23 October 2013

So, would you call me brave?

When I was start writing moi post, it was clear I have literally nothing on my mind and the main crap is that I still have nothing on my mind #ouch . But I gotta write a post as it's Helene & Sarah's Halloween link up and I'm going to give it a hit!
I must confess, I'm the girl who watches horror movies with only one eye opened and when the BIG BOMB GHOST appears, both of my eyes are shut. But that doesn't stop me from watching those darling creepy movies! As it's Halloween's scene around, I must share some of my bravery points that might .... jealous ya!

Every light must be closed
That's one kind of my own rule. If you're watching a horror movie at home, the lights must be shut and the door must closed. This increases the charm of that movie and makes me braver. I dare you to do this! I hope no ghost will come out from in the dark and say BOO!
Scary GIF

Horror stories
I used to make up soopah doopah horror stories for my young cousins as being a biggie sister for them, I must provide them pure horror tales. I'm sorry that I told them about the big ghost like Scooby Doo guys captured actually exist and I have seen it #BiggestLieEver Even sometimes in the middle of the story, I used to think whaaaaaaa!! This couldn't be this much horror!

Zombies are love
If zombies like Warm Bodies exist, it's obvious! Even you can be this brave to, aaar, say that!

Repeat the horror movie thrice
Do you dare to watch the movie who almost killed you with fear thrice? I did! The Conjuring is the most horror movie EVER and I watched it thrice. Feel the proud in my voice!

By the way, this movie is becoming my fav-o type. *In a deep voice* I have the strength to watch it again x3 time 

What are the things that makes you brave? Have you watched The Conjuring? What's your fav-o horror movie? I hope my gif didn't scare you to death. BOO!

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. OK, that GIF scared the crap out of me!!

  2. I'm such a sissy, even that gif scared the bajeezus out of me!

    stopping by the linkup :)

  3. Your GIF sucked you brat!!! Haha- I was like, what is flashing... AHH! So funny that we both wrote about The Conjuring! I forgot to mention in my post that I watch all really scary parts with my hands over my eyes.. and I peek through my fingers..no joke. I can't watch it without my face covered, or a pillow covering everything but my little eyes..peeking over the edge. I am such a wuss. I can't believe you watched it three times. I think once is good for me. Rob made me turn all the lights off in the house when we watched it too. It's the only way we can watch scary movies at our house..lol. Oh Rob and his rules.

  4. ahhhh that first gif really scared me!!!!

  5. I haven't watched The Conjuring, but I love scary movies! =0)

  6. OMG I want to watch the Conjuring so bad but I am scared!!

  7. Omg I can not handle that first gif! hahah.
    Have you seen the Incidious movies? They are my absolute favorite!

  8. I saw The Conjuring at the drive in. It was a good scary movie.

  9. That GIF is bomb! I loved Mama. Guillermo Del Toro is legendary.

  10. I actually loved The Conjuring! I think it's time for me to see it again since it's almost Halloween. I love all things Halloween. :D

    Lynsey @ Eternally Wanderlyn

  11. Areeba, I totally feel your love for zombies! I am in love with them too :)

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  12. first thing: i RESENT YOU FOR THAT GIF!!!!! it scared the crap outta me! me and horror flicks don't mix; i was forced to watch horror films when i was a kid and to this day, i can't do it. the last time i watched the amityville horror, i CRIED MY FACE OFF i was so scared! and I'm 37 so what does that tell you?!

    Vodka and Soda

  13. This post was so scary :( You definitely are brave and I'm a scaredy cow. (turns on all the lights)


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