about some things. Although my motto is "I'm gonna blog about everything & anything" but on the other hands, I write some posts and then delete the whole stuff. Wondering if peeps would judge. But when I read Kym's post, I was overwhelmed! 

In my mind, I have loads of posts to publish. But all of them are like drafts that I ain't keen to hit publish. All I want is to post the things that I was afraid to publish on my blog. I just patted my shoulder and told myself, 
"C'mon Areeba, you're the boss of your own blog."

I've a different feeling about my blog. It's craziness or anything like this, if I don't post for 3 days, I curse myself and feel guilty. All I can see is that my blog is running successfully even after 5 years. And you all my readers, are the same lovely and appreciating. So today, you can read what's inside my head.

I have bad habits (that are actually BAD) I unintentionally hurt peeps around me. This sucks. I don't even notice and everything's done. My besties know that if I knew it's gonna hurt them, I wouldn't have done/say that.

I trust easily and when it's broken, I go nuts. I'd destroy each and everything in front of me (From glassware to lamps) and I would remember all the past incidents. I think a lot on this.

Last month, me & my twin sister got into serious fight and it seemed like we won't ever talk like sisters again.  It remained for a week and it no one from us seemed to surrender. Both of us made mistakes and nobody was rose to accept that first. I typed a whole post about it & deleted it. On the 9th day, it all sorted out. It was painful not to talk with your sister, gaaaaaah!

I become seriously upset when my mum scolds me. I'm not a little girl anymore but when she's mad on me, it feel like it's world's end. I would do anything to make her normal again. 

None of my plans go according to my plans. Every time, there's a mistake, a flaw. I feel like a mastermind but when it fails, the reality shows up ad I HATE IT!

 I have extreme sensitivity issues. I feel & think a LOT! Sometimes it's not great to feel everything, sometimes you gotta ignore it!

I'm careless. And it's on serious notes. All the time, I'm just like NOBODY CARES NOBODY CARES. 

I lose my mouth filter very often. I open my dirty dictionary and without looking further, I'd attack the person in front of me with my words. Sometimes it's fun sarcasm and sometimes it makes me vulnerable! 

In the middle of some nights, I'd stay awake and think what's wrong with everyone! And the hell is wrong with me. What I'm doing? My decisions are unbearable! But I know I'll be okay in the morning.

Thanks to Kym for this post's idea! I'm seriously saying, don't judge too hard. I'm pretty cool for this *wink*

Drums roll again, time to meet one of my sweety sponsor!

Hi everyone! My name is Zia and I come from Indonesia. When I was in high school I went to the US for an exchange student program for a year. I liked living abroad so for college I decided to move to Germany! I decided to start Bits of Days because I learned that things that seem ordinary now may not be that ordinary in the future and a blog is a nice way to document my life! On my blog, I share about my days in Germany, my views on life, my dreams, my favorite things, and random silly things around me. Visit my blog and let my words entertain you!

How did you start blogging and why?
I always loved writing, and I had diaries back in elementary school. I figured I hated writing with my own hand, so when my parents bought a new computer, I jumped at the opportunity to write with it (I even started some novels back then! Never finished, they're gone by now). Then I discovered this wonderful thing called internet, so in 2009, I started my first blog. After that I started some other blogs... I have roughly 10 Blogger blogs, at least 3 Wordpress.com blogs and more than 5 Tumblr blogs by now I guess! Hahaha. I find blogging is a nice way to put these crazy ideas in my head to more permanent 'home'!

For your blog : Where do you find inspiration from?
My life here abroad, my head (lol), internet... Everywhere. My blog is one of those lifestyle blogs that don't have a specific theme, so I get inspiration from many things, hahaha. If I find something sounds like it can entertain my readers, I will jot down some words about it and soon after, a new blog post is written.

What are your plans for 2014?
Blog more, travel more, study more, give more, and find a nice a internship (wish me luck!)

Tell us something about German Christmas markets!
They're everywhere! Like literally all over Germany! You can find a lot of German traditional food here, like Lebkuchen (ginger bread), Gl├╝hwein (mulled wine -- they say it's really good), Feuerzangenbowle (a sugarloaf soaked in rum is set on fire and it drips into the mulled). They all start at the end of November and end right before the Christmas Eve. I love to visit it at night because they lights are just so pretty! There's also usually Medieval German Christmas Markets, which I personally haven't gone to, my friend said it was pretty cool!

Which movie you can watch again & again?
Ahh this is hard. But I think it's Rain Man. It's an old movie, and I love the story, and I think Dustin Hoffman nailed his character there.

