25 October 2013

5 things that people are doing wrong

There's a lot of wrong stuff going in this world, really wrong stuff! People need at least a hint. So what about doing a nice post about it? 
Using Quotes
When peeps ,both ladies & gentlemen, start wasting Coco Chanel's quotes on their selfies (added as caption) Or a sentence of "Be Yourself"on a duckface selfie, I just don't get it! Guys guys, keep calm and don't preach these quotes this way! Quotes really work on me, you & everyone. Duh, if inspiration is thrown this way, ain't nobody got time for that. And the truth is

Stalking Facebook (s)
Sadly this social media is not working for stalking any more. I believe Facebook is best for being a fake - poser & stalkers don't like this stuff, right? C'mon and stalk my blog & Twitter for best updates! I heard that I officially got stalkers on blog too, so hiiiii! I'm going to distribute my blog link for family + friends soon, let everyone stare legally.

Bubblegum in classroom
This one is for you, my classmate! Eating in classroom is fun, do you hear me students? Let me teach you one thing about that. No chewing gum & crisps should be eaten in class! Teachers are pretty smart and you'll get caught during this lovely little crime and the yummy stuff will be wasted in dustbin. Eat the juicy toffees, and soft cake. You're welcome.

Believing Ylvis about the crap fox say
What the fox really say? What the real it really says?  
Fox doesn't say this 

Fox say this

For others. Lezzbehonest, I count everyone "others" if referred to my diet. Anyone's pointing out about your weight? No don't diet but eat that person too #easysolutionever You know what! Food is the best thing on earth, sorry there's no other option!

Do you see other "wrong" thing that your neighbour/cat/maid are doing? 


  1. hahah! I love this rant. I truly appareciate the first one!

  2. 1) I ADORE your new layout! It's so fun and fresh!
    2) This post is hilarious!! Love the rant about the Fox song!!!

  3. I love the Fox Song. Did you see my post on it a couple of weeks ago? I had to post the video because it was so insane and then after I watched a couple of times I couldn't get the song out of my head. I have the first part completely memorized and I sing it to Alina.. She looks at me like I'm crazy.

  4. I don't also get how people who do the 'I'm on a diet' thing eat junk when they should be eating healthy food instead. Lol! Funny Aree! :)

  5. This is a cool post.
    So right on!


  6. I like your dieting advice about eating the person that tells you to go on one, haha. I'll try that if anyone ever comments on my weight. ;)

  7. omg...my kids have been listening to that fox song...i'm so tired of hearing it! haha

  8. You're hilarious! Thanks for your brutal honesty - served, in the most kindest way! Great blog doll!


  9. Omg. That Fox song is ridiculous. My 10 year old thinks it's the funniest thing ever. Make it stop Aree!


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