9 August 2013

Because it's Eid

Woke up on 7 am, 3 hours sleep ruled me. Before I could do anything, somebody hugged me and I got this.
Eid Mubarak! 
Warm wishes from me :) 

My hit list
1- Make up yourself (After all, you've won over dermatitis)
2- Henna patterns, everywhere
3- Hug someone tightly (Sorry, never)
4- Aaar, hmm, be nice to your kid cousin (*sobbing*)
5- Stay away from email box (There's a real life awaiting)

Reality : Backstage
Be nice to kids
Take the tip
Watch pokemon with them (I love it)
Let them touch your hair
Free sweets
A disney story
You must be done with them

Stay away from email box
And ended up on 2k unread emails. Tangled thought, where is unread button?

Eid means family time for everybody (At least for me) I really wanted a family photo fail this year but NO (Insert a grumpy cat face here)
Good neighbours, I never wanted them to think about me as I am Paris Hilton (eww) I threw them a visit. Thanks neighbour aunt for a bowl of your best sweets. I owe you something, maybe a tight hug?
There's a feast today. Om nom nom, I can't wait for yummy food.

Something for you guys
50% off on all ads? No I'm not kidding.
It's a cheery Eid day celebration.
Use EidMubarak and get your ad for 50% off!

It's #Weekbackup , woah!
Noor's Place
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  1. Aw, girl, you look so pretty! Love the henna. =0)
    I haven't visited this week till today, and I see you stepped away from email - brave you!!! Now you and Noor are on instagram...I'll be behind, some day when I get a tablet or phone.

  2. Happy Eid! Have a great time. Think your look is great!

    Isobel: www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com

  3. Again, you looked super pretty for eid. Did you do your own makeup? And how long does putting the henna on take!? I noticed you and Noor were absent from blogland for more than usual!

  4. Happy Eid!! Love the henna :)
    You and your sister are so pretty :)

    Erin @ cutiepie720.blogspot.com

  5. Beautiful pictures Aree! Have a great day and weekend.

  6. You look so pretty! Cool henna. I'm glad you had a good eid.

  7. Great photos! Eid Mubarak!

  8. Realllyyy cool hennas!
    :) Happy Eid!

    Savy @ Staying Right


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