18 August 2013

A tale of birthday in city

What you'd want as a birthday present? I'd like to have a Gucci bag.
Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Pardon, mothers like this in a different way. So my story ends here. I didn't get a Gucci bag or Chanel accessory ( I recently finished reading Confessions of a shopaholic so don't mind these words) but I ended up with a wild city travel and a nice lunch with mum. As long as she's paying for me, I'm sitting easily with my eyes closed with plans to order pineapple flavoured ice-cream!

And I'm finally sixteen now. Sweet 16.
 Two thumbs up for the public transport and the bus traditionally decorated we'd use to travel, I wonder how much time it takes to decorate a whole wicked bus with 65 seats?

//My blogging soul is never going to die, this girl looked lovely with this heavy jewellery so I asked if I can.. You know a blogger//

As Haley said that enjoy your mum's cooked food but I would say enjoy your mum's bought food. It's free so attack it, it's your right! I am already going to miss these days. And the pineapple flavour's one scoop is my trademark!

I'd hate you if you're disturbing me during my lunch.
 But there was a family (A huge family with lots of kids) and one newly became uncle was trying to tickle his nephew (around 1 years old) He annoyed that kid a lot that the baby cut his finger. He was shouting like a mad, saying sorry. I couldn't help myself and burst into laughing like all others. Though I hated all that stuff (crying babies, running roses) but that uncle's shenanigans paid him well. 

A little girl's birthday just passed away. Look what did she get! A teddy (too much for a 16 years lady) a pouch (which she wonders where to use *cell-phone-less*) a torn jeans journal & a roll on. She won't forget to mention her tablet as early birthday gift.
This roll on- yes this roll on isn't supposed to be a real gift. I snatched it from my younger aunt and labelled it "Areeba's birthday present", awesome?
I'm glad she didn't say a word about it.
Well, I wanted it badly. It's summer and I'm out of any kinda cologne or perfume. No, I still don't stink!
So, happy belated birthday to me. Thanks to all who tweeted and made me really felt like having a birthday -without a party!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!


  2. Congratulations on turning 16 *fistbumps* being 16 so far has been fairly interesting for me.
    Enjoy your ice cream :) xx

  3. Happy belated birthday dear!

  4. Pinky swear , I don't remember anything. I want your jeans journal , GIMME!!!!!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  5. That jeans journal is SO cute!!! And I love the teddy bear. No worries, I am cell-phone-less too (at least you have a tablet now!). =0)
    You just reminded me that I did not tweet. I haven't been on twitter for a couple of days now. =(

  6. Happy birthday, beautiful! Cheers to another year :).

  7. Happy Sweet Sixteenth! I'm so in love with that teddy, CUTE! Have you named it yet? hehe xx

  8. Happy 16th birthday! The jeans journal is really sweet!
    Have a great week!

  9. Looks like you had such a lovely birthday xxx


  10. Aww- I love your birthday recap! What a great day you girlies had:) I'm glad you're appreciating your mama;) Thanks for the little shout out missy!

  11. Happy belated birthday! I love the denim journal!

    xo, Hima

    Hima Hearts

  12. Happy birthday! I love pineapple ice cream. mmmm.


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