2 November 2013

Just 3 words

Thanks to Mr Robert Frost for this awesome quote. And I'm stunned that how beautiful picture is this, yay I took this gem straight from my Nikon.

Psst, let's get a little serious.

This post wasn't supposed to be written on cheery weekend, it happened when I got 2 hours of no internet connection and a long travel. Flash back, I was a little girl in my mind and the crazy shenanigans that I did were all over my head. Remembering the time when I fell from a tree and (almost) broke my ankle, thinking that angles are around and it's time to say goodbye from this pretty world. The hard time for a kid, but I went through it and realized it's just a fracture. 
Flash back ended, I sat straight and felt VIOLA! Life's been crap sometimes but it keeps moving on & on.

Last time when I thought life has stopped, I knew I was wrong. Life never stops, just like Earth never stops rotating. It's just me, you & others. Friends come and leave, relations are made and they're broken. Gah, it's just a part of life. 2 minutes of cry and there are 4 minutes of joy coming. It took 3 years for me to teach myself this stuff. 

But I'm sure I'm never gonna teach myself how to take pretty-pretty selfies, duh!

Sitting alone during without irl friends to gossip about weird things is the worst thing on planet. It's like die alone, whew! But even peeps go through this, they keep moving on and pass high school, college & BIG STUDIES aka university. Look, nobody cries over old friends. No worries if you sat alone in high school, there's a college time coming. Look, look , look, life's moving on, you should also be moving on!

As I say, "Crap happens, relations fail, your selfie fails, you don't get high pageviews, you fail a test, but whaaaa, life keeps moving on."

As a fourth grader, I used to think if  fail a test, everybody will remember me as a failure and I could be bullied. But no darling, everybody forgets thins kinda BIG ISSUES and as the life goes on time passes (and you grow up a little) everything's fine. Life moved on and your fourth grade tests are buried somewhere.

Talking about myself, I never considered myself as a good photographer. I had a thought that I can't have good photos until I dump 600$ to get a DSLR with other spices {tripod, more lens} to put in my blog and add some shine in my posts. Hey, again I was wrong. Life keeps moving, teaching you how to be a good blogger & how to take great photos with Nikon s4000.

Combination of tab + Nikon's camera = My favourite shot!

I guess this big post can explain Robert Frost's awesome quote. I want to thank my English class in which I read about Robert Frost (Yikes, in poetry part) Can you guess what? It's an inspirational post & high five if you're inspired a little #missioncompleted

Do you have a favourite quote that kick your imaginations?

Now, drums roll!
Me & Christina thought of a blogging shenanigan program, once a week you can become emotional with us & write away an inspiring, motivating post or write something related to your previous/new dreams. Both of us asked lovely Melissa's advice and our project was ready, whoop!
You can do this every Saturday, it'll be a weekly hit. Next week will be our first week so make sure you join us. Can't wait to read from y'all! There will be rules, rules to make a community and have friends.
  • A picture, person, day, incident that inspired you
  • A dream you're going to achieve
  • Struggle that motivates you
  • Things that motivates you {mum's hug, a singer, some lyrics}
  • Quotes that change/changed your life
  • Sayings you use for inspiration
  • Anything + Everything related to your inspiration, motivation & dreams

Everyone who links up must go to check out the other blogger's post linked up just before her/his link and see what they shared and leave a nice comment :)
It's our step towards a community!


  1. It's my SO very favourite quote . I am excited for link up :)

  2. Great words of advice. (And pretty impressive coming from a 16 year old too.)
    I remember when my last boyfriend broke up with me.. and the one thing that got me through it was, "What is meant to be, will be..." So if that boyfriend and I were meant to be together, we would be.. if not, we wouldn't be. And guess what? We weren't. He married the girl he dumped me for. They have a beautiful daughter Nora. I married the next guy that I dated.. and we have a beautiful girl too. So there it is.. Life moves on.. and sometimes, a lot of the times for the better!!

  3. I just did this yesterday, can't you do a link up NOWWWWWW!?

  4. I needed to read this. God you're amazing.
    And I was thinking yesterday that even with all the pain, I have had enough to be thankful for. This is life isn't it, we all figure it out along the way. By the way I have seen great photography from cellphones, a high end DSLR isn't necessary at all because if you don't know how to take great pictures, you won't take it with a DSLR even.
    And I need to ask you something, how do you manage online purchases? My credit card doesn't work half the time. A heads up will be well appreciated. Mail me at aiza@latourdeforce.com
    JazakAllah x

  5. That is a great idea for a link up. Sometimes we all need a little motivation


  6. So excited for the link up!!! You are so awesome! love your quote! Definitely one to live by

  7. This sounds like a cool thing to do on weekends! Hurrah! :)

  8. Great inspirational post! My favorite inspirational quote is "You have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce." It's funny and true!
    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise


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