If you are granted 3 wishes from genie, what would you ask? Sorry you can't ask "unlimited wishes" at all!
Have a passport of a country that allows me to travel to most countries in the world without applying for visa, clear out my university debts(how I wish it disappears so easily), enough resources to sustain myself until I get old(I don't want to be a dependent old lady!)
Go meet her!
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13 December 2013

Playing dress-up dress-up

Yup, that's me posing for a fashion post. This happens! 

I remember wasting my tween-age on dress up games websites and then patting my own self for doing such wonderful job as stylist. I could have won an award for dressing those dolls in such pretty way. 
When my postman handed me a parcel and I found this dress in it, I fell in love again. Once when I first saw on the website and secondly when I first touched it. It gives me a holiday mode.

Whenever I am asked to be ready for a party/occasion, I would put on a scarf, a casual shirt, a matching comfy bottom and anything that fits my feet. My mum wonders why I haven't got kicked out any party since all these years. Shh, I still look fabulous! 
As a girl can be on Pink-Freak mode any time she wants, I did the same. Pink + White, it's a universal choice for girls. 

I can't stop stop thanking to God. I've a twin and she takes awesome photographs of this chic and doesn't mind when I steal jewellery from her jewellery box. Yup, the jewellery in this outfit was stolen from Noor's treasure jewellery box! 

Do it in Areeba's style!

The total outfit is 
 A pretty white dress, thanks to SammyDress guys for this! Super fast shipping + best fitting. If you're wandering here & there on web for a fashionable kick, check them out. Swears, it's awesome!

One pink pashmina + pair of tights. 

Stolen jewellery from my sistah.

Bling bling flip flops.


In the middle of December, the weather changed it's mood and suddenly the wintery weather vanished for 7 hours. GO HOME DECEMBER! So hiiii from my bling-bling flip flops.

Here's a selfie! Whoop! No messy bun this time!

I'm stuck with this song! Blehhh!
Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus on Grooveshark

How's your casual holiday style? Any pink freaks out there?

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I was given this product in order to give my honest review. All opinions are purely mine.
Drums roll, it's time to meet a lovely blogger!

Kayla Koroush | La Belle Barrel Thief
My blog is very new launching in April of 2013. So far I'm calling it a travel + lifestyle + wine blog as it records my travels to wineries in California as well as any daily wine related activities. I really want to share the great stories wineries have and kind of de-mystify the world of wine for everyone.

How did you start blogging and why?
I love wine, wine tasting and the wine industry. When I wanted to learn more It was expensive and hard to find the information and experience I wanted. So I turned to wine blogs to get my feet wet. Once I realized most of them were very technical I decided I wanted to read a blog that was fun, lighthearted and all about wineries. Visiting a California Winery is a wonderful fun and luxurious experience that not everyone can have. So I started my own wine travel blog that would convey those things I was looking for. I feel like through my blog, people can have a taste of what I get all year round.

For your blog : Where do you find inspiration from?
Visiting wineries helps inspire me. In my work and in life. I fee like people who work in wine have a real passion for the beautiful things in life like food, drink, art, architecture and family.  I'm also inspired by other bloggers. They're all so creative and I love learning from them.

What are your plans for 2014?
My life is in limbo until 2016 when my husband graduates law school at UOP  McGeorge. I plan on doing an overnight stay in Napa or Sonoma and reporting back on it. Maybe even joining a new wine club!

Which movie you can watch again & again?
There's a few, Romeo and Juilet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. (I know all the words) and lately I love re-watching Moonrise Kingdom

If you are granted 3 wishes from genie, what would you ask? Sorry you can't ask "unlimited wishes" at all!
1.) Good health for me and my family and descendants.
2.) To be the Samantha Brown of the wine world, being on TV and showing the people of the world all the stories of the wine industry
3.) To have perfect hair all the time. Curls are to much to handle.

Go say hey!

11 December 2013

Keep the attention coming baby

Attention Attention seekers,

How web defines this word : Someone who engages in crying/tantrums/telling you they're depressed but not saying anymore/poking you repeatedly in the hope that you will fall in love with them and give them an ego trip. Almost always Female. Someone who likes to announce everything in their life on Facebook to get people to feel sorry for them/react. Usually grossly exaggerated but can also be completely fictitious in order for people to respond as they don't have a life/friends. 

 One of the worst kind of peeps living on this planet! Sorry world, I'm not going to use a filter during this post. I've been going nuts lately because of this specie of human beings. All they need is all the eyes on them at all the time. Though there are more positive ways to receive attention, but these peeps aren’t patient enough to wait.
I'm serious. 

When I see the "totally awkward Facebook updates" which are too personal to be posted on Facebook, I seriously get pissed off! There's no need to tell the world what a douche bag did/said to you. Or you're in love. Or you're missing someone which is unknown to your Facebook friends. Or how many haters you have. Keep the attention coming baby! While we're stopping on Facebook, the duck faces get the 2x attention. You've got a pretty face to be turned into this. Oh again, keep the attention coming baby.

