13 October 2013

Playing blogger-blogger

Waking up in the morning, checking my email box, squeeze my eyes & go to pee. That' what makes me blogger by heart. I follow the see-think-blog rule. Peeps around me, beware! Be nice or I'll blog about you!

When I got my first laptop, my grandfather asked what I'm doing. Innocent me, I was playing a dress up game. After years, he asked me again yesterday that what I'm playing doing. I said I'm playing blogger blogger.

Oh yay! 

I'm a blogger & I give poses with a not-working camera. Thank you very much!

When I was first entered in bloggy land, I didn't know peeps have rules. The idea of post, read, comment & log out was a piece of crap. The words "networking" & "community" are the boss! 
Some rules of playing blogger-blogger are something like that;

Gain readers, not followers
When I started my blog, I wanted followers. It would be a lie if someone says "Oh no girl, followers don't matter to me." They matter but if you just put attention gaining the followers but not readers, it'll be your own loss. I'm one of those ladies who goes near tearing whenever someone emails & praise the blog. C'mon guys, read the stuff!

Don't comment, communicate
The golden rule of commenting on a blog. Communicate with the person, don't just leave the URL of your blog. Read the stuff and then comment. Communication builds a community and a community is the boss! Psst, never leave nice post comments!

Be real
That's what blogging about. It can be rhyme with be yourself. I met Haley a while ago and I love her because of her pure writings. Outside my home, I am not sure how much time I need to be fake for good. But at home with laptop on my lap while signing in blogger, I can sigh with relief "It's be Areeba time on blogger."

Be a little crazy

Because being normal is so boring. Blogging requires a BIG PUNCH of creativity+thinking+craziness+awesomeess !

Perks from my blogger-blogger game
I get much perks from my blogger-blogger game then the badminton I played in school's sports day.

The boss, free stuff
Yes, yes, yes, I got tons. Blogging has spoilt me ya know. Whenever I find an email saying offering moi an appropriate deal, I jump with joy!

Blogging besties aka my ladies
Let me count them first. Noori, Haley, Natalie, Kim. The blessing from blogging. These ladies know some of my dirty little secret, shhhhhhhh! 

Emails with lots of emojis
My email box, after opening a blog, never remains empty. That's a pure happiness that only bloggers can feel, right? Just ignore the spam emails, duh!

My own identity
Now, I'm not just Areeba, I'm the girl with a messy bun. It's a trademark kinda thing and it's my own identity. Be yourself thing covers this point. What an emotional part of blogging!

That's all from my bloggy land journey so far.
What about your blogging journey? I'd love to listen.


  1. Great tips! I have to do my Sunshine Award post soon, thank you again!

    Crumbs and Curls

  2. Oh the joys of blogging! :) I always get asked by my Mom and Dad whats keeping me busy since I spend way too much time on the internet (I even stay late at night because its so fun!). They dont know I'm blogging. People I know don't even have an idea that I have a blog. I guess that's one of the fun parts too! Being able to express yourself without people you know stalking you. <3

  3. You always have such great tips! You have such a wise soul ;) BUt I completely agree with you. I feel a lot of bloggers have lost their identity and only care about the number of followers and not the readers!

  4. Awesome tips, especially about readers and followers!

  5. You girls never fail to make me feel special. Thanks for not just one but TWO shout-outs..!
    The first thing I do is check my email too! As soon as I get up to feed Alina.. around 5 am.. I'm checking my messages. Sometimes she'll just wake up and cry .. so I go in her room, put her pacifier in and then return to bed.. and it could be 2 or 4 in the am and if I remember, I still check my email on my phone! It's a darn curse.. I can't help it!
    I like what you said about followers.. I just learned the other day that one of my friends reads my blog everyday and that she has for a long, long time. Oh and I also found out that two of my other friends (they're a bit older than me.. but our husbands are all in the fire department together) also read my blog on a regular basis. They don't comment, but it's really nice to know that people care enough to follow, or like my writing enough to come back for more!
    I love blogging and I really hope that once I return to work in the Spring, that I'll be able to keep up with it.
    Thanks again for mentioning me Aree.

  6. I love this post! I am exactly the same, I always check my emails... or sometimes Twitter first but still, it's always before I get out of bed to pee in the morning!
    As for readers not followers, I could NOT agree more! I think it's really important to turn anyone who is just a follower into a reader e.g. followers from giveaways, they don't have to be JUST followers. You can transform them ;)

    Loving seeing my face HUGE on your sidebar! haha :P

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  7. Great tips and I agree with the part where you say "my own identity" :)

  8. Communicate, don't just comment... I love this! And it is nice having E-mails overflowing!

  9. I love everything about this post! It's so so soooo important to stay true to you and gain some bloggy friends (like I have with you, big!). And no one wants to read "nice post" comments. That just means you didn't actually READ the post. Grrrr.

  10. I am IN LOVE with this post. Awesome job my bloggie friend. Everything you said Is spot on! Im writing down all your tips and putting it on my wall to remind me of how to be a great blogger like you!

  11. Amen girl. You hit the nail on every head.

    Now here's my url t my blog.... Jk lmao

  12. You said what all of us needed to hear. Good job. It's a topic we are afraid to discuss but must do.

    Style Reader

  13. "Nice post" comments are the worst. It's like, did you even read it?

  14. Areeba!! I read your blog title, saw your picture and burst into a snort laugh!! Your messy bun is amazing!!! Love it!

  15. I love this. I agree; I want readers, not followers. The whole point to me typing words is for someone to read those words! I also believe blogging is a give and take. I respond to every comment I receive, plus I return the favor by visiting their blog and finding something to comment on. I just think it's common courtesy and I'm all about being a good blogging neighbor. I wish more people were into the giving part instead of just asking for follows...

    just my $.02


  16. Wow, I just discovered your blog. Thanks so much for the tip! I'm new to the whole blogger-blogger thing too and your insight really helped! Your blog has so much personality to it! I'm still figuring out how to get that with mine....hehe


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