5 August 2013

Grab A Friend #15

Grab a Friend

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Lisa from Ameliorer La Vie
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Q : What is the biggest cooking disaster you've ever done?

I once tried to bake. Sweeties cookies, but it was an epic fail. All of the baking mixture fell on the floor, I was in shock. I was oust of the kitchen by mum for messing with her kitchen floor and breaking her new glass bowl.
When I saw a potato bread recipe on tv, I was motivated to do something with tons of potato in my kitchen. I boiled them, crushed them and added spices & aaar.. salt! Salt ruined everything. It wasn't just salt, it was  TOO MUCH SALT! I didn't tell anyone that I tried something in kitchen and simply trashed that thing. 
Lisa :
When my friend and I were studying French in France, we were in a bunch of courses with other people who tested into our level.  However, we chose to take an elective, and everyone in it had been speaking French for longer than we were alive, so we felt a bit uncomfortable in the class because we were clearly the two "lowest." They were all French teachers in their respective countries who had taught French for years.  One of our assignments was to give a presentation, and since my friend and I were feeling so insecure about our French, we decided to make tiramisu so that our classmates could eat it, get distracted, and not give us their undivided attention.  We got a tiramisu recipe from an Italian who lived on our floor, and fed it to the whole class.  After we presented, we tried some ourselves, and we were so embarrassed!  It tasted GROSS on so many levels.  It was soggy mush that didn't taste sweet or even like a dessert.  We told everyone that we were so sorry and that they didn't have to eat it, but some people ate it to be nice. We were so ashamed that we fed gross food everyone, including our instructor.  It was really hard to have to go back in there the next class knowing how bad our dessert tasted.  I learned my lesson and will always test the food I prepare for others beforehand!
Rachel : 
I was pregnant and craving cookies, but I didn't have the baking soda that the recipe called for. I figured it was just one tablespoon, how much difference could it really make. Well, let me tell you a HUGE difference. The cookies were disgusting and didn't cook well at all! Lesson learned!

Now it's your turn!

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  1. Um, I don't really cook, so I don't really have a bad story to share. Although on Friday I did burn some bread in the bakery at work :/

    Corinne x

  2. I really love your new blog design :) LOVE the colours!

  3. The very first time I made cookies, it took me 2 hours just to make the dough. And when the first batch came out, they were flatter than pancakes. It was awful.

  4. I would love to be a part of this blog hop :) it sounds like fun.
    My worst cooking experience? Puh, I remember once I wanted to do some chilli con carne and was pretty positive about that it is easy and quick to make. Weeeeell, long story short, it was uneatable. It may looked finished and good but at the end it was cold and disgusting. =(
    And, yeah, I like cooking because so I know all the ingredients but I will never ever do any chilli con carne again. ;)


  5. Followed you on Bloglovin' & Twitter. When I first got married, I tried making enchiladas for my husband, I put so much pressure on myself to make a perfect tasting meal that I actually forgot to put the sauce! We still laugh about it today, it was more like nachos lol. Have a great day!

  6. Thanks a lot for hosting Aree! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  7. I don't have Twitter, but I followed on bloglovin and GFC where I could. I'm having a problem with the bloglovin link on Well Worn Soles, but I'll follow when it's working.
    Okay, the WORST cooking thing that has ever happened to me--definitely forgetting the baking powder for my Texas Sheet Cake. It came out all flat and thick, like a sponge. Had to throw the whole pitiful thing away! A CHOCOLATE DESSERT, RUINED! That's just wrong. And so sad.

  8. Followed you on Everything! :)

    ♥ Samantha

  9. Following you on GFC, bloglovin, and twitter!


    thanks for hosting!

  10. haha ooooh boy I have so many cooking disasters. One time I left a pot on to boil, walked away, and when I came back the glass pot had boiled dry and cracked. My Mom was not impressed, as it was her pot. Whoops! I bought her a new one though :)

    Lovely blog, glad I found you through the blog hop!


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