These dingbats are also found in class, they'll keep asking weird questions to the person whose teaching. They'll sit with the person getting popular in the campus. They'll try to do things that the person in their age will never do. They'll get punished just because they want attention. Blah blah blah.
Attention seeker GIF

Someone I used to know (must not be named) was a good girl. Long story short, she's the world's best attention seeker for 2013 and I can see that she's gonna win for 2014 too! All I have to do is to see her making intentional troubles and laughing hard in public that doesn't even suite her. I wish I could gift her a this!

The ugly girl tale.
I think I'm too late to mention this. This should have written on the top of my post. A girl with a pretty face, acceptable figure and everything in her health normal. She can be called a normal-pretty-girl. BUT NO!

So when I meet a person like this. All I imagine is to throw up. But I'm not a baaaaaaaaaaaaad chic in public places. There were times when I met some ladies who were (in my dictionary) were beautiful. And ended up crying over how they look ugly and need to take some beauty tips from some TV shows. Duh!

I'm just getting tired of it. It's been a worse experience having attention seekers around me. Oh how much I hate when they use 3 instead of E. Imagine , Ar33ba

The only tip to bear it is just to ignore it. Keep ignoring until ....... no end.

I found a guide for all those who wants to be a attention seeker. Thanks to Google and WikiHow.
And I wish someone would print this guide on how to stop being an attention seeker and deliver it to all of the attention seekers I know. Thanks a lot!

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10 December 2013

Grab A Friend #33

Grab a Friend

Welcome to the weekly blog hop , Grab A Friend 
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Every week this hop is created with lots of love + fun . So be sure to share it to more and more people can catch up and our lovely little hop can be large with more friends ;)

Want to co-host? Shoot me an Email !

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This hop is for finding new friends & bloggy mates . So be sure to go and find yourself one . Hop over to at least three of the blogs. I am so happy cheery to see you all linking up with us every Tuesday . Yip-yip , you're rocking . 

Q: If you could choose a career for the rest of your life , what would it be?

Noor : 
Accountant! I love solving creepy Maths terms and audits just make me SO excited .

Areeba :
BLOGGING! Oh I'm kidding. I wouldn't mind it but let's get serious! All I want to write & research. I'd go for journalism. I can stick to this career for the rest of my life.

Well of course my main priority is being a mom! But I think it would be so fun to own a magical kid's toy store. Remember Duncan's Toy Chest In Home Alone 2? I used to dream of hiding in a dollhouse till the store closed so I could play with toys all night long. With my own store, I'd 'sneak' my children in at night & be a little kid again!

Your turn to answer! You can either leave a comment or tweet us . You choose #DoItDoIt

9 December 2013

A nearly perfect weekend

There are days when you open eyes in the morning early as 7 am and close with a smile, IT'S JUST SATURDAY! That's why I just love weekends. My vision of weekends is just stick with your couch in your favourite sleeping angle and keep yourself in jammies! But this weekend, my perfect weekend vision wasn't the same. Instead of resting, I was outta town for travelling.
It was my aunt's birthday!
Stolen from Noor's Instagram!
I love birthday celebrations! Even though I envy the birthday girl getting all presents (oops, isn't it just normal?) The "Happy Birthday" is the only chorus where I'm expert at! That's why I love to sing for each and every birthday party & I don't even charge for it. So my Saturday was spent on a little birthday party and videoing our funny + awkward birthday song!

 My annoying orange look for weekend! Lezzbehonest, I never liked this colour. In clear words, I quite hate it! But when your mother swears you'll look cute in something you DON'T wanna wear, you end up wearing it. So that's what exactly happened.

I'M STUCK ON 91! It's seriously getting annoying! I'm on this level since Friday & wasted my hours on it. I'm not a serious player but when I get stuck on one level, I can't live with peace until I clear it! So while living in a house with Candy-Crush-Addicted peeps, I don't feel much bad. I can tell them what's wrong with my game and they can pat me on shoulder & give away a useful tip for game!
Listen guys, Anna has a Sunday link up for photography lovers. I'm linking up on Monday with her. Does this count bad & blog cop will get me?
Just take 3 pictures on 3 fun topics.
  • Happy : I found this happy face tiny box last year. Oh it's so cute and even makes me smile sometimes.
  • One : I wasn't able to find my other sock. That's the perfect scene for "one."
  • Green: Can you see the little green part behind this darling flower? 
I seriously had almost perfect weekend. Not completely perfect, I WAS TIRED TO DEATH! 
I'm staying home for Monday in my poncho & socks, wahoooo! 

How was your weekend?

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