21 November 2013

How to write a post in 10 minutes

This is the lesson to my own self (aka self tutorial) I was informed that we'll be facing 4 WICKED HOURS electricity break down. Had to upload a whole biggie blog design (Yeah, look around and see my new blog design) and write a post WHAAAA?
In 10 minutes, these precious moments of a blogger's busy life. Those 10 minutes start now!

The most truthful moments of your life
When I start writing on emergency moments, I have flashes in my mind. No idea, no creativity, no time for GIFs. Be the most truthful person on Earth, let the words flow outta your mind. Aha, you can't lie, it's cheating!

Don't listen to ANYONE
Yeah neither to your favourite singer. Type type type away! You know you won't have that chance to write again, it's better to give your attention here else get sad when your time ends.

Look like a stupid
Open your eyes wide, try to remember what you really want to write. Don't think about perfect images, Pinterest images, ya know it's gonna be an imperfect post. Again type type type away, there's a point in it. Don't care if someone (mum, friends, aunt) is staring at you imaging you've gone nuts!

Wait for 2 seconds
If nothing goes right paint your nails take a 2 seconds break. Close your eyes but don't dare to spend more than 2 seconds. Your blog needs you and you will regret if you've taken 3 seconds.

Last minutes
AAAAAAAAa, tell everyone in room that you've almost lost. You are giving up but keep writing, say something more stupid and keep typing. VIOLA! Your post is near the end. Now put the pictures! Everyone will accept your excuses if you put the wrong picture. Ah, you were in trouble.
You're finished.
Thanks for reading this cray cray stuff!


  1. The new design looks AWESOME! You go girl!

  2. I love you style ( the photo of you above) great, original post xxx


  3. Hahaha..! Oh that is all too funny. We've all had those desperate moments when trying to post something fast. It just doesn't work for me.. at all. I am a grammar psycho.. and have to make sure to read my post over and over until it is up to my standards. Sometimes I do post without a couple of proof-reads but then I end up reverting my post to a draft later, to fix all of my mistakes! It kiiiiiiills me when I make small errors.
    Your post was cute today.. and I bet it only took you ten minutes.. What is that picture of!??! You're cute and funny.

  4. oh gosh , this look is amazing ! I can beat you by competing in 5 mins , say what? Do me a photo shoot.

  5. LOL such a lovely post, I can never post in 10 mins ^^ i tend to procrastinate hahaha so bad I know!

  6. Love the new design! Especially your little about me in the side bar. :)

    Mo | ollivandermo.com

  7. I like writing a lot too so this would be a challenge for me.


  8. Love the new design and you are awesome for doing a post in 10 mins!!

  9. writing in 10 minutes......ahh..i'm always putting of writing a new post

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com

  10. You did all this in 10 minutes? Your new blog design AND the post? That's so quick. You did a great job. =0)
    What happened to the electricity for the four hours?

  11. 10 minutes? Wow, that's pretty speedy. I could do 15, but I'm not even sure my computer would upload pictures in 10 minutes!

  12. Hehehe this was too funny! I will have to try a 10 min. post sometime. It may turn out a little crazy too :)

  13. great tips on writing a fast post! :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  14. Very cute design and I love your blog name... I rock a messy bun at least once every single day! :) Great post, too!!! We've all hit that wall at some time or another, right?! :)

  15. haha I like this. Writing is a struggle sometimes and only writers seem to understand!

  16. Loving your new blog design! Haha, and I could never write a post in ten minutes, I literally plan each post two weeks in advance and spend a hour writing them. I guess I could blame it on my dyslexia (and have to proof read 100,000 times), but honestly I think it's because I get distracted easily.
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 


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