9 November 2013

My name is not nobody {Motivate Inspire Dream}

Welcome to Motivate, Inspire & Dreams first ever link up show! Here we (me & Christina of course) will be sharing everything related to our motivations, we'll even inspire y'all and will tell you our dreams. You're welcome to write the same and share with us. All details are below the post. Let's get started!

When I listen to Jessie J, blasting her song "Nobody's Perfect" on my tablet, I nod at lyrics. Nobody's perfect and oh guys, no one should be. We're humans, aren't we? Learn from mistakes, they're awesome teachers.

Let me preach something. 

We all cry, loose, fail at some moments. I bet that there are some moments in my life when I lost the hope of everything, like when I was just a 4th grader and I didn't make into top 3 positions as I was hospital visit on my English's paper day. I lost my 1st position. But as a grown up, I understand that. We're here to make mistakes, learn from our mistakes and build a better life. 

 When I first made a sponge cake, it turned out like this:

Oh no, that's not Swiss cheese! Yes, I ain't a good baker, I am totally imperfect when it comes to bake-a-gem. But who cares? I'll be learning step by step about the amount of flour, butter and one day I can be famous as the girl who bakes well. 

Oh I'm not Pinterest. My DIYs rarely go great, most of them are resting in peace aka dustbin. When I see folks crying over Pinterest fails, I am always like, 
Yeah this!
WARNING : Don't try to be Martha Stewart. 
1) You shouldn't be, you're better you.
2) She talked crap about us bloggers, I'd end up disowning you!

Social media is BOMB
There are many people from my/your network tweeting, updating statuses and sharing snaps. Oh, sometimes their life looks super perfect from one side of social media or they make it look so! Don't be mad, no one owns a perfect life! 

Okay, my weekends aren't always fun. I don't end up eating Pringles, reading my fav-o novel and resting on couch OR party. And some cool peeps might be spending their weeks in jammies like me. Oh who mind about that? Our weekend aren't always perfect party style!

Finally, me
So my imperfection's biggest example is my own self. When I first made a Tumblr (which is dead now) I named it Perfectly Imperfect, it reflects me. I have imperfect curls, I'm giddy, I take 50 selfies and just 3 of them are usable, I have a messy bun and I'm never organized. Don't look at my cupboard! It's the biggest mess! 
But hey, that's totally me. I love it!

My name is not "nobody." Only nobody is perfect!

Are you nobody?
Oops, I'm kidding!
Now finally,
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  1. This is such a good linkup! I think it's important for us to remember that we aren't that stereotypical perfection. You're half wrong, though. We're all perfectly ourselves. We all have our own version of perfection; we just need to know how to use it! :)

  2. Love this link up! I've come to accept that 90% of Pinterest projects look the way they do because they have perfect lighting, camera angles and photoshop!

  3. Awe, I love your sponge cake. I really did think it was cheese! Good attempt, mama.

  4. That last picture of you is fantastic Areeba. I love it when a person can take a not so perfect picture and blow it up and put it on their blog. You're awesome and I think everything you're talking about makes total sense. Again, impressive advice from a 16 year old. I wish I was as together as you, when I was 16.

  5. Your link-up rocks Aree! :D And you are so right! Nobody, not even celebs, are perfect. We are all unique and I think that we should accept the way we are because this is what were born with!
    If I werent blogging, I'd probably be staring at the ceiling in my pyjamas too, counting lizards! hahah!

    Question: Where are you getting all this cool gifs???

  6. This is a great idea for a link up! I love the positive spin on imperfections :-).

  7. Ohhh I love you for this . And for cake . YUMMOZ!

  8. This is such an amazing link up. Definitely doing it next week, I can't wait!

  9. Oh no! I can't believe that I missed this link up! Could you send me a reminder so that I can join you next time, please?


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