12 August 2013

Grab A Friend #17

Grab a Friend

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Q : What's your most embarrassing childhood memory?

Noor :
The worst thing I remember when I had to attend a wedding , and that evening , us kids were playing and accidentely , a tube of henna was crashed right into my foot . And it turned RED . It was super prominent , I thought it wouldn't matter but when I put on my sandals , they were almost see through . So in wedding , everyone noticed my "red foot" and asked How-What-When . It was super embarrassing! 

Areeba : 
I used to be a jungle-kid-type , hanging on trees to get fruits. Om nom, I never shared that fruits with other kids. Once I was sitting on a narrow branch of a guava tree, I saw one kid asking for fruit. I told him that boy, I don't share. He said I gotta throw a guava on his way. I didn't say anything but laughed at him *my mistake* He took his elder brother & they both attacked me with stones. It was like I was bombarded. I fell off from the tree! That memory was the worst part of my hanging on trees!

Shana :
The only really embarrassing childhood memory has to be from when I was 9 years old. I was at a family gathering at a local tearoom and the owners of the tearoom hired an inflatable castle for us kids to play in. I was so convinced I could do a backflip that in the execution of my backflip I hit myself with my knee above my eyebrow and fell flat on my back and like all my nieces, nephews and some other kids I didn't even know were laughing at me because I failed. I was kind of laughing at myself too, you know make it all okay again for myself and to feel a bit better because I've always been a bit of a shy person and I hate being the center of all attention when I fail at something. But it wasn't until I rubbed my eyebrow and saw all the blood on my hand that I realized that I hit myself so hard with my knee that I had quite the wond above my eyebrow.. Anyway I think this the embarrassing thing and also most painful thing that I will always remember from my childhood, I'm sure lots of other really embarrassing things happened when I was a kid but I can't tell them myself 'cause I don't remember.
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  1. Thanks for co-hosting! Shana's embarrasing moment sounds brutal! so does Areeba's - attacked with stones! boys are so mean, lol

  2. One of my most embarrassing moments ever was when I walked into my classroom and went to sit in my usual seat, but the seat wasn't there. Yep...Fell on my bottom - in front of everyone! I laughed it off, but I was sooooo embarrassed. Who wouldn't be?

  3. Hey Aree! I tagged you for a game to play on my blog today!


  4. Let me see! My twin and I were at a funeral and there was limited food and drinks yet someone carrying a tray of drinks accidentally spilled the drinks all over my twin! Thanks for hosting Aree. Enjoy the rest of your week.


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