3 November 2013

Outfits saying the moods

I used to make outfits on Polyvore that I know I'm never going to wear, but when I decided to link up with Nat, I thought of be "original." Bravo!

My wardrobe is always a mess #confession ( I know yours too, let's accept this truth) and I celebrate one day each month conquering the mess by folding each and every shirt, pant, scarf and yes even organize my socks collection. I just realized how I use to wear my cloths according to my moods. Yes, mood. I can guess there are some peeps on Earth who wear graphic tees with bad wordings (aka cuss) written on them when they're totally pissed. I have my ways. 6 pm and I'm still in pajamas, this must be weekend!
So my weekends lazy days consists of pjs, extra loose shirts, a lovely soft scarf & guess what, FLIP FLOPS! I even wore pajamas & flip flops to a shop near my house and I don't regret it, who cares at all? And you bloggers, it's weekend and we're blogging in our pajamas on, aren't we?

Lazy Daisy

If you ever visit me at my house and find me in this uniform, you can guess that I'm having some me-time too! And plus points if you ask for some lemonade!

I just mentioned how peeps wear bad wording graphic tees to express their hate towards the world, I wear something different. Yes, something that makes me look ugly (ahem not actually) Colours that I consider look bad on me i.e dark green & brown.
So a dark coloured shirt, totally opposite colour/print bottom, not-so-impressive scarf & really ugly shoes, I AM PISSED!
Lesson learned, pissed peeps forget the fashion sense for some hours or days.

She's pissed

And this one is to explain real Areeba's style!
Meet me for the first time, I'm just like this plain grey cardigan. But as you get to know me and I'm not your average crazy, bright and loud talking with loose pants, a tied scarf around my neck, citizen's watch on my left hand, a silver chain (sometimes it's bronze) a crossbody bag on my chest and flats in my feet.
Whoop! I described my style very well!
Real me

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The Polyvore Files

So what's you lazy day, pissed off & real me outfit?


  1. I am still in my jammies as we speak. YAH BUDDY!

    And the second one.. THOSE PANTS! I want a pair so bad! Do they sell those in your place of residency?? I WANT I WANT I WANT!

  2. Those owl slippers are adorable! The she is pissed lot are my favourite x

  3. this is genius. and I wish i were still in my pjs and not at work on a Sunday. =(

  4. hahaha! I love your themes for each outfit. Very realistic!

  5. Okay , I will prove your PJ moments . I know you well , don't I?

  6. I have the same lazy day outfits.. just add thick socks and moccasins instead of flip flops (it's cold here!). My 'pissed outfit' would definitely be a loose-fitting outfit .. a t-shirt and sweatshirt for sure. My everyday outfits are usually slacks and button ups with flats if I am teaching. When it's my day off, jeans jeans jeans! I love jeans. ;)

  7. My lazy day outfit is very similar to yours. I would be lounging in pajamas. My pissed off look would be very professional. My real me look would be jeans, a tee, and sneakers.

    I hope you are enjoying the last bit of the weekend.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  8. Lazy outfit is pretty much what I have on right now, haha. Love my PJs :P

  9. Oooh I like the real you. The scarf and the purse are so nice!!
    I suck at fashion. You should see me right now.. I'm wearing fuzzy red and white polka dot socks and an old lady like nightie from Winners. (Department store.) It's super cozy and there's just something about nighties that I just love. I wish they made little kid jammies for big girls.. like the soft material with Tinker Bell on them.. So comfortable!

  10. I always reorganize my wardrobe, it always seems to get messy the day after I've tidied up!!

  11. Nice comfy lazy outfits!!! ;)
    Have a great week!

  12. Those outfits look amazing to me - so comfy!!!! I wish I could dress like that every day! Although as soon as I get home each day I change into my pajamas the second I walk in the door! :)

  13. Cool "Real me" combo with that patterned trousers and red shirt.

    Xx from Bochum,

    Nana from na-ta-ri

  14. I love love love the "Real Me" and "She is Pissed" outfits! Haha.
    Nifty idea, enjoyed this post!

  15. i like the real me outfit. most days, i'm just dressed comfortabley and don't even care if i don't match!

    Vodka and Soda

  16. I like the outfits, especially "she is pissed" haha! And I like the name of your blog ;)

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