12 October 2013

She was nine when I met her

She was 8 and half (approx 9) when she held me in her arms, maybe I was crying or staring at the new pretty world that offers Pepsi & nail colours. Yes, "she" is my aunt.

Aunt Hiba aka Hibo. This is a long story how she transfer from Aunt Hiba to Hibo. She's like my other sister, not just a sister but a lady girl who shares my shenanigans, noodles, pranks and black mails me for super secret reasons. I am a blogger & I post about requested posts too. This is a sponsored requested post  from her & I don't know what I'm going to get as a compensation, noodles maybe?

The sad-est part of my life when one of my friend asked me in a secret way "You have a big sister, why you never told us?" I was shocked where did she see my big sister that don't even exist. She was talking about Hibo.  I was totally behaving like Harry; this explains it all,


Not again! I've listened this 2k times.
World thinks she's super young to be aunt of this BIG GIRL. The end!

Things that are common in us
The Kohl
We three (Noor, the third partner) lovely ladies, we love big black eyes (until my kohl melts and I look oh-not-so-fine) Did I tell you we sometimes share make up?
Food obsession is equal. But noodles aren't a normal deal, you have to buy 2 minutes noodles first! #nobodyischefhere
Voice & laugh
No you can't figure out who's talking to you unless you see the faces. Our big, evil laughs are also same.
That's a family-blood-inherited thing! You can't beat us if we're together!

I wonder how she loves photos of her, yes she'd love you as long you're taking her photographs. I can't take a peaceful selfie if my aunt is around. 

The horror story for my granny
Once upon a time my granny wanted to go for shopping. With mum and other aunt, she went far far away to shop. Some girls were left home alone considered as juniors. But they had yummy stuff to eat & important stuff to watch on television. 
When granny went back from far far away place, she disowned her house. Why?
Millions of wrappers, peel of potatoes , ear blasting laugh & an awesome movie on telly.
The peaceful ending.

Love this one on the fingers!

Nobody needs Pinterest ,
We're commonly fighting about Turkish drama, new trends and hair styles, food quality & spellings. I'm attached to her, we share secrets but she never hugs. She hates hugs. I'm sorry but I will hug her tightly when she's going to be a bride, I'm sure she will smile only in front of many guests. 
After that, OUCH!

If I say, I LOVE MY AUNT, she's like

so I can't say "I love my aunt", because it's not the way of our relation. But I can say "You da boss, now gimme something to eat", it's the way we're growing. She's expected to get married in September 2013 and I can't get to dress up in my best outfit and take selfies with a bride who sang with me in her worse voice and taught me how to apply mascara & eye shadow properly. 
Psst, her future husband and his family taught me loads of stuff about Photoshop. Salutes!

I'm finished
Do you have a special aunt?


  1. Awww :') Thankza for this post!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, that henna is incredible! I've never seen one that perfectly intricate. Your aunt is incredibly talented :)

  3. Awsome post, really cool photos


  4. Love this! I have always wanted to get henna done but just never have! It's beautiful!

  5. The line about how you're receiving noodles from your aunt for writing this post made me chuckle. :) I agree with you, she *is* really good at henna!!

  6. This is so cute! Also, there is NOTHING worse than a selfie ruiner :P

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  7. This is so cute. You are so lucky to have an aunt like that :) Plus I LOOOOOOVE her henna skills. The pictures of the henna in this post are just B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L :)

  8. I love your tribute to your Auntie! I have four Aunties on my mom's side but none of them are 'cool' like your Aunt. You and Noor are very lucky girlies:)


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