30 November 2013

Why I'm always skint?

Maybe this title explains why I love Black Friday so much! I must confess, I'm broke most of the time I need the moolah most. Last weekend, I asked my mum to help me getting a new journal (this would be journal #5 of this year) I'm skint! She asked a weird question, "Love, why are broke everytime?"
I was going to tag this into questions that will never have an answer but luckily I found my answer. It's not my fault. I've pretty strong reasons. I'm always skint because :

World has loads of lovely stationary
Stationery! My money is ruined on this. When I was a little kid, I wasn't interested in toys {aka dolls for girls} but in stationery. All kind of glitter/gel pens, colours, paint, scrapbook etc etc (it's gonna be a long list) were my property. I judge people by their stationery choice. I currently own more than 7 journals/notebooks and I already need more. Me & my twin collected 1000 stickers which is a world our record! Whenever I enter a stationery shop, I never bargain!

World is full of yummoz stuff!
Because pizza exist!

And this
Food. Food. Food
My cold cash can't be in my pocket if there's a food court around. Why say no to food while you still have some moolah left? French fries, burgers, Mc Donald's, more yummy stuff, more yummy stuff, more yummy stuff & my money is gone.

Etsy is full of pretty items
After the story of my cold cash, my Paypal balance is spent on Etsy. I'm not your average shopaholic. I can spend hours on Etsy. Last night (while taking advantage of Black Friday) I bought loads of stuff & I just can't wait to get my mail. And this mason jar is the best thing I found.
Mason jar, lid & festive straw
Seriously, it was fun putting weird/funny coupon codes on check out. 

And because I don't remember where's my money. I put it somewhere & forget it. I've been doing this for years. These are the best reasons I found. My mother is going to read it. She'd be contented, I hope so. 

If you're like me & lost money easily, enter this giveaway to get a little money! And if you're broke, enter this one to get some Scottish goodies!

What are the reasons that make you go broke? Or you're a good citizen who takes care of her/his money?

29 November 2013

Musical Adventures

Guys, guys, guys! Lydia is taking over my blog while I'll be chilling on couch & wasting my time on reading Black Friday deals in inbox. I'm a big fan of Lydia's musical adventures. Go give it a read!
Hey there! I'm Lydia from Journals of a Piccolo Pixie, glad to meet you all :) I'm so excited to be sharing my musical story with you all today, we're going to have such fun!

It all started when I was three years old and was put in for ballet classes at our local dance school.
Showing off my pointed toes!

I love dancing, so I took every opportunity I had to dance, including the first show my dance school did.

Practicing my ballet dance aged 5

My family and I are all very musical. Both parents play the piano a little, my mum plays the flute and my dad plays the guitar. So I've been able to play the piano and the recorder at least a little since the age of five. When I turned ten, I got flute lessons through my primary school and played on my mum's old flute. At that point we were living in Attleborough in Norfolk, England and so when we moved back up to Edinburgh I got private lessons for a year before getting lessons through my high school when I moved up. When I switched to school lessons, I got private piano lessons, which thrilled me. I love playing the piano. You can do so much on it! There's a million and one different style of playing and you can play with other people too. Such fun...

Not long after I started high school, my mum and I auditioned for a pantomime with a local theatre company and got in! We were both in the chorus, and had such fun taking part. That show lead to another and another and another... And now I've participated in five (and a half) pantomimes and musicals with the same theatre company. I made so many friends through doing that. So many who have encouraged me to keep going with all my music and dance and acting stuff.

So I did.

When I came to uni, I joined the Glee Club. Our Glee Club is incredible! The people in it are amazing, the songs we do are incredible, and the rate and standard to which we work is unbelievable. I am so, so lucky to be involved with the Glee Club, they're such an amazing bunch of people.

As well as being in the Glee Club, I joined the Choral Society (just a fancy name for a choir), the concert band and the flute choir.

So that's where I am in my musical journey. I hope to keep it going pretty much for the rest of my life... Music is such a big thing for me, I don't think I could live without it.
Now the biggest fun part, Lydia is giving away fun Scottish Goodies to one lucky reader of my blog. Enter this easy peazy giveaway!

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27 November 2013

It's been a year, my lovely blog!

Hey bloggyland, it's my BLOGOVERSARY! I can't believe my little love is one year old. Technically, this event was supposed to be celebrated on 26 but anyways, it's here blowing its first ever candle!

