14 November 2013

Perks of having a twin sister

Since me and my twin both are in blogging, many peeps have asked to write a "whole post" written on twins issue topic. So when I was enjoying twinny-time with Noor, an idea of writing this post popped in my mind. So here we go, leaving you jealous.

You never need a best friend

Since born together, share every shenanigans since forever and having same face, YOU NEVER NEED A BEST FRIEND! But Hey, this doesn't mean you stop being friends with other peeps. I have 2 other best friends along with Noor. I believe she'll never reveal my secrets even if she blackmails me after every trouble that I create. We have our secret lingo to talk in public, ya never know what's the meaning of those words *an evil laugh* Well, in short, it's a blessing to have a twin sister in way that I never needed to buy a diary and put my secrets on it, she's a walking secret diary of me. 

Clothing & accessories

We never share anything except of our cloths as we both have (almost) same size. We have different taste and choices when it comes to styling (yeah twins have different choices) So her closet + my closet = win win! We're free to take cloths and accessories from each other's collection. That's another blessing!

There's a magic between us twins
Sorry, it's not like I can read my twin's mind etc. But whenever I am down for some reason, Noor feels it. Nope, she is never be able to find out what's wrong until I tell her the tale, but she can smell that there's something wrong. Oh this point can be dramatically emotional but I won't take it to that way. This magic tells me if I should get lost from her sight and give her some "me-time" (aka LEAVE ME ALONE TIME) without her warning OR I should pat her on shoulder and talk to her for listening to her sad story. This depends.

Someone who never forgets your birthday
That's obvious, no one forgets her/his own birthday. No matter if everyone forgets my birthday, I have a twin sister who always remembers my birthday as she has no way to forget her own special day. Well this point gave me a huge laugh!

Easiest way to fool folks
Since I understood what's the prank, I am doing "I'm not Areeba, I'm Noor" thing. Actually, I'm Areeba but most of people are rarely be able to find the difference between us. It's another win-win, free entertainment, specially when I'm in class OR a wedding. It's really easy to fool on twin stuff.

Same class
Having your twin in class is just awesome. I never have to worry if my best friends are absent, I can always share my lunchtime and free periods with Noor. Sometimes my teachers ask us to talk at home and talk with others at school. But guys, we never seem to stop talking with each other. 

That's all for this time! Be ready for some more twin stuff coming soon! 
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I'm your average 21 year old small town girl who day dreams about busting out of the town where she grew and somehow make it in the big bad world... For now I'm stuck in South Africa... Sigh! I believe that life is short and that time should not be wasted sweating the small stuff!

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  1. Haha this post just made feel feel SO dumb. I thought that Noor had changed her blog name or something. Silly, me!!

  2. You guys are allowed to be in the same classes? All the twins back in my high school had to be separated, haha. They can share the same teacher but just can't be in the same period.

  3. You are so cute both of you really. Najmah here visiting you lovely girls. http://coveredanatomy.tumblr.com

  4. I've always wanted to have a twin sister! it seems so common among twins that they have their own secret language. There's a term for it, I forgot though. You're so lucky with each other :)


  5. Oh gosh , the only birthday I remember is yours . Or mine . Or ours.

  6. This is soooo cute :] I wish I had a twin haha. And you two are both SO pretty!!

  7. You guys are the cutest!!! So glad I get to be the third triplet :)

  8. My husband is a twin. I think it's funny when people wonder if our babies can tell which is their dad and which is their uncle. (Hint: they've always been able to!)

  9. i was just about to say (from your About page) that having a twin sure does sound convenient! lol. growing up, reading Sweet Valley books, i always wished i had one. just seems so lovely having a "built-in best friend" :D you're incredibly lucky!!

  10. I'm a twin, too! I so wish we had twin telepathy, though. It would be helpful in tests. *sneaky glance*

  11. Hi there Areeba. I'm a twin too! I'm the younger twin and my sister is one minute older than me. :)

    I also noticed you do some blog design, and I'm also pretty interested in that. I also saw some hand lettering/calligraphy on some of the designs, and they're great. In fact, I do some hand lettering work on my design lifestyle blog too. ;)

    Great post! ♥



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