31 October 2013

Blame me, I'm a student

School days were so much fun when I was in kindergarten. At least I didn't have creepy information in science's book. But now, fingers pointing out at me that I'm a SENIOR STUDENT & a BIG GIRL freaks me out. Plus points that some horror subject exist in a students life, OUCH!

When it was my Physics examination, I was staring on the walls of my room. Newton | Newton | Newton everywhere. I am sure I was still staring at wall when I had an idea, let's just paint nails. When I was done with my nails, a quote popped up in my mind. My own quote. I'm great!

Drums roll,
Physics made me think of this.

Maths VS Me
Still makes me laugh.

I wish finding an x was this easy. This x has eaten hours of my time.
Maths is least favourite subject of mine. I try to understand the formulae but it's over my head #Confession
Let me copy & paste a line from internet, I hate Maths but I love counting my Money. 
I miss the times when 1+1 was 2. 

Art aka doodle
Don't check my notes, don't check my notebooks, you'll be jelly of my art. The purity in this doodle is of million dollah. Can you blame me for making my notes dirty? No, I'm a student!
There are some precious doodle in my old notebooks. I'm gonna find them & gonna take snaps of them. World should know how creative I'm. Need another example?
It's just red ink, OF COURSE!
Weekend should be LARGE

I just need this! 

29 October 2013

Grab A Friend #27

Grab a Friend

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Q: What's your bad mood song?

Noor :
My bad mood song is Selena Gomez's Middle of nowhere . Well literally , my bad mood pushes me towards the middle of nowhere ( angry thoughts , ya know) So I feel a bit cheered up that I'm not alone in this race.

Kym : 
Whenever I'm feeling bad I like to listen to "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley. The lyrics never fail to raise my spirits: Don't worry / about a thing / 'cause every little thing / is gonna be alright. I mean, it doesn't get any more uplifting than that.

Areeba :
Thanks to P!nk, My bad mood song is Blow me (one last kiss) Whenever I am pissed off, I just need to give it a hit and I'm done with this world!

Jess :
My bad mood song would have to be "Shut it Down" by Pitbull and Akon. Its not the typical bad mood song but I love it! Mainly because if I'm in a bad mood my first instinct is to not dwell on the situation. I'm a lover not a fighter, confrontation and I are like oil and water. So I jam it up with this song because it reminds me life's short. I'm just going to throw this out there...but the lyrics to the song are so motivational believe it or not! lol

Your turn to answer!

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28 October 2013

Bad thoughts are winners

In the middle of night, I was in kitchen and I saw something weird. Sorry to brag, it was almost 10 pm and I was doing my dinner dishes when I saw a BIG BLACK insect. Creepy enough, I put a plastic box on it, hoping it won't be able to remove it and I'm safe in my world. Guys, I was pretty wrong, it came out & it got bigger as it opened its wings and it flew towards me! No please, that wasn't any cockroach kinda thing. In approx 2 minutes, I was freaked out & I ran towards room. Plus points, my uncle was on Skype and my tantrum reached UAE (Get the point, he lives there) I declared him that its a possessed insect, it has identified me and now he's trying to attack (I caged it, so it might be thinking of a REVENGE) I'm not sure that he was impressed with my composed story, he asked me why I think so? Simple, I've been thinking about Halloween and other spooky and horror stuff lately. I told him that anything I think, just happens! He told me he's been thinking about BMW but obviously he doesn't have one so far. Nah, the point is, when I think of anything bad, it happens! And a good thing never! Is it a global issue? That's not a fair play!
Like an average person, I sometimes ask life that can my day get any worse? Oh no, it's not a beg, it's just sarcasm. But life takes it seriously and put some more crap to ruin other part of my day. Lesson learned, try to ask good things or shut your mouth!
Last year, our class was invited to senior class farewell. Obviously we all were so excited for that. I have imperfect curls, ya know. I had an awesome-awesome-awesome plan for straightening my hair with my hair straightner and I was daydreaming about silky, straight hair. 
VOILA! I thought what if my hair plans didn't come out properly, I was thinking that my hair wouldn't look as good as I want and there would be a blunder! Don't know, I just spend hours wondering about this and when I finally reached the party place & then the restroom's mirror gave me this result!
When I left my home, my hair were quite straight and approx what I want my hair to be.
 This photo might not be able to capture the truth about my hair. ZIP! 

Well, that's true if you've been thinking bad things about anything lately, no matter about your hair, your heels, your day, your life, BAD HAPPENS! Good things happen but rarely. Oh that's totally my opinion but give some thoughts to this, I might be true with most of the population of this world! 
Moral of the story
 Keep thinking good (s) & give up on bad thought (Ouch, they come true) But for sure, bad thoughts are winners in coming true!

What are your good/bad thoughts about this? 

