20 November 2013

I Learnt A Thing Or Two in October

Hey guys, Amanda from Niescior's Notes is taking over my bloggy space. I'm soopah doopah happy to have her. Go read what she has to say!

Hello there beautiful readers of I Have A Messy Bun! My name is Amanda and I'm a lifestyle blogger from South Africa and I'm excited to be sharing an experience that I went through in October and what I learnt from it right here on Areeba's blog!
As we all know, October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, if you did NOT know this - then you need to educate yourself a little ;) Anyways - I wanted to do something to show my support for women (and men) that are currently fighting this b**ch of a disease! After contemplating with myself and researching the significance behind it, I opted to head over to the hairdresser and shave my hair... At first, I wanted to have a number 3 haircut, but then I figured "go big or go home" and it all got shaved off!
My hair has always been shortish, so going bald was not THAT much of a drastic change for me (at least I think it wasn't). Regardless thereof, I learnt a couple of things about what women who are forced to shave their hair go through and just want to share some of them with you:

#1 People will look at you funny
The stigma that society has about people with shaved heads - is that there is something wrong with you, like you HAVE to have an illness because you have no hair... This is something that I will never fully understand, but to a certain point - I get it... Staring however is just taking things to a whole different level.

#2 People will ask you if you're okay or if something is going on
Some of my friends sent me messages asking me if everything was alright... I get the concern - but after a while it becomes a little bit of a frustration. Eventually I just posted an update on Facebook, stating that I shaved my hair off in support of breast cancer awareness month..

#3 People will ask why
Some people are more out there and are pretty blunt and get straight to the point... They will straight up ask - "what's going on with your head?" I have who just blurted it out... Very loudly might I add, in public... This made me very uncomfortable, because to the popular belief of my friends - I'm not a fan of having attention put on me...
The aforementioned things made me feel extremely uncomfortable and a little insecure - and there were moments where I regretted my decision, BUT the one thing that kept me positive is the fact that hundreds of thousands of women DO NOT get to make a choice as to what happens to their hair... They have to deal with the hand that life has dealt them and a lot of the time it's simply not fair...

Personally, I feel like the only way that we can begin to understand what someone is going through is to put ourselves into a situation by choice - that others are forced into. I recommend you walk in the shoes of someone else - even if just for a couple of hours. Experience a bit of life the way they do... I'm not saying that you should go out and shave your hair or do something drastic - just take yourself out of your comfort zone for a little while (ie. something as simple as just going without your cellphone for a day) and you may be surprised at what you may learn about yourself and how you view certain situations...
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Thanks for reading lovelies! Hope you all have a great Wednesday!
PS. Its been a month and just under 3 weeks since my head was shaved, and I can tell you that its growing back very nicely! LOL


  1. That's a brave thing to do. Wow, love the guest blog!

  2. That was really brave of you and very admirable. I agree with what you said that the only way to know what someone else's life is like is to walk in their shoes.

  3. If only more people would have half the courage to do such a brave thing, the world would only look a bit better ;-)

  4. I like your way of walking in someone else's shoes :) Thanks for sharing what this is like!


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