16 November 2013

The wanderlust {Motivate, Inspire & Dream}

Welcome to Motivate, Inspire & Dreams first ever link up show! Here we (me & Christina of course) will be sharing everything related to our motivations, we'll even inspire y'all and will tell you our dreams. You're welcome to write the same and share with us. Link up below!

I've been interested in books & National channel since I was a kid (Thanks to mum)
 Books take you to the places that you've never heard of. When I first read about history of Egypt, I was badly impressed by Cleopatra's personality & the pyramids. Pyramids, yeah! They got my "special" attention, I asked my mum if we could go there and investigate the language written on the walls of those pyramids (Aha, the Nancy Drew inside me)  
Everytime I watch a documentary about a country on tv, read something about that country's history/culture, my heart ask to travel there and dig more more more about it!
 There's a wanderlust inside me. My biggest dream! To travel the world, conquer my wanderlust, learn about culture of other countries, discover new traditions & clothings (Of course, try them on) I never travelled outta my country but once I get a chance, I'll pick my bagpack, camera, my laptop (blogging!!) passport & escape to travel this BIG WORLD! 

big ben in london wallpaper
My dream city, London. No matter how many times I have made a list of must-travel-to this-city list, London always tops it. Red phone booth (Sorry Kate, I'd take a picture with a phone booth) red buses, London eye, the stuff that tempts me. 

The beauty of this city! Everything on water. Boats, boats everywhere. Doing a photography session would be the BEST MEMORY of my life! 

Ah, Turkey's gem. The Ottoman empire's history, the museums, buildings, YOU GOT ME ENCHANTED! Well, another reason, as I'm a tv-addicted I was obsessed with a Turkish drama series and the hero lived in Istanbul.
So if I visit there and found Murat Yildirim (the hero) on the streets of Istanbul, I'd tell him how big fan I've become & take a selfie with him! 

Swat Valley
The most beautiful part of Pakistan. Whenever I think of travelling in Pakistan, Swat valley pops up in my mind. It's one of the most beautiful places of world. There's a treasure of culture and the peeps living there are great host. It's also a must-visit place.

The pyramids! If you ever wonder where are the most popular pyramids of Egypt, the answer is Giza! Swears, I won't go as Nancy Drew and won't try to read those words (Scooby Doo told me you might get jinxed) 

Whenever I think about Tokyo, cherry blossom, robots & animes come into my imagination. Its railway stations are my most fav-o part! The trains move even faster than witches' broomstick!
But I wonder if every girl living there have colourful hair and face like animes. 
Well, she's a real life anime.

What are your dreams? List of wanderlust?

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  1. I completely understand you! I would love to travel and Venice and London are on my list as well. I would, however, put the country of Japan as my first choice then South Korea right behind ir. There are just way too many cities I want to visit to name just one. I have never heard of that place in Pakistan, so I'll have to do my own research on that!

  2. Unfortunately London doesn't look like that... So wish it did though! I love London :) I'm so glad I've got family there, gives me an excuse to go down every year! So if you're ever going, let me know and I can point you to the best places to go :)

  3. Venice , Turkey , Swaat , all the way . Pick me up whenever you go!!!

  4. I want to go so badly!

    Cindy González.

  5. Those are all gorgeous places to visit! That real life anim is weeeeird looking!!

  6. Great picks! Tokyo is top of my list!!

  7. I too am a lover of messy buns (or messy bobs as my father refers to them as!) so naturally I love your blog! Your writing is so lovely! I recommend going to London for all the hustle and bustle and pretending to be Harry Potter! You must go see a west end show if you're there! I've been to Tokyo and (being from a small English town) the crazy city was so shocking to me! It was quite an experience!!! Much love! xxx

  8. Travelling is definitely one of my motivations - I love to see different places and cultures. Love the places you've picked, Istanbul and Venice are definitely on my "Cities" list! :)

    Terri Jane x

  9. All of those places look gorgeous!
    Not gonna lie, always wanted to run through a valley of tulips. Possibly towards another person on the opposite side. Haha.

  10. I've always wanted to visit Colmar, France. It looks like something out of a fairytale!
    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise


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