25 October 2013

5 things that people are doing wrong

There's a lot of wrong stuff going in this world, really wrong stuff! People need at least a hint. So what about doing a nice post about it? 
Using Quotes
When peeps ,both ladies & gentlemen, start wasting Coco Chanel's quotes on their selfies (added as caption) Or a sentence of "Be Yourself"on a duckface selfie, I just don't get it! Guys guys, keep calm and don't preach these quotes this way! Quotes really work on me, you & everyone. Duh, if inspiration is thrown this way, ain't nobody got time for that. And the truth is

Stalking Facebook (s)
Sadly this social media is not working for stalking any more. I believe Facebook is best for being a fake - poser & stalkers don't like this stuff, right? C'mon and stalk my blog & Twitter for best updates! I heard that I officially got stalkers on blog too, so hiiiii! I'm going to distribute my blog link for family + friends soon, let everyone stare legally.

Bubblegum in classroom
This one is for you, my classmate! Eating in classroom is fun, do you hear me students? Let me teach you one thing about that. No chewing gum & crisps should be eaten in class! Teachers are pretty smart and you'll get caught during this lovely little crime and the yummy stuff will be wasted in dustbin. Eat the juicy toffees, and soft cake. You're welcome.

Believing Ylvis about the crap fox say
What the fox really say? What the real it really says?  
Fox doesn't say this 

Fox say this

For others. Lezzbehonest, I count everyone "others" if referred to my diet. Anyone's pointing out about your weight? No don't diet but eat that person too #easysolutionever You know what! Food is the best thing on earth, sorry there's no other option!

Do you see other "wrong" thing that your neighbour/cat/maid are doing? 

23 October 2013

So, would you call me brave?

When I was start writing moi post, it was clear I have literally nothing on my mind and the main crap is that I still have nothing on my mind #ouch . But I gotta write a post as it's Helene & Sarah's Halloween link up and I'm going to give it a hit!
I must confess, I'm the girl who watches horror movies with only one eye opened and when the BIG BOMB GHOST appears, both of my eyes are shut. But that doesn't stop me from watching those darling creepy movies! As it's Halloween's scene around, I must share some of my bravery points that might .... jealous ya!

Every light must be closed
That's one kind of my own rule. If you're watching a horror movie at home, the lights must be shut and the door must closed. This increases the charm of that movie and makes me braver. I dare you to do this! I hope no ghost will come out from in the dark and say BOO!
Scary GIF

Horror stories
I used to make up soopah doopah horror stories for my young cousins as being a biggie sister for them, I must provide them pure horror tales. I'm sorry that I told them about the big ghost like Scooby Doo guys captured actually exist and I have seen it #BiggestLieEver Even sometimes in the middle of the story, I used to think whaaaaaaa!! This couldn't be this much horror!

Zombies are love
If zombies like Warm Bodies exist, it's obvious! Even you can be this brave to, aaar, say that!

Repeat the horror movie thrice
Do you dare to watch the movie who almost killed you with fear thrice? I did! The Conjuring is the most horror movie EVER and I watched it thrice. Feel the proud in my voice!

By the way, this movie is becoming my fav-o type. *In a deep voice* I have the strength to watch it again x3 time 

What are the things that makes you brave? Have you watched The Conjuring? What's your fav-o horror movie? I hope my gif didn't scare you to death. BOO!

Venus Trapped in Mars

22 October 2013

Grab A Friend #26

Grab a Friend

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Kirstie from The Semler Life
The Semler Life

Sunglasses And Starbucks

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Q: Do you have a musical memory? What is it?

Kirstie :
I do! it's sort of embarrassing. I was in my highschool's madrigals {which is like the advanced choir} The show had ended but the lights were still dimmed. I wasn't watching and knocked into, fell over and broke our school's piano bench. I stood up fixed the bench and walked out totally embarrassed. 

Noor :
I once sang a traditional song in my uncle's wedding and everybody was surprised that I sing too well! This was  ....  kind of ....  A SURPRISE!

Areeba :
So this one isn't my fav-o type at all. I was singing (alone) in the backyard of my house, thinking there's no one to listen moi voice. Instead of singing, I started giving performance like peeps do in X Factor. When I turned back, my aunt & my mum were standing on my back and they both were laughing hard without even making a noise #yesIcantsing

Tiffany :
I did a musical when I was younger it was Annie! I also did Grease and that was my favourite musical EVER!

Your turn to answer!

21 October 2013

Some books, more books

Hello messy bun readers, I'm Areeba & I'm sometimes a bookworm. High five if a book-serious-lover is reading, BRAVO! My first ever friendship was with books (okay, after Noor) and I still have a strong relationship with these gems. Don't yawn, we bookholics aren't so boring.

To be honest, there are a few books that totally changed my life or view on reading. When I first picked Diary of a wimpy kid, I was sure that it's a mistake, I AM NOT GOING TO READ A WIMPY KID'S PERSONAL DIARY JOURNAL! But I realized it's a praise worthy mistake. Being a middle kid and having 0 social popularity in school hurts and only a kid like Greg (the wimpy kid) can behave ruthless with it!