Happy Birthday blog!
You know I love ya!

When I first started my blog, it was hidden from everyone. Not even my family. This happens when you first write a blog. My blog faced a name change and this precious name "I Have A Messy Bun" came up in Noor's mind and I said YEAH, I got my domain, blogging became my passion & I left my hobby-blogging behind. Now it's pretty popular!
I recently exposed my blog to everyone. Neighbour, the stray cats, fellows & every guest who visit us. It feels awesome when someone give me feedback about my posts in real life. This gives me a wiiiiiiiiide smile.

Blogging is magical, you're out of ideas and write an awfully boring post but it turns out a master piece. Can't this happen in real life? Another magical thing, you meet some people who share your passions/likes/mind! I never knew that a whole community is waiting for me in blogging. It's one of the best experience of my life.

This one year gave me a lot. I am looking forward to become more obsessed with it. It made my photography skills better and gave me an identity, my messy hair!
That's a pretty awkward shot, who cares!
I met amazing peeps, some of them have turned my real friends. I'm thankful & happy! Thanks everyone! 

To celebrate this event, I've arranged a little survey for y'all. Fill it and make my day! If you do so, you can win a little moolah! And if you want to get in and party hard with me, use code OneYearLove on ad spaces to get 25% off on all ads! Yay!

26 November 2013

Grab A Friend #31

Guys, before you go down and link up, I gotta say something. IT'S MY BLOGOVERSARY! My blog is one year old! Stay tuned to celebrate it with me. Many things coming soon!

Grab a Friend

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This hop is for finding new friends & bloggy mates . So be sure to go and find yourself one . Hop over to at least three of the blogs. I am so happy cheery to see you all linking up with us every Tuesday . Yip-yip , you're rocking . 

Q: Which celebrity you hate most? And why?

Noor : 
Justin Biebz, he used to be a good guy times ago. But he's now in a totally bad-guy company. HOLA, he's in  team-twerk, did you know that?

Areeba :
Celebrities who do actually nothing but get money and fame, yeah you got it right! I'm talking about Kardashians. Although I watch them and follow their gossips religiously, I still hate the K girls!

Celebrities who act older than they really are... There will come your time eventually, be patient, can't you? Also when they try too hard to get attention, doing all sorts of random stuff to get publicity. Count Miley & Courtney Stodden in!

This is a really tough question...I would have to say I HATE Kanye West and Chris Brown equally. Kanye West infuriates me because he is so egotistical. I can really appreciate some humility and class in a celebrity, I don't want to hear about how awesome you are from your own mouth. Haha. And Chris Brown...who likes a wife beater? They're my least favorites because I feel like they both get a lot of positive publicity/tons of fans and no one seems to care about the negatives. UGH! World's biggest douchebags, I say.

I don't really follow celebrity news much, and I couldn't say I hated any of them because I don't know any of them personally... I do, however, strongly dislike the way a lot of them act. I'm not saying all celebrities are like this, just some. They way they'll do absolutely anything to get what they want, to the point of severely hurting others, is horrific.

Your turn to answer! You can either leave a comment or tweet us . You choose #DoItDoIt

25 November 2013

Areeba said YES to weekend post

Mostly, my blog doesn't understand the meaning of weekend recap post. The lady behind this blog never remembers to write one! But today is different, WAHOO! I'm gonna write one!

Did I tell you that?
Did I show off that I've turned a golden student? 
I've been an A grade student since kindergarten and now I've a proof hanging in my neck. Be proud of me, guys! Well it's layout reminds me of ... Christmas!

Directioners, watch out!
After spending weeks unproductive, I fnally hit my painting kit and painting ..... THIS! I'm not impressed at all! Well, this is the proof that I've been listening to this gem all week! I need to paint more. When I first picked my brush, I felt like I can't even paint one line, shucks! It took me hours to think what to paint next! Maybe y'all can shoot me some ideas? I'll owe you!

Hello Winter!

Hey Winter, you're finally here! 
As it's winter's attack, I must prepare myself. That's why I got this baby. Anyone else obsessed with it? I'm no longer using Vitamin e lip balm, it's an old thing. C'mon and get into your sweaters and funny looking socks. I've found the most wrong (almost illegal) way to wear flip flops in winter.
Fashion cops, come & get me!

Miley did it again!
AMAs & Miley! That's the hottest issue if I'm not wrong. A kitten instead of wrecking ball? Miley, I'm not shocked! I'm glad she didn't perform the original video live, someone would have broken my tv screen!

