19 August 2013

If I was Bella in Twilight

When a pale face and uncombed hair girl appeared to be *Bella* in Twilight, I got my jaw dropped!
Though the writer & director must have thought something about this matter but I've got my own point of view. If I was writer Bella in Twilight, people would have less stuff to sarcasm on. At least they wouldn't have reminded this film because of a no-expression girl. And the Harry Potter nerds would love Robert Pattinson as Cedric only. Or the story would have ended peacefully in second chapter!

If only I knew
That there are vampires & wolves in town, living with a HUGE family/gathering, I would have run back to my mum. Or at least wouldn't have become best friends with vampire girls or gawk at guys whose eyes change colours (Vampire quality! Brown to Honey)
 Or fall in love with a skinny vampire (But girl, he had the best car in the whole town, at least better than Bella's truck)

Team Jacob
Okay, if I'm staying in that paranormal town with vampires and wolves, I'd date Jacob! The tan skin and sweet smile (Yeah you caught me having T. Swift's stuff) to live and die in peaceful woods. This was the first moment when I almost threw a cuss at Bella.
I was started during the movie!

Why Edward? Why not Jacob? Look at those muscles. There's no chance to compare a skinny vampire with him. *Cough* *Cough* I won't forget about the wolf thing. Future kids, wild kids are better than blood sucking kids, aren't they?


But if I was forced to date a vampire in story (Yeah they'd have paid me a lot) so I couldn't say no, so it could be my ok.
Red colour, yeah blood red colour! I'd choose red lipstick and red nails to match with his passion food stuff! At least show them there's a vampire scene around.

Bella means beautiful?
In more than 2 languages, Bella (Belle) means beautiful. So the character should have something related to beauty. I swear this girl was one of the worst dressed heroines in films. I'd comb my hair first, put some mascara on. Replace my tomboy looks to a belle touch and smile a bit.

In my head, Twilight shouldn't had more than 2 parts.  (Actually didn't bother myself to watch more then 2)
If I was really had written and played Bella, I would have smiled laughed a lot. Two guys to choose. One with muscles and one with intelligence!
When Jacob asked her to stay in second part, I was throwing pillows to TV screen just wanted her to say yes. Oh no, she didn't, said NO.

 Just like this bloody grumpy cat!
 That's why I had thought it that I could have replace both Kristin Stewart & Stephenie Meyer just to make this scene as I want to. I'd have stopped, asked Alice to leave and try to save her so-called brother by telling him that Bella is doing fine and she asked Howdy? Married Jacob and lived with him in woods. Life in Twilight could never be more peaceful!
Have you got a piece of your own?

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  1. For once a good post about twilight! Made me laugh! I really don't like Bella's character (or should I say lack of character!) If only she would smile or show some sort of emotion!

  2. My daughter used to LOVE Twilight, yet she was the only one in the house on Team Edward. We all agree that Bella could have been played by many different actresses and had much better appeal. But, congrats to Kristen Stewart for landing the part. I guess the one choosing the cast had some sort of vision for that role...and the rest of us missed that vision completely! Fun post. =0)

  3. I do not like Twilight - not the books or the movies! Definitely Team Jacob!
    I have nothing against Kirsten Stewart, but she was just so emotionless in the movie! And I did not realize that Robert Pattinson played Cedric Diggory (had a heart attack when I found out) until someone pointed it out!

    Yuen from The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  4. I like Bella in the books way more than in the movies. For me you can keep your Jacobs, I don't want your Edwards, I'm Team Emmett all the way!

  5. #TeamJacob for life! When I read the books, I really connected with how Jacob was acting out in Eclipse; he was desperate to get her attention and he wanted to give her a glimpse of the pain he suffered. It's terrible to love someone with no hope of them loving you back equally, and the way that Bella led him on was unforgivable! If I was Bella, I would have realized the raw, human passion that Jacob encompassed was far far better than the calculated surety that Edward had. Sorry for this awkward rant. Rant over :P xx

  6. maybe i'm the only one but i haven't seen this movie yet!!and i'm not sure if i want :P i can't understand why everyone like this movie so much...??????????? :P so i don't know anything about Bella and her character but i'm sure that i don't want to live at a vimpire world ( sorry for my english hope that you can understand me :P )

    xoxo stefania :)


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