28 October 2013

Bad thoughts are winners

In the middle of night, I was in kitchen and I saw something weird. Sorry to brag, it was almost 10 pm and I was doing my dinner dishes when I saw a BIG BLACK insect. Creepy enough, I put a plastic box on it, hoping it won't be able to remove it and I'm safe in my world. Guys, I was pretty wrong, it came out & it got bigger as it opened its wings and it flew towards me! No please, that wasn't any cockroach kinda thing. In approx 2 minutes, I was freaked out & I ran towards room. Plus points, my uncle was on Skype and my tantrum reached UAE (Get the point, he lives there) I declared him that its a possessed insect, it has identified me and now he's trying to attack (I caged it, so it might be thinking of a REVENGE) I'm not sure that he was impressed with my composed story, he asked me why I think so? Simple, I've been thinking about Halloween and other spooky and horror stuff lately. I told him that anything I think, just happens! He told me he's been thinking about BMW but obviously he doesn't have one so far. Nah, the point is, when I think of anything bad, it happens! And a good thing never! Is it a global issue? That's not a fair play!
Like an average person, I sometimes ask life that can my day get any worse? Oh no, it's not a beg, it's just sarcasm. But life takes it seriously and put some more crap to ruin other part of my day. Lesson learned, try to ask good things or shut your mouth!
Last year, our class was invited to senior class farewell. Obviously we all were so excited for that. I have imperfect curls, ya know. I had an awesome-awesome-awesome plan for straightening my hair with my hair straightner and I was daydreaming about silky, straight hair. 
VOILA! I thought what if my hair plans didn't come out properly, I was thinking that my hair wouldn't look as good as I want and there would be a blunder! Don't know, I just spend hours wondering about this and when I finally reached the party place & then the restroom's mirror gave me this result!
When I left my home, my hair were quite straight and approx what I want my hair to be.
 This photo might not be able to capture the truth about my hair. ZIP! 

Well, that's true if you've been thinking bad things about anything lately, no matter about your hair, your heels, your day, your life, BAD HAPPENS! Good things happen but rarely. Oh that's totally my opinion but give some thoughts to this, I might be true with most of the population of this world! 
Moral of the story
 Keep thinking good (s) & give up on bad thought (Ouch, they come true) But for sure, bad thoughts are winners in coming true!

What are your good/bad thoughts about this? 


  1. happy monday dear


  2. hahah even though your hair isn't as straight as you want it's still adorable. I would have ran and cried from teh flying insects too!

  3. Oh Areeba, I have hair issues like this ALL THE TIME! Stick with the messy bun ;)

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  4. I'm pretty sure I would have DIED if there was a flying insect coming towards me.


  5. I can so relate to the hair problems!

    -Elise @ 9toFit.com

  6. I would have been unconscious if that insect was coming through me. Well , I HATE bad thoughts . I make them up , oppss!

  7. Too true! I have often heard that if you live life feeling negative all of the time, negative things are prone to happen to you. You are in charge of how your day will go..(for the most part.. unless you're randomly hit by a bus.. and then, well.. that's not your fault.) So live life happy and good, positive things will more than likely to happen to you! My hair NEVER turns out the way I want it to!! (Negative thought, I know..) But it's the truth.. Whenever I have to do my hair for anything, I usually just wing it.. and it sometimes turns out great and often, it turns out just okay.

  8. Great, i link you up :)

    Would be lovely if you make some promotion, the more the joi, the more the fun!

  9. SO TRUE. You seriously jinx yourself by asking things like "omg can this day get any worse?"

  10. Ah man, that insect story in the kitchen must be
    terrifying :c I mean, it got out of a plastic box!
    And I agree about the moral of the story. It feels
    like I want to bury myself :P Xx

  11. I love that hair picture! Haha!
    Your hair still looked pretty. c:
    I get this Olive Oil spray that's like a hair serum. It has tea tree oil and a lot of other "healthy for hair" products in the formula. I buy it from the dollar store. DOLLAR STORE. My point is if you put it on damp hair, and before you straighten, you shouldn't have a problem. :D

  12. Your insect story made me think of the HUGE spider that I found in the room just yesterday!!! It was really big, and I screamed.
    Even though your hair wasn't like the photo on the right, it was still really pretty!


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