12 November 2013

Grab a friend #29

Grab a Friend

Welcome to the weekly blog hop , Grab A Friend 
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Now the co-host

Bailey from Becoming Bailey
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Q: What's the best present you've ever had?

Bailey : 
I haven't gotten this present yet, but I will be soon. For my college graduation (in 32 days) I am getting a new Bible. My old one fell apart, so my Mom and Mamaw are buying me a new, nice one with my name embroidered on the leather cover! :)

Noor :
The best present I have ever got is my camera . Nikon Coolpix S4000 ( a gem , isn't it?) I am more than passionate about cameras and photography so you can bet how pumping it must have been . Unwrapping the box and seeing the most desirable thing in my hand . Shoot-a-woot! I love it even more because it's semi-DSLR , which means it has a great result but isn't crazily heavy .

Crystal :
Two Christmases ago my boyfriend of 7 years bought me this gift, he was making a big deal out of it. His mom called my mom and asked to have a video taken of me opening it and everyone made me open it last. I was so excited thinking maybe it was going to be a ring because of all the fuss about it. I started to open it and it was a jewellery box so I thought YES, this is it! LO and behold it was a beautiful, diamond NECKLACE. It was the best present I ever relieved because so much thought went into it but it was also the worst because it sent my thoughts in the wrong direction haha.

My Samsung tablet has got to be the best present. I got it for my 16th birthday and now all my homework and notes go through that . It's quite of my life saver as of.....ALARM ! The only thing I need in morning.

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  1. In case I havent told you, I have a blog hop directory , and would love it if you come add your hop! If you have any hops that you participate in, please let the hosts know! http://www.downsideupmommy.com/p/blog-hop-directory.html

  2. Hey Areeba! The Samsung table does sound like a great gift! It looks like it’s perfect for you helping you get a lot of things done. I don’t know what I would do without my iPad or PC!
    The grabbing question? Um
    The best gift I received. That’s a hard one. The first thing that comes to my mind was last year’s Christmas. I’m currently in a long distance relationship and my lovely boyfriend sent me a beautiful gorgeous Michael Kohr watch. It wasn't so much a about the brand name or anything, it was the though and how he must of saved up and sent it just in time to be opened on Christmas Eve ;)

  3. Hi Areeba! Looking forward to joining this link party :)

    The best present I've ever had was the purse I got for my 21st birthday. Its a super cute tan leather coach bag. I swear I wear it all the time! My mom totally surprised me with it, which was my favorite part.

    Nicole, keepcalmandcocoon.blogspot.com

  4. Some of the best gifts I've ever gotten have been handmade ones from my kids and surprises that I wasn't ever expecting.

  5. The best gift I have ever gotten is when my two kids were born:)

    Gonna be nice to be following you!

  6. Hi Areeba!
    I just found out your blog. You and Noor are TWINS! :)
    One of my favorite gifts that I have received is a jewelry organizer/cabinet. So that I could "organize" and fill that cabinet with my obsession - BANGLES!
    Thanks for this link up :)

    Kathy @ anotsogildedcage.blogspot.com


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