My favourite textbook ever! I rarely choose a textbook as my fav-o-type but this one is totally a hit! My most favourite period in Grade 8 was English and I used to read little bit of every story it in & then Google it for the whole novel #googleisgreat 
I still have it in my cupboard, like a little treasure from past classes.

I am totally a typical buyer when it comes to books. Use the coupons, use the best deals for special reading books. If there's a sign of library, it's a win win. But for text books, I gotta find something different! As for my high school years, it's really easy to find a great deal for my whole course but as I'm going to be a big college kid super soon, I WOULD NEED HELP! 
Ask the Lord, search Google & you're done! Pssst, CampusBookRentals exist on this planet.

Here's what they're offering to you guys :
-You can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices 
-Yay, free shipping both ways
-You're free to highlight in the textbooks 
-Flexible renting periods
-Wowza, they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented
-Much more if you dig on that website

One more thing from them that happify me. This is called RentBack. Oh WWE lovers, it's Rentback not Ryback #kidding

What about Rentback? It's a new initiative that allows students to rent the textbooks they own - to other students... which is totally awesome because it makes them 2-4x more money compared to what they'd make through buyback options! Don't you find it awesome-more-awesome? 

Hey college goers, I guess I've typed much stuff for your help. Have a money-saving + money-making studies. Cheerio!

When it's all college students stuff going on, I'd like to  introduce Christina. A lovely college student & my partner in coming bloggy crimes! Say howdy!

What are the books you luuv most? Ya know I'm hearing!

19 October 2013

Life in France

Today, Kate is taking over my blog {aka guest posting} Don't miss me a lot, I'll be back tomorrow ;) Have a reading Journey to France. Grab a croissant, relax & read!


Hey friends! I'm Kate and I blog over at Diaries of an Essex Girl and whilst most of the time I blog about whatever I feel like, the most reoccurring topic is my adventures around Europe. I am a British expat and have been traveling around for almost 2 years, soaking up as many cultures as I can before leaving for Japan next year. One of my favourite countries that I have lived in so far would have to be France. I have talked about how France was like home for me previously but it's so hard to share all of my tales in one post that I haven't managed to cover a lot of it yet. Today, I want you share with you all a little bit about what my life was like living in a residential area of Paris. I ate the most beautiful baguette daily (how I managed to lose 40lbs, I will never know), drank fruity wine and was neighbours with a palace - seriously. Look at me hanging out at my neighbour's house ;)! Life in France When I wasn't living it up at the palace... haha, I'm just kidding. Although I did walk past the "Chateau au Versailles" on a daily basis and would often use the gardens as a shortcut to my friend's house. I totally took all of this for granted whilst living there which is such a shame but a wonderful memory to have. Fortunately, I also went running in a small section of the gardens which means I would often
stop and dietake a break for a pretty picture.

Life in France

  Something else I frequently took for granted? The Eiffel Tower or Tour Eiffel... depending on if you are English/French! Every time I went into the centre of Paris, I came off the metro and was greeted with the Eiffel Tower and it became "part of the scenery" for me. It also became a good place to meet up and drink cheap wine or vodka when my friends and I didn't have enough money to go out in clubs! Can you blame us? Look at how beautiful is it in the dark... Life in France Other than looking at pretty things every day, my friends and I did a lot of really "normal" things in France such as go to bars, go out for lunch/coffee, order sushi for dinner (the best sushi I have EVER had was in the town I lived, Versailles), get together for parties, etc. Being part of an expat community is nice because it means you can all get together and discuss how crazy the current country is compared to your home one, the best part being you get a great mix of cultures! I was part of a friendship group with people from Australia, Scotland, America, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden and Mexico. That's pretty crazy right? Most of us met through taking French language classes as some required to learn the language for their visas. Lucky for me, being a European citizen means I can come and go all over Europe without having to worry about a visa - how awesome is that?! I decided to take a language class anyway because the French are not known for their English language skills... infact they are, but it's the exact opposite of good! ;) I am SO GLAD I did take this class though because it's how I met the majority of my wonderful friends in France and I was told we were one of the best classes the school could remember in years! Life in France Awww, I miss these guys! Ah, it's been so nice taking a trip down memory lane with you guys today! This post has definitely encouraged me to write some more on my time in France as I have so many great pictures and stories to share. For now, I'll leave you with a picture of the love lock bridge which you have to see in person to appreciate... Life in France Saving the best for last, this is probably one of the most gorgeous things I saw in Paris. It's a metro station entrance... amazing right?! Life in France Thank you so much to Areeba for having me today, if you guys want to catch up with me you can get in touch on my blog, follow me on Bloglovin' or tweet me!