18 October 2013

7 tragedies of my life

I reply to Dora
I hate hate hate this cartoon character. She wanders here & there (I'm jealous) with a monkey and after she asks a question, she stares at YOU. I freak out every time and answer every single question she asks.

Define difference between me & my twin
I have been telling the world difference between me & Noor since I started talking. I have a beauty mark on my face, she doesn't have. Now we two are big girls and I wonder that peeps still ask us that "if I hit you, will she feel it?" The answer is NO!

Laugh for no reason
That's a fun fact. But at some moments, it can killllllll. Imagine me standing in a serious environment & suddenly I burst into laughing (don't ask the reason, the reason isn't so funny) THE END.

The sleep
I am sleepless when it's time to sleep & I'm sleepy when it's not my bedtime. Normal, right? Find me sleeping in some important classes (sorry teacher) Roses are red, I'm going to bed.

Hate peeps for no reason
I'm so sorry for this. I actually mean no harm, but I do. There are some people on earth that if I ever see them in morning, my whole day is ruined, again, not their fault at all. I never sing them a "happy birthday to you" song but some claps as the b'day b'day gift!

My old readers know how much I dislike this drink, but the people living in my home sweet home are teaholic. Whenever it's tea time around, I get myself some lemonade just to have a sip #sadstory


It comes naturally!

I hope you don't reply to Dora, but let me ask, do you?

*Drums roll*
Now meet the Pizza buddy, pretty expat lady

Check this lady out!


  1. I honestly don't get the point of Dora and seriously hate her for knowing the answers but still keeps on asking us like she's mocking us. And i totally agree i hate tea. But i do drink iced tea and milk tea occasionally. Haha

    Style Reader

  2. Hahahaha I would totally ask you if you and Noor could feel each other's pain if I ever met you in person.

  3. I honestly reply to Dora to when I was young! Lol! Maybe it's only the physical pain you can't feel? I pretty sure you can feel it too when shes hurting! :D

  4. LOL.. these are such fun fact..
    loved reading them



  5. Haha I have a twin sister too, and we always had to roll our eyes when people asked us silly questions. We finally just started saying yes so they would stop asking! Also, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog today!


  6. I don't know Dora yet.. and from the sounds of it, I hope I never do..
    Those stupid twin questions! It would be so annoying! But have you ever had any weird twinny connection things happen before? See! I'm just as bad as the people that ask if you feel her pain!? But seriously...

  7. Dora honestly annoys me. Sometimes my sisters and I would answer with the wrong answer to see what she says. Unsurprisingly it's, "Yes! That's right!" or something along those lines. If she knows the answer, why ask? :P

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  8. My Mom is a twin, her sister is significantly taller and bigger than her, they actually look nothing alike, and people would still confuse them for each other! That's so weird!

  9. I prefer lemonade over tea as well. =0)

  10. Hahahaha you reply to Dora??! Thats CUTE!!!
    I laugh at EVERYTHING, I don't know why either?!
    I wish I had a twin!


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