8 November 2013

If I ever rob a bank

Oh judge me for this title, I make my wishlist like this. Winning lotteries and then making a wonderland typ-o wishlist is so boring. Well, if I rob a soopah doopah biggie bank that keeps huge amount of moolla, I'm going to:
Buy rubies, rubies & rubies!
Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby
Unlike other ladies, I luuuv rubies. Look at these darlings above. Aren't those real beauty? I am so in love with this stone. If I ever get a chance to get a huge pile to waste on jewellery, I know where to! So if we're talking about crime bank robbery, oh bank guys let the world know a ruby-holic beauty! But sorry ladies, after this point, I must think of kidnapping an owner of ruby's mine (s)!

Get this bag! 
It's a Birkin
C'mon ladies, don't tell me that you don't know what kind of bag is this! It's Birkin, I'd do anything for this one! Ya know how many Birkin Kim Kardashian has got? I guess there are more than 6! Lezzbe honest, I love that girl for her bags and her shellfish-ness!

Stock Pringles:

Stock at least 10000 bottles of Pringles. Eat like a boss and I won't have to worry about the last piece. Don't worry, I'm never a cheapskate, I'll mail you some if you're a true lover of these mustache! 

Build a library like Belle:

Zillions of book to read, I would eat pringles and read the books. What a perfect life, plus points if I get a robot to find me any book to read and I'll be allowed to doodle on my books and nobody would say a word, hello my library would be librarian-proof! Food & music will be allowed! This would rock!

Complete my wanderlust:

Ticket to London, then Venice & after that I'd be hitting Istanbul. Can you find any better way to spend your whole money than being able to fly and learn about the peeps and culture of other countries. I'd love to go to Japan too, just to find out if the myth about their female population is wrong or right (I heard they've lack of Japanese women, say WHAAAA!!) 
Anyway, if I'm not able to rob a bank and don't get all this stuff, I'll end up marrying an expat for my wanderlust! What an idea, genius!

What would you do if you ever rob a bank or (in normal folks lingo) if you ever win a lottery?

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  1. I would buy a house or stocks... I can sell them later in the future with higher price :D

  2. Those earrings are a thing of beauty....sigh....just call me Elizabeth Taylor! : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. We would be perfect partners in crime because that's exactly what I would do too haha. Library like Belle's?! That has been my lifelong dream! And the bag is just PERFECT, I would need more than 6 haha. Also wanderlust satisfaction for SURE.

  4. Areeba- these are all things I would want too! No, I'm serious. I am a Garnet freak.. I love the red stone. BUT my birthstone is ruby.. are you jealous!???? I LOVE those earrings. Part of me thinks that those are Garnet because they look so red. Ruby is usually a very pink stone. Did I mention that I LOVE those earrings..?? if I was going to rob a bank I would want those as well..! I too, freaking LOVE chips. I can't get enough of them. AND, I always said to Rob that if we ever built a house, that I would want a library/office where I could write. I also said I wanted a ladder so that I could reach the top shelves and to be able to swing along all of my books.. just for the fun of it. I have never seen the full view of Belle's library before.. it's beautiful!
    Seriously, you must have read my mind...

  5. If a bank gets robbed I know who it is ;) love the color of the rubies!

  6. If I see on the news of a store with the shelves emptied of Pringles, I will know you robbed a bank!
    I love rubies, and I love that bag (and yes, I love to eat Pringles too!) It sounds like I could be your accomplice!
    I'm glad I stopped by today to see that you'll have a new linky tomorrow. I'll be sure to visit. =0)

  7. I am in love with Sapphires so if you need an accomplice just let me know.

  8. I'm affraid I would live in your library! Never to be seen or heard from again!:-) and I also love purses!(check out my Pintrest collection!)and jewelry!
    Awesome post girly!

  9. My wanderlust would be overjoyed. I would only step foot on american soil for holidays. First destination, back to London!


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