3 August 2013

Again a 7 years old

It's raining here all the time. No, the sad thing is that it's not an average lovely sprinkle of water. It's stormy. I truly wonder that is sun struggling to come out? No signs.
According to my twin, it's time to make a #weekbackup post. There's no chance to say no. Ask why? Only if you don't have a sister!

1) It's raining #yaybutnoyay
We got an electricity break for 5 hours // Our patio is now a swimming pool
Insects, insects. Everywhere // Geez, it's smelly around

2) Seriously, I went out to wander. Ahan, this happened. Remember Alice in wonderland? It was Areeba in muddy and watery plain-land. I don't mind. Look what I collected. 3 ADORABLE STONES! I bet you've done this in your kid-hood. You mind going 7 years old again?

3) All of my business left is blogging. My laptop needs a new battery too. It's again surviving on charger, oh sorry boy! I can't believe how rich I'm in junk section of my email box. Go home, you're drunk! I really don't have more than 200$ right now.

4) Happy Birthday, Areeba. It's 16 August near. Samsung's tab is coming my way. I'm really happy to be a birthday girl with no cake. Everything we planned is cancelled. But there's still a treat of gifts. We ordered something from Etsy, revealed. It's too cute that I'm dying. Real dialog was something like that. 

5) New girly alert. Fridge's new friends,  magnets! Stolen from Noor's Hannah Montana's collection. Did I just reveal something? It's a fridge and it doesn't twerk, I bet that!

6) A new lipstick! I had perioral dermatitis so there was no make up for 2 WICKED YEARS! I just picked up a new lip stick as planned! Eid, new lip colour is coming!! It was a big deal in past years, *Sobs*

7) This point shouldn't exist.

How's your weekend?

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  1. It's raining over here as well, the weather is suckie here too! Perfect time to read a book and snuggle under a blanket but technology has gotten my attention.

    I have literally the same laptop as you and the screen is trying to escape from its border- i'll leave that to your imagination.

    I've spent the day playing with my new phone and just looking around at different blogs hoping to find new people to connect with and new blog ideas =]

    Great lipstick shade btw!

    -Ileana <3

  2. In my country, it's raining hard too. Always. Nowadays, the water are knee-high, and in other places chest-high depending on the downpour. Despite not being able to take outfit photos, the rainy days make me wanna stay in bed with a good book and hot choco!

    Happy to see those lippies!

    Sorry if I was't able to visit your blog nowadays. I took a long break and swamped with so many backlogs!

    Style Reader

  3. New lipstick is always so fun! Bet you'll look super glam :) Happy almost birthday!


  4. Okay , I'm dying for the bear-O thing and tablet , ya know!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  5. Hey! I got a Samsung Galaxy Tablet for MY birthday in July! I hope you girls get one..! They're great. It's really nice reading up on your favourite blogs from the tablet.. Easier than balancing a hot lap top on your lap.. like I am doing right now. The only thing I don't like about it.. it's a bit harder to type on the little keypad.. I like to do all of my commenting on the computer because it's much faster!
    You guys are getting lots of rain!? Bummer. It's been pretty warm here. We actually have a fire ban going right now. So now backyard or campfires. :(

  6. I did the #weekbackup post too this week! =0)
    You lucky...A Samsung Galaxy tab!!! I want an iPad, but any tablet would do...
    You & Noor share a bday with MY mom. =0) Did you order that cute little animal from Etsy?
    Nice new lipstick! I haven't worn makeup in over a month now.

  7. Etsy is so addicting! Glad you found something that you liked!


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