23 November 2013

5 kinds of kids that I can't stand

If the title doesn't explain it all, let me do so. I don't hate kids, they're cute. But some kind of kids are unbearable. I used to be a impish kid who loved sweet shenanigans, politics (that's true) & tv! Now whenever I spot an unbearable kid around, I just want to be strict. Like the guy called Adolph Hitler. 

I want this, I want that
Maybe this is the worst kind. They want everything they touch. I lost big amount of stationary {stickers, pens, erasers} because of them. I hate when they're like, "I like your pen, I'm gonna get it." They want everything, EVERYTHING! If you don't give them their desired thing, they cry, drive you nuts and make tantrum! Top hated kind! And thire parents never support the victim whose pen is going away. And sadly my family always want me to give away items that those kid want. It's not justice!

Liar liar, pants on fire
Liar kids. They'd tell their parents that you've hit them or slapped them and actually you didn't. They'd lie because they don't like you. That's a cray cray matter. I've a little cousin who always told the world that I hit her when she was alone. I NEVER DID THAT! She hates me from day one, ahh I hate her too! Now everytime she's around me. I make sure I hit her so my revenge is fulfilled. 
She still tells the world that I hit her. Anyway if I hit her or not, she's gonna complaint!

You did that, I'd do that
The kids are annoying most of the times. One kind of kids is like, "Yay big sister, you baked a cake. Now when I'll be on your age, I'd do that." "Ah you're using laptop, when I'll be like you I'll use laptop, okay?" THIS ANNOYS A LOT! I don't want to be your role model this way, no no no!
It's simply like "C'mon, I'm gonna suicide. Do you want to do it when you're of my age?"

Staring kids
This kind sometimes freaks me out! They just keep staring at you for long! I know some kids who come in my room when I'm on my laptop and stare at screen. Just stare . Keep staring until I shout! Stare when I'm writing/painting/eating/playing! THAT'S ENOUGH!

Ask, ask , ask
This kind is really very annoying. They ask all the time. Good questions, stupid questions, everything they need to know. When they ask what I'm doing while I'm eating, I want to tell them I'm doing practice of Ballet. 
This would sound legit, wouldn't it?

Kids are pretty cool, I love them. Until they lose their etiquettes.

See, I don't bite kids. 
Drums Roll!
It's my sweet Lydia on blog today!

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  1. I so get what u're saying
    esp. the ones ask ask ask ones.....gahh! they're annoying

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com

  2. Hahaha I thought I like all kinds of kids, but after this article, you're right, those kinds of kids annoy me a lot!

  3. There are a few in my eldest son's junior school like that! : /

  4. Oh yes, children should not be saying "I want" all the time!! My parents never allowed me to say that--I know when I have kids I will discourage it.

  5. I know what you mean by "some kids".
    The starring ones freak me out too!

  6. LOL, those kinds of kid are kind of annoying and I can't stand it, haha :)))


  7. Yes other people's kids are the worst. Then when you get your own.. you think; Uh oh.. we better not be those kinds of parents!!
    I think your last sentence should read; "See I don't bite kids................................................... I just hit them." ;)

  8. Hahaha you are perfect! Literally take the words out of my mouth, so funny but so true!!!! Xxx


  9. ALL kinds of "I want this , I want that" kids are unbearable for me . NO , I won't give you anything.

  10. Visiting here, Aree. I moved my personal blog from Tumblr to Blogger. I'm back on Bloggerworld. I followed you via GFC. <3

    Najmah, Covered Anatomy

  11. haha you will never get rid of these type of kids though :) I see them everyday!

  12. Kids who stare are so hilarious to me!!


  13. Hahaha, this cracked me up. Hate liar kids too!

  14. You are so funny! I HATEEE staring children! Seriously WHAT are you looking at?! So scary! And when my sister was little she would tell my mom that I hit her...and she was also a really good fake crier haha. Sooo awesome for me.


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