30 August 2013

It's a Physics class

I'm a student and I will write non-educational posts for you all. You're welcome, I won't ask a penny. Education should be free!  Becky is a teacher and I was extremely inspired by her Grammar for bloggers post. So, a Physics class from me. Hiiiii!

During a Physics class, I can understand everything in my own way. Which is my quality and I deserve claps.

 I can teach you something that I learnt in a bloggy way. 
Ready, Steady, Blast

Everything is a body
You're a body in Physics. Your pen is a body, your knife is a body, your flag is a body, your laptop is a body. Everything is a body which sounds awkward but it is. But your voice is not a body. Your lamp's light is not a body. In short, everything is a body as long as it is a matter!

Physics scientist are most mad
I have guessed that in starting classes. If I ask a milkman for giving 1 kg milk, he will smile and give me 1 litre milk. Look he understands my lingo. 
But if you ask a physics scientist about one kg milk. He'll give you some bad look a lecture. Milk is not measure in kilogram, it's always measure in litres. Don't ignore the vibe of physics scientist!

How to waste your force

If you push a char, it moves. You're giving force, right? Push a wall with force, it won't move. If it does, it's a miracle but I'm sure it won't. If you give a whole day pushing that wall, you're wasting your force of course and I am sure me and Physics both will call you useless.

No, you can't fill in Physics exam sheet with your own stories

I realized during my Social Studies exam that if I don't stop filling my exam sheet with my own added words, I'll pass anyway. Sorry, this trick doesn't work for Physics. You gotta study for at least 25 hours a day (Did I make a mistake?)

Imagination is legal
While your teacher is busy at telling you about space. No he can't take you there to show or make some experiment or show you how Newton's laws work there. Let's think about it on your own. 

Grammar and writing don't matter
They actually don't! I have made a lot of grammatical mistakes during my tests and I think teachers care about what you've written about the theory, not did not/ does not / do not. But they will feel humiliate if you spell matter wrong - Mat-her or Metter.

Mass VS Weight
If someone asks you what is your weight, you're allowed to slap him/her. No, weight is not right. Mass is right! Weight is just a force!

Psst, it may stink to ask someone that what is your mass?

Did you really learn anything?

After a lesson, you deserve some treat!
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  1. Hahaha, I love your pics!


  2. Ah Physics! I always hated that subject! But you're post is fun! And i enjoyed it!

  3. Great post - So funny & educational! :) xoxox

  4. Great sense of humor and educational at the same time!

  5. Yikes , did someone say Physics? Did you? THANK YOU for this post !
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  6. This brings me back to my days of struggling through Physics when I was an undergrad. :) I love the humorous take you have on such a tricky subject!

  7. Physics there is a class I took use of the tutor lab, very often. Don´t know what I would have done without, those pop quizzes were not exactly a straight road.

  8. Oh man, I took physics in high school and it almost killed me. My brain just does not work that way! :P

  9. Your humor must be inherited. o,O

  10. Love ur post! U r so funny... and put so much love in this :) Loved it :D


  11. This is all stuff I should know but have forgotten over the years..! Thanks for refreshing my memory!

  12. Ugh, physics. Really not a fan. My goal is never to take it in high school0 it's so boring, but I love that you're doing it blogger style!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  13. LMAO!!! Great post the pictures said it all!

  14. Haha awesome! I never took physics! I don't understand any of it.

  15. This august I had an NG-TUBE (feeding tube) Installed due to some major health issues... there should be a post about it on my blog so that is my august moment or august month.


    Danielle Faith

    Danielle Faith
    My Beauty Empowers Me!

  16. Awesome photos! I was creeped out by one! Haha

    Pauchee C.

  17. Hahha that's so funny. Well I'm currently majoring in Communicative English and we have 100 marks paper only for grammar. But when we used to study science in our 10th grade, I always preferred physics than chemistry. I found it much easier to understand than all those reaction equations and periodic table. :D

  18. hahaha....really funny :)) I enjoyed reading so much! I love physics, one of my favourite subjects!

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