1 August 2013

Why I don't like to attend parties sponsored by relatives!

Nay nay, it's a truth that mum hates. I have issues for attending a typical "party" from my lovely relatives (you got that, huh?) . I love the free food and drinks they'd provide. But let me count, there are still tons of thing I wouldn't want to do/say/tell/act. Sigh, it's distinctive.
Noor, *High Five* I'm finally writing this.

I don't like hugs
A big , tight, breath taking hug. I swear I wouldn't move until mum pinches. Hurts, ouch! It's a local problem and this makes me enter their homes in the last, HUG MOI MUM, AUNT, GRANNY etcetera!

I can't iron
Tell me it's global. I can't iron and my friends know it. Why don't parents accept that?

What happened with her marriage?
And the gossip started, what happened with her, what happened with him. Whose kid is not studying. Her son is going abroad. Aunts are available for every kinds information from any relatives home.

Keep your kids in control
From photobombing to anything else. I just can't bear all the little crying kids and mommas are busy in their business (see the point above) One more thing, I'm not assigned to make your kid eat his/her food. Nanna!

Tea is not my thing
And then this happens, if someone has made a cup with luuuvvv, you gotta drink it all. No excuses else you don't love them at all (Eh?) I really love you so I'm drinking this, *gulp gulp*

I'm a big lady now
(Put any relative here) She met me when I was 6. So she says,"Oh my, you're a big lady now. How you can be this big and mature now. I remember that little sweet girl having two pony tails." 
So she thinks I'd wait for her to grow? Kill me!

Bad emotions/facial expressions are not allowed if you're taking pictures in front of grandparents. Seriously? Heck yeah. So will you support me to stay home instead of going party?
Sample picture
Status : Not allowed!
Status : Allowed!
When mum was a little girl
Yeppii, I can get the history. What mum did when she was in secondary school. Her quality was that she could climb on trees. She did this, she did that. I'd die laughing! Wow, mum went bald on her 5th birthday!
Scene changes when we get home, *Scolded*

Pardon if (Insert my relative here) you're reading this. I just want to enjoy my time but all these incidents above ruin my day at your place. Don't remind mum that her twins are absent in a party. It won't work , thanks :)

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  1. Bahahaha...your family events sound exhausting! More power to ya!

  2. This is hilarious! Family can be draining, but where would we be without them?! :)

    Savy @ Staying Right

  3. COOL!

    how do i change it? can't imagine ever changing it :) Thank you I have a Nikon D3100 :)

  4. LOL, I never understood that 'you're so grown up now'. Like really do they expect you to stay small forever. :) Too funny!

  5. I feel your pain on family gatherings!! They're horrible!! I have one this Sunday matter of fact:-(:-(My husbands aunt is coming in town, and I'm trying desperately to get out of it!! Wish me luck!

  6. hahaha sounds like my family! new follower from the hop :)

  7. Yes all fam get together can be exhausting. Especially with big families! But on the other hand, family is so nice to have. Now that I'm older and have started a fam of my own, I find myself looking forward to the family get togethers. I can be my truest self around family, ya know!?

  8. P.S. That picture of you and Noor jumping is awesome. You two are really cute:)

  9. Hahahaha I totally get the "I'm a big lady now" !!

  10. Haha this is pretty awesome. I can relate to most of them, especially the pictures! Ughhh, so many pictures!
    I'm loving your blog btw, I love the way you write, it's so personal... so you!:)

  11. Wait I love that you posted about your family. I totally feel the same way at family events. When I tell my grandmother she just ignores me like I didn't say anything but I haven't been to New Years (our biggest family get together) in two years! HA! Take that!

  12. I don't really like hugging that much either! Sometimes I just feel awkward!

  13. I relate to so many of the things you mentioned. Great post.

    Mel's Corner

  14. This is very funny. You do have a lot of young photo hogs in your family :-)

  15. LOL! So many persons can relate to this Aree! Lovely pictures. Have a great weekend.

  16. Totally relate to this!x

  17. Your posts always make me smile! =0)
    Family gatherings are always including some of this stuff that you wrote about. Always.

  18. Hahaha this is funny. These really happen.

    Style Reader

  19. Haha a big high five. I don't consider parties that bad but the gossiping part? OH MY GOD. And I happen to be shy, which people can't seem to grasp lol


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