How was your week? Gimme your expert opinion on Miley's performance, please!

Linking up my weekend shenanigans with Sami.
Sami's Shenanigans

23 November 2013

5 kinds of kids that I can't stand

If the title doesn't explain it all, let me do so. I don't hate kids, they're cute. But some kind of kids are unbearable. I used to be a impish kid who loved sweet shenanigans, politics (that's true) & tv! Now whenever I spot an unbearable kid around, I just want to be strict. Like the guy called Adolph Hitler. 

I want this, I want that
Maybe this is the worst kind. They want everything they touch. I lost big amount of stationary {stickers, pens, erasers} because of them. I hate when they're like, "I like your pen, I'm gonna get it." They want everything, EVERYTHING! If you don't give them their desired thing, they cry, drive you nuts and make tantrum! Top hated kind! And thire parents never support the victim whose pen is going away. And sadly my family always want me to give away items that those kid want. It's not justice!

Liar liar, pants on fire
Liar kids. They'd tell their parents that you've hit them or slapped them and actually you didn't. They'd lie because they don't like you. That's a cray cray matter. I've a little cousin who always told the world that I hit her when she was alone. I NEVER DID THAT! She hates me from day one, ahh I hate her too! Now everytime she's around me. I make sure I hit her so my revenge is fulfilled. 
She still tells the world that I hit her. Anyway if I hit her or not, she's gonna complaint!

You did that, I'd do that
The kids are annoying most of the times. One kind of kids is like, "Yay big sister, you baked a cake. Now when I'll be on your age, I'd do that." "Ah you're using laptop, when I'll be like you I'll use laptop, okay?" THIS ANNOYS A LOT! I don't want to be your role model this way, no no no!
It's simply like "C'mon, I'm gonna suicide. Do you want to do it when you're of my age?"

Staring kids
This kind sometimes freaks me out! They just keep staring at you for long! I know some kids who come in my room when I'm on my laptop and stare at screen. Just stare . Keep staring until I shout! Stare when I'm writing/painting/eating/playing! THAT'S ENOUGH!

Ask, ask , ask
This kind is really very annoying. They ask all the time. Good questions, stupid questions, everything they need to know. When they ask what I'm doing while I'm eating, I want to tell them I'm doing practice of Ballet. 
This would sound legit, wouldn't it?

Kids are pretty cool, I love them. Until they lose their etiquettes.

See, I don't bite kids. 
Drums Roll!
It's my sweet Lydia on blog today!

Hey there! I'm Lydia and I blog over at Journals of a Piccolo Pixie. I love to sing and dance and bake, but, best of all, I love sharing it all with you guys. So come on over and check it out! Why not leave a comment on your favourite post and let me know you dropped by?

21 November 2013

How to write a post in 10 minutes

This is the lesson to my own self (aka self tutorial) I was informed that we'll be facing 4 WICKED HOURS electricity break down. Had to upload a whole biggie blog design (Yeah, look around and see my new blog design) and write a post WHAAAA?
In 10 minutes, these precious moments of a blogger's busy life. Those 10 minutes start now!

The most truthful moments of your life
When I start writing on emergency moments, I have flashes in my mind. No idea, no creativity, no time for GIFs. Be the most truthful person on Earth, let the words flow outta your mind. Aha, you can't lie, it's cheating!

Don't listen to ANYONE
Yeah neither to your favourite singer. Type type type away! You know you won't have that chance to write again, it's better to give your attention here else get sad when your time ends.

Look like a stupid
Open your eyes wide, try to remember what you really want to write. Don't think about perfect images, Pinterest images, ya know it's gonna be an imperfect post. Again type type type away, there's a point in it. Don't care if someone (mum, friends, aunt) is staring at you imaging you've gone nuts!

Wait for 2 seconds
If nothing goes right paint your nails take a 2 seconds break. Close your eyes but don't dare to spend more than 2 seconds. Your blog needs you and you will regret if you've taken 3 seconds.

Last minutes
AAAAAAAAa, tell everyone in room that you've almost lost. You are giving up but keep writing, say something more stupid and keep typing. VIOLA! Your post is near the end. Now put the pictures! Everyone will accept your excuses if you put the wrong picture. Ah, you were in trouble.
You're finished.
Thanks for reading this cray cray stuff!