15 August 2013

Things I wonder really happened

While hitting my couch after doing a lot home-work (dishes), I got a second to think about weird-o-things happened in past few years. My head is working. Yes because I can smell a good storm coming. And a roar of Katy Perry.

Two direction Baby
Recent things to get started! Baby North West. Yes, yes I know I should talk about new rompers of Kate & William's baby. But back to the point, I am calling Kim "The mother of two direction baby". Guys from One Direction, watch out! Only a lady like Kim can do this, right? I should wonder but maybe not. 
One more to think (aka wonder) How Kardashians accepted a name not starting with *K*?

Museums are punish places 
When I was a middle school-ian, me & my girls were sure that whenever teachers want to punish us, they take us to a museum (No matter of army or art) We literally hated it, in fact some still do. Hi my name is Areeba and I hated museums. But , aar, I start to like them. Which should be a *wew?* 
History classes are always boring. I should write this here to make a proof, I'm never going to like it at any price. I once fell slept during one class when it was freshman year.
Salutes to that person who awaken me.
Last year, it was surely December that I visited a museum and felt super cheery! That's honest part!

Someone's twerking
Shit, it's Miley. After we can't stop, another hit is coming smiler's way. Oh hola, Lil Twist brings up Miley & Justin B together to release a new song called Twerk. I swear you'd ask, "Sweety, kidding me?" It's a big ugly truth!  I (Or many) still take Miley as Hannah Montana who is just a rocking teenager who sings well. And wears cool wigs.

If I ever get a chance to tell Miley one thing, I'll say "You *sobbing* changed a lot & you're a grown up, gal" 
A silly song that a some high school girl should definitely sing!

World should have ended in 2012
December 2011 : World is going to end.
2012 : World is going to an end.

What the hell is wrong with some people? No world didn't end in December 2011, neither in 2012 and ain't going to end in 2014 for sure. A really strong rumour hit all of us and even some people gave each other good bye hugs on 29th of December. Yeah people could have ended their life in December 2011 by banging their head to walls -7685 times. Else there was no chance!

Haylor, Jaylor, Taylo Taylor
Tylor Swift? Sounds like somebody I used to know?
How many guys has she dated or left. Ahem ahem I must say she dates whenever she's out of songs/lyrics. No please, I didn't mean to insult her , it's just a pretty truth. Every time she breaks up, a new song shows up. I quite like her and maybe you too! This article keeps her record and each and every lyric she got from men in her life!
Psst, if I was her, I would have married Taylor Lautner. Taylor Taylor sounds fun. You will die finding a guy named Areeba :'(

Remember a disaster or a wonder? 

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  1. Oh oh for Taylor Swift , she's just a girl . You know!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Hahaha world ending, two direction baby, and twerking are probably the funniest things in the past few years!

    This post is such an awesome reflection!

    Savy @ Staying Right

  3. Yeah, it's been a crazy past few years, hasn't it? I wonder about some of the same things as you - two direction baby and look who's twerking now. And I'm with you...Taylor Lautner should have been a keeper for Swifty. =0)

  4. Oh that's interesting. I love museums and history though. :)

    Style Reader

  5. lol @two direction baby! Just watch and see, North is going to be in the top ten baby names in the next two years.

  6. I actually loved going to the Museum, didn't have to sit in boring class all day, field trips are fun!

  7. I think that Taylor Swift dresses beautifully! She has sort of an old fashioned look to her! BUT- there's just something about her that drives me nuts! I think the songs about all of those boyfriends annoys me. (even though they are super catchy!)

  8. haha! this is funny!! still cannot get over north west. what is wrong with them!!

  9. Loved this post. I heard that Kim won't leave the house until she's lost her baby weight. Or maybe she's embarrassed about her choice of baby name.

    Lindsey. x


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