18 November 2013

That's my name

That's a highly edited picture of me!

I've around this bloggyland for almost 1 year (Yeah, blog anniversary coming soon!) In past months, I've at least got 10 messages about my name. So today I'll reveal everything about my name.
Hi, I'm Areeba Siddique and I'll introduce y'all to my name today. Don't run, I'm damn serious.

A-ree-bah  Siddddeee-qee.
 This is the way to pronounce it. My mum's aunt gave me this name. 
It's not that Arriba from Speedy Gonzales. 

It's Areeba.

 And it's meanings are brilliant, wise & witty. It's basically an Arabic name but rumours say that it's an Australian name, Whateva, I think my name's cool!

And when Amanda tweeted this, I was wondering how intelligent is she!
As Noor Un Nahar is already a LARGE name so it would be injustice to add "Siddique" in it. I'm Areeba Siddique, I have a twin named Noor Un Nahar & VIOLA! We're twins.

Never call me from my full name, it freaks me out! When peeps are like "Areeba Siddique, we just need to talk", ahhhhhh don't look at me. I'm freaked out. What the hell you're going to say? Am I in trouble? 

Sadly, there are so many Areeba (s) in my school. We're totally 3 Areeba (s) even in my calss. Whenever our teacher say Areeba, we 3 ladies wonder which Areeba is she looking for? Ad there's no other Areeba in bloggyland which seriously saddens me. Don't we all love our name-twins in bloggyland?

Another thing that sadden me is that we have no celebrity named Areeba. WHY? WHY? There must be a Disney princess/actress named Areeba. Disney guys, you listen that? It's a request of your biggest fan.

Music inspires me. So when it comes to blogging, my playlist gives me loads of ideas. I was listening to That's my name by Akcent and this post was all over my mind. Thanks to Akcent guys! Well, I thanked my mum's aunt to give me this name, it has a great effect on my personality. Oh I'm brilliant!

That's My Name by Akcent on Grooveshark
And in the last, I love my name. That's my name.

What does your name means?
I really wanna know!


  1. Pretty pic of you. I don't come across people with my name either, lots of people called Louise, but not Louisa! In the UK anyway. : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. You're so lovely miss! & glad to know more about you! Xx


  3. Brilliant, wise and witty ----> that's definitely you, girly! :)

  4. Hey, great job explaining a little bit about your name! I think it's cool that you're the only Areeba around this part of blogland--there are so many Rachels it can get confusing! :)

  5. oh! So it's legal there to not have a surname like Noor? Mine is Alissa Carmelle. very westernize. :) Alissa from a novel my mom read when she got pregnant. She was a russian princess. Then carmelle came from Lady of Mt. Carmel, another version of Mary, jesus' mom. She dreamt of her when she had me :) You're name is so unique! At least here it's unique haha


  6. Great post! I really like ur name ^^


    Don't forget to check my & other stories giveaway ^^

  7. Babam! Winning! Just got a tweet featured on your lovely blog! Hahaha

    Your name is your name and there is nothing that can be done - unless you put yourself through a legal process of having a name change - but ain't nobody got time for that!

    My name means worthy of being loved or loved one... Something along the lines of love.. You could always ask the other Amanda's ;) LOL!


    Amanda @ www.niesciorsnotes.com

  8. I love that you wrote a post about your name. I think you have a great name too. I like your shortened version as well; Aree. It's so pretty. And what nice meaning behind your name.
    My name means HAY. That's right.. the yellow, itchy stuff that dogs in barns sleep on and cows eat. LOL.. OR- Heroine.. not the addicting drug- but the hero. (At least I hope it's the hero! ;) )

  9. It's a name to remember :) which makes it special.

  10. I love your name, and Noor's too. And I do agree that Areeba would make a lovely Disney Princess name. =0)

  11. Look , I can be depressed that mom dad gave you a more cooler name . But I don't . Phew.

  12. I love hearing name stories! My parents named me Hima because it means snow in Sanskrit, and there was an early snowfall on the day I was born in Minnesota!

  13. I think your name is very pretty and this is a really good idea for a post :] My name means "bitter" haha so inspiring.

  14. You got a nice name :) Mine's Diane, very common :))

  15. OMG! people actually call you Arriba?! That is too much girl!

  16. I love your name, its so pretty! And it took awhile for me to find a celeb with my name (the exact spelling and everything) but maybe no one has you name because you'll be the first famous person with a special name? Haha, okay I'll stop! But seriously I like your name :)

    xoxo -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  17. You're name is gorgeous! I don't know any other Areebas, it's such an amazing unique name. Just like you! :)


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