7 August 2013

It's legal to sleep in public place

You can send me a high five for setting up a new record. Buying 1 dress & 1 shirt in 11 hours of shopping. You'd be genius if you think, "She was on family shopping."
I owe you a hug then!

It was the perfect selfie I took at the moment. I slept in mall's ladies prayer area, it was too hot & crowded outside. Dang, it's not bad to sleep there. It's even legit if you're having sore, red eyes. 
Perks : No pillow required, a shopping bag makes a difference! 
One eye looks big & other looks small. What's on earth?
No-pillow - perk
you'll look awkward
but do it like a pro

Nom nom, the carpeted floor. Your luck if it's imported from Iran. I must say that thinking of a king bed instead of lying on the floor gives you (1- Ease // (2- Confidence
Assume the ladies gawking at you as your fan/admirer/stalker. You'll sleep peacefully, OMG you have lovers!
You're welcome.

If someone asks me to wake up cause I look misfit. Heck, there's no tax for that. It's free. It's pretty easy to spell, I  D.O.N.T  C.A.R.E. Sweet dreams. 

Wake up with puffy face, no one recognize you. Write it down,. another perk! 

One woman asked me that what I'm doing down there? I'm sure she was expecting me to say that I'm trying to dig gold. Of course I didn't say that, she was nanna's age. I explained her that I just lost my temper, my mum's on ground floor, nanna outside of mall and I'm trying to die in peace on 4th floor. 

Throwback Wednesday!
*shamelessly mistaken*

My most gorgeous shot ever during sleep!
Have you ever had any sleeping disaster?

PS: Birthday girl got the early b'day gift!

And it's @ohareeba on instagram. 
BAM, I'm addicted to selfies!

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  1. oh my gosh, this made me giggle out loud! You go, girl!


  2. I dislike shopping with a vengeance!! I always bring my kindle with me, in case I have to read outside of a store. Most of our shopping is done at the mall with air conditioning so I don't have the heat problem you were having!!
    I love the picture of you sleeping, you look very pretty. (That seems like such a creepy thing to write someone.. LOL But, you do!) I love your hijab ( I hope that's the proper name for it.) It's beautiful:)along with sleeping beauty..!

  3. Ohhhh...I truely feel for ya girlyyyy...I totally despise anykind of shopping with just my mother n law, let alone the whole family!

  4. Oh wow!! I can't imagine this at all!

  5. Whaaaaaaat, there's actually a GOOD photo of someone sleeping?! I hate it when I have my photo taken when I'm sleeping (and it's worst when your friends are gonna post it on Facebook!) because no matter what angle, lighting and Photoshop magic you use on my sleeping photos, I still look ugly. I've been told I look 'peaceful' but no, just no..

  6. LOL! It looks like you are sleeping at the airport in the first picture! Sleeping in public is a true skill, I can't get over people looking at me. I just want to